Uganda’s Traditional Musical Instruments : Uganda’s tradition is yet another attraction that thrills thousands of people from across the entire world to come and have the glimpse of the traditional norms that are held in the pearl of Africa.

Getting to experience the beauty of Uganda is not enough if one does not have the chance to experience the great traditional that is held in the pearl of Africa, Despite of the fact that modernization has fought so much to bring change in the traditional society of Uganda and lots of traditional things have been put to a silence Achieve global safaris brings to you some of the traditional things in Uganda you must have an experience from.

Traditional musical instruments are some of the traditional items in Uganda that each and everyone deserves to experience of mostly while on a traditional safari in Uganda.

Their shape, size, and other traits surely make these traditional musical instruments extremely significant to have a look at while you explore the tradition of Uganda at large these musical instruments will get you to realize that there is beauty in music in Uganda once sounded.

Traditional musical instruments are found in all parts of Uganda and each tribe in Uganda has got at least of its own musical instrument and this is given a name as per the language of that specific tribe.

In this article Achieve global safari brings to you these instruments with what it does, and these are Ugandans best local instruments that will leave you thrilling on your Uganda traditional safari.

Uganda’s Traditional Musical Instruments

Engalabi/ long drum.

This percussion instrument is a traditional drum with its head made of reptile skin nailed to a wooden sound body this is one of the most famous traditional instruments in Uganda well respected and most enjoyed for it adds that sweet melody when mixed in other traditional instruments.


Known to be the most popular instrument in Uganda the drum ignites performance and boosts the rhythm while in performances in Uganda, this is mostly called the “mujaguzo” by the Baganda which is translated as “celebrate”

Drums may as well be used for “talking” through sending info and signals by imitating speech.and these are mostly seen on ceremonies such as; birth, marriages, funerals among others. Drums signify Africanism and Africans are very proud of it.

Akogo/Likende/Akadongo/Sansa/Mbira/Akalimba-thumb piano.

 This has so very many different names but most popular names accorded to it include; Kalimba, Sansa, and Mbira and the Baganda call it “Akadongo this is mostly played solo because it produces lovely voices that can stand alone but when mixed with other instruments it’s also exclusive.

Endege/Ankle bells.

These are mostly used by the banyankole most especially when in dance, these are basically tired on the ankles of the dancers and they make the dance more thrilling to the listener and the dancer.

Uganda’s Traditional Musical Instruments
Endege/Ankle bells

The Fiddle

The resonator of the early fiddle was made of a gourd-like Kikuyu instrument. The inventor thought the instrument was similar to the children’s ground bow “Sekitulege” and after making one for him, he played a children’s song on it. The fiddle has become very prevalent for light music.

Ensaasi/Enseege shakers.

The Central and Northern regions have shakers that produce a continuous sound as beads move from side to side in the body in which they are sealed this is a percussion instrument made in pairs from gourds or shells with stick and yet one other traditional instrument to observe.

Other traditional instrument that you should be on a look out for while you have a Uganda traditional safari in Uganda with excellent and fascinating sounds produced by them as you get to try out the traditional instruments in Uganda include;

  • Endongo/Entongoli lyre/bowl lyre/harp lute /kora.
  • Amakondeere/Engombe/Enzambe horn/wooden trumpet/wind instrument.
  • Adungu/Adeudeu bow harp/arched harp.
  • Endingidi/Adigirgi tube fiddle
  • Ennanga/Nanga wooden zither.
  • Sekitulege/Berimbeau musical bow
  • Endere/flute/Alumaru
  • Enkwanzi/panpipe
  • Agwara side-blown horn.
  • Akadinda/Embaire/Entaara/Amadinda/xylophone.

All these can be experienced while you get to learn more about the pearl of Africa and these tours can be arranged for you by Achieve global safaris as you also get to understand the sacred points of Uganda and other thrilling ends of Uganda.

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