what animals are in the Rwenzori mountains national park? Rwenzori mountains national park is located with the Western region of Uganda in Kasese district and it shares boarders with other countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo. This national park is also commonly referred to as the “Mountain of the Moon” standing at an elevated area of about 5110 meters above the sea level hence ranking it to be considered as the third highest mountain in the whole of Africa after Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro. More so, for tourists planning to visit this mountain should note that it is one of the hardest mountains to climb in Africa therefore; this means that it is best for individuals who are physically fit and are in good health conditions

Mountain Rwenzori national park was first gazette as a game reserve in 1991 and later in 1994, the UNESCO officially declared it as a national park and a World Heritage and Ramsar site. Mount Rwenzori National park covers a total surface area of about 996 square kilometers and it is a place with a beautiful nature whereby it is characterized by; snow fields, dense montane, heath, blue stunning lakes, moorland, alpine highlands glaciers, groundsels, Hagenia, Lobelias and bamboo forests which all even act as good natural habitats to the wildlife species that are found within the park. more so, it is well known that the Mount Rwenzori Melt water represents the highest springs of the Nile which is famously known as the longest river in the whole world and it is also claimed that the snow peaked mountains are known to be the source of the mighty Nile.

Wildlife species in Mount Rwenzori National park.

Mount Rwenzori national park is considered a must visit for one while on their adventurous safari in Uganda because it well known to be a home to around 18 mammal species such as; forest elephants, bush bucks, giant forest hogs, leopards, the red duikers, Rwenzori otter, Uganda clawed frogs, Rwenzori climbing mouse, rock hyrax, 6 amphibians and 9 reptiles. There are also a number of various primate species that are found within this national park and these include; olive baboons, blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, chimpanzees, the red tailed monkeys, l’hoest monkeys and many others.

More so, mount Rwenzori national park is also seen as a birders paradise whereby it harbours around 217 bird species that are always available in the park for bird lovers to see and some of these include; the Queen turaco, the Rwenzori collared birds, the red faced woodland warbler, Shelley’s crimson wing, dwarf honeyguide, strange weaver, kivu ground thrush, the purple breasted sunbirds, the barred long tailed cuckoo, collared apalis, the golden winged sunbird, the Rwenzori blue turaco, Rwenzori night jar, the Rwenzori batis, the western green tinker bird, the montane masked among others. In addition, these birding activities always begin from the robin trailhead leading you through the montane forests where tourists are blessed with chances to see these bird species in large numbers hence marking their tour a colorful and complete one most especially for the bird lovers.

Things to do in Mount Rwenzori National park.

what animals are in the Rwenzori mountains national park?
what animals are in the Rwenzori mountains national park?

Tourists exploring within Mount Rwenzori national park where they engage in many  intresting activities and gain new experiences as they create new memories  and some of these activities include; bird watching, cultural encounters where they get to visit within the neighbouring communities and get to interact with the Bakoozo people who always welcome their visitors with their traditional dance performances which are always accompanied with drumming that are  exciting to watch, they get to learn more about the their culture and history through listening carefully from their stories

More so, tourists so go fir game drives where they get opportunities to view many wildlife species such as; leopards, forest elephants among others  and guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with park guides who lead them through different rails such as; kilembe trail, central circuit trail, the kazinga trail and Nyakalengija trail and many others.

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