What Are the Top Historical Sites Found in Uganda? Uganda stuns with  a lot of historical landmarks  which locates in different destination and can  be easily accessed by both  road or by Air transport. These Uganda historical sites are more important for socio-cultural and education purposes. They also promote tourism as well as creating employments for the people. Most of these sites are natural  that enhance the protection of the environment . Uganda as destination has 65 indigenous communities  that represents country’s  diverse cultural heritage.

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Below are the top historical sites to visit in Uganda as follows

The Kasubi Tombs

The Kasubi Tombs it has been existing for years as Buganda’s king’s burial ground where the four kabaka’s ‘’Kings of Buganda ‘’ are lied. However ,the Kasubi tombs were built in 1881 on the Kasubi hill in Kampala  and was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 .Unfortunately  on March 16-2010 the tombs were destroyed by fire which left the king and his followers in pain. But later on ,many organizations and prominent people came out for help. To Buganda;s people take this tomb as a symbol of spiritual ,political and social sate of its people.

What Are the Top Historical Sites Found in Uganda?
Kasubi Tombs

Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

This has become a fantastic place for many believes who gether here on every 3rd annually to commemorate the lives of the 32 young men who were burnt to death refusing to renounce Christianity by King Mwanga 11 of Buganda on June 3rd -1886 This shrine is found in wakiso district  proximity few driving kilomters to Kampala. Each year on 3rd June ,thousands of Christians come  across the world to Numugongo Martyrs Shrine  to commemorate the lives and religious beliefs of the martyrs.

Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru

This is an impressive cave Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru  located ten kilometers from Fort portal ,they are believed to have origins shrouded in myth and legend. According ,to the history behind ,it is said that King Bukuku of the Toro and Bunyoro Kingdoms had his daughter Nyinamiwiru’s breasts cut off after she denied to marry the man  he chose for her. Currently  ,number of tourists who visit he cave can watch stalactites resembling breasts with water dripping from them depositing white calcite.

Nyero Rock Paintings

The Nyero Rock paintings offers with stunning sights to visitors who visits the place ,which were dated back to before 1250 AD. Nyero  is designed with three rock shelters that are a good distance divided from each other.  This rocks were  first formed in 1913 and a part of the tradition of illustrations in red pigment.  Along your visit ,you will be guided with trained guides, What Are the Top Historical Sites Found in Uganda? .

The rocks are located in Nkokojeru Terr in Mbale –Uganda.

Source of The Nile –Speke Monument

This is a fabulous places and historical natural beauty which was first discovered by Sir John Hanning Speke a European to reach Lake Victoria. Its origin is in Jinja a prime tourist destination in Uganda. We see foreigners flocking in here to have memorable views of the lake and perfect unforgettable photography as well as bird watching most of bird to see are King fishers, mammals like monkeys and many more. Other activities to do around includes; Horse back riding , Bungee jumping ,Kayaking ,Quad biking ,White water rafting  ,Tubing ,Sport Fishing among others.

Bahai Temple

The Bahai temple was built in Uganda in 1951 and today ,the Bahia Temple has been called mother temple of Africa  and is the only that still remains in Africa for the Bahai faith. Since its completion in 1961 ,hundreds of visitors come from across the world to visit this tourist attraction. The temple is surrounded with green beautiful environment that attracts many visitors of their individual visit  as well as photographers of all calibers.  More so, visitors are forbidden to take pictures of the interior. Visiting the Bahai Temple in Uganda  is rewarding excursion as you get to learn about the Bahai faith. For more informations  can receive it from the locals  .

This temple is located in Kikaya Hill and few driving hours.

What Are the Top Historical Sites Found in Uganda?
Bahai Temple

Sempaya Hot Springs

 This hot springs are found in Semiliki National Park  in Bundibugyo region Uganda .It is composed of two hot springs female and male springs and they all have geysers that shoots up from a hole at every hot temperature .The hot spring you can boil an egg and eat in less than ten minutes.  It boosts with water temperature which is over 1000 degrees Celsius twice as hot as most hot springs in the world.

Apart from visiting the hot springs ,you can also do nature walk where you can be able to enjoy primates view of De Brazza’s monkeys ,Grey-checked mangabey ,Red-tailed monkeys ,elephants ,chimpanzees among others, What Are the Top Historical Sites Found in Uganda?.

Rwenzori Mountain National Park

The Rwenzori Mountain National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in the Rwenzori Mountains composing of 1000 kilometers square in size. This park is home to the third highest mountain peak in Africa, more so, it boosts with stunning breath taking waterfalls, high glaciers, the valley of nine lakes, vast with variety of flora and fauna, captivating scenery and more endangered species, What Are the Top Historical Sites Found in Uganda?.

On visit, make sure your physically fits in the body so that to you can hike the 3 days to access the summit of margarita peak.

The park lies in Kasese district Uganda, approximately 5 to 6 hours’ drive.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park renown as a home to the most sought species on Uganda safaris ,the mountain gorillas and other primates ,located in the southwestern Uganda ,estimates 8 to 9 hours drive from Kampala or Entebbe.You can fly to Kihihi Airstrip by domestic flight Aerolink Uganda from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjasi within 1:30 hours. More then ,a home to over 200 different species of trees ,27  species of frogs ,120 species of mammals ,220 species of butterflies ,350  bird species and other endangered species. Best place to do Gorilla trekking experience.

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