What Is The Story Behind Lord Egerton Castle? The Lord Egerton castle is located in Njoro in Kenya and it is known to be a majestic structure, which is famously known to be a testament to a bygone era and for its fascinating love story. This castle begun with a visionary and a British settler named Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton who arrived in the country during the early 20th century. In addition, this Lord Egerton was known to be fourth Baron Egerton of Tatton who has a considerably wealth and status therefore; he decided to establish his residence on a vast piece of land in Njoro.

Lord Egerton then decided to construct a castle in 1938 after the woman he wanted to marry and make a family in a house he had constructed for her disappointed him. Therefore, the construction of the Lord Egerton castle commenced in the early 1930 and its architectural designs all reflected on his admiration for the medieval European castle. This castle featured towers, featured turrets, imposing walls, which are evoking to the grandeur of a European fortress.

More so, Lord Egerton intentions were not about just building the castle residence but also to use the castle as a symbol of his stature and as a home for his bride to be. In addition, it is important and interesting to learn about the love story behind this castle that adds an emotional dimension to its history. Lord Egerton was in love with a woman named Tatiana Belosselsky-Belozersky who was known as a Russian princess. However, unfortunately, their relationship faced many challenges and she broke off their engagement. However, despite of being heart broken, Lord Egerton still continued with the construction of the castle as he poured all his emotions and aspirations and made it look like a fortress like structure.

More so, Lord Egerton took an avid interest in photography and traveling and was one of the first aviators in the early 1900s, his exploits brought him to Africa where he traversed Rhodesia, Uganda and finally ended up in the then Britian Colony of Kenya.

Later, He settled in an area that is today known as Nakuru. Here, he built a modest – but royal standards – six-bedroom house on a 22,000-acre piece of property in 1927. As fate would have I, he met an Austrian woman and fell deeply in love. In a bid to convince her to marry her and produce heirs, as custom dictated, Lord Maurice invited her to his house.

According to the legend, the beautiful woman did not spend an hour in the compound, brusquely telling him that she “could not live in a chicken coop”. The rebuff prompted Lord Egerton to roll up his sleeves and in abid to prove his worth, create a rather elaborate palace befitting royalty. The work commended, bolstered by a troop of Italian Mansons, over 100 Indian repair people and English architect Albert Brown to construct a magnificent four – story, 52-room mansion.

The finest construction materials were shipped to Kenya from Italy and Kenya, high-quality stone for the walls and elegant zinc roof tiles were brought in. Polished wood for the finishes was imported.

An escalator was even bult among other high – tech electronic gadgets.

 When the castle was finally competed in 1938, Lord Egerton once again invited the woman of his dreams to see it and once again, she turned him down, claiming the house was “no better than a dog’s kennel”.

She departed and Lord Egerton was left heart broken and devastated, it is said she soon got married to another British Lord in Australia.

The rejection left Lord Egerton’s heart shattered into a million splinters, he gave up on women completely and immersed himself totally in farming and education. He ignored all else around him, prohibited all women from setting foot on the 100-acre grounds on which the castle stood.

He developed a bizarre dislike for dogs and chicken, for obvious reasons. Legend has it that whenever he visited any of his African farmhands’ cottages, he decreed that all women in the homestead depart before his arrival. Lord Egerton spent the rest of his life in solitude until his death in 1958. The name of the woman associated with his misery has never been mentioned in any account of his life story.

In an ironic twist to this bitter story, Lord Egerton Castle is now a favorite spot for lovers, weddings, engagement proposals and lover’s picnics are held here on a regular basis. Certainly, it is a spot worth visiting.

What Is The Story Behind Lord Egerton Castle?
What Is The Story Behind Lord Egerton Castle?

The Castle’s green lawn is well – manicured and the imposing British–styled castle offers a picturesque backdrop for romance and romantic events. The castle without a princess still stands, bearing testament to the extent to which love can drive a man and the depths to which rejection can sink him

Lord Egerton Castle Prices

To access the Lord Egerton Castle – Nakuru, there is a price to pay which is relatively low for both residents and non – residents.

Kenyan Citizens

Group Lord Egerton Castle Pricing in Kshs (2023)
Adults 150
Tertiary Institutions 120
Secondary Schools 100
Primary Schools 75



Group Lord Egerton Castle Pricing in Kshs (2022)
Adults 450
Tertiary Institutions 240
Secondary Schools 200
Primary Schools 150


Group Lord Egerton Castle Pricing in USD (2023)
Adults 12
Tertiary Institutions 10
Secondary Schools 8
Primary Schools 6

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