In the northern part of Tanzania, there is a 2,850 square kilometers area known as Tarangire National Park. This marvelous national park is home to various kinds of habitats including open grasslands, acacia woodlands, riverine vegetation, baobab woodland, swamps and marshes. In general, all these habitats make Tarangire National Park the best ecosystem and one of the best Tanzania safari destinations for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The park often experiences dry and wet seasons which influences certain weather conditions at a time. For instance, in the dry season, Tarangire is characterized by clear skies, minimal rainfall and cooler temperatures. In wet season periods of rainfall and higher humidity take place. However, many visitors prefer the dry season because it is the best time for game viewing in a comfortable environment. Tarangire National Park offers the best Tanzania safari experience all year round.

There are different safari activities in Tarangire National Park as follows;

Game Drives

This is the most preferable safari activity in Tarangire National Park. Visitors from everywhere around the world explore the wonders of this remarkable Tanzania safari destination through a game drive and encounter a diverse number of wild animals including the Big Five. Game drives in Tarangire National Park are always led by experienced Tanzania safari guides who have enough knowledge about the Tarangire ecosystem and wild animal behavior. They provide valuable information about and ensure the safety of the safari with the best experience for all visitors. The vehicles used are equipped with roofs that allow visitors to view animals and take direct photos. Most game drives usually take place during the day, however, some lodges and camps offer night game drives, providing a nice moment to see nocturnal animals such as bush babies and hyenas.

Walking safaris

Among all safari activities, walking safari offers a more immersive wildlife experience that allows visitors to explore Tarangire National Park on foot escorted by professional armed rangers. Walking safaris are typically conducted in small groups to minimize environmental impact and to make sure that the guides can manage to manage the entire group of visitors. Walking safari does not only offer viewing of wildlife animals but also to explore the beautiful landscapes of Tarangire National Park while enjoying the smell and sounds of nature during their Tanzania safari tour. Tour guides will provide education on conservation and environmental safety as you walk to minimize the chances of environmental pollution and distractions.

Birdwatching safaris

During a birdwatching safari in Tarangire National Park, visitors will have an opportunity to view diverse species of birds in their natural habitat. This park is home to more than five hundred species of birds making it the best Tanzania safari destination for birdwatchers. The birdwatching safari is guided by well-specialized guides in birds. These guides can easily identify different types of birds by their sounds and sight. On your birdwatching safari, you will be guided to places where you can find a variety of bird species such as in wetland and riverine habitats where there is a great chance of seeing many species of birds at a moment. This safari also incorporates viewing of other wildlife species including the big and small animals, adding to the overall Tanzania safari experience.


As usual, Tanzania Safaris is famous for cultural visits to many Tanzania safari destinations. In Tarangire National Park, the case is similar as it offers travelers an important opportunity to connect with the local communities and gain insights into their traditional practices such as dancing, rituals, and many others. Tarangire National Park is surrounded mostly by Maasai people. A visit to the Maasai community during the Tanzania safari tour enables visitors to interact with the Maasai people and learn different things concerning their traditions and cultures. There, you will get a chance to participate in traditional ceremonies and dances where you will hear many interesting stories about the past generations of that community.  Also, cultural visiting includes the demonstration of traditional Maasai handcrafts such as beadwork, jewelry making and leatherwork. Visitors can purchase the handmade crafts directly from the artisans to support the local livelihood and at the same time preserve the traditional crafts.

Therefore, Tarangire National Park invites adventurers to spend quality time in nature full of wildlife species and natural wonders. The above Tanzania safari activities will make this safari to be the most memorable and the most enjoyable safari you have ever had before. Welcome to Tanzania. Welcome to Tarangire National Park for the best Tanzania safari experience.

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