Chimpundu safari lodge is located within the Western region of Uganda in Fort portal within Kibale National park. tourists interesting in having their stay at this safari lodge can take a drive f about 4 to 5 hours and covers a distance of about 309 square kilometers  which makes it to easily be accessed by many people most especially those who be exploring within Kibale National park on their adventurous Uganda safari. Chimpundu safari lodge is ranged as a luxury safari lodge, which has over 10 luxury rooms that are all constructed and well designed with natural materials such as; stones, wood whereby they are raised high with a wooden platform, which keeps the temperature in the rooms, cool even when during the hot weather. More so, the rooms at this safari lodge are worth having your stay because they contain comfortable king size beds, en-suite bathrooms which have both cold and warm showers, flushing toilets that have free toiletries, charging points in the corners, mosquito nets, wooden chairs and tables, mosquito nets which prevent tourists from diseases like malaria, living rooms where the guests always sit and relax as they watch the television and a fire place where individuals sit when the weather tends to seem to be too cold, the private balcony which provides guests with their privacy and also tourists chill from their as they capture classic views of the beautiful nature in the park and sight see some of the wildlife animals that are always moving around from one to place while searching for food and many others.

Chimpundu safari lodge also offers its guests who  choose to have their stay at this lodge with a number of good services like; a 24 hour room service which enables guests to be attended to at any time they are in need something hence making their stay a smooth and a comfortable one, free breakfast which is normally served within the rooms, free parking to those individuals who come driving their own cars and a 24 hour tight security which emphasizes that the stay of the safety of the guests is key.  More so, this safari lodge is always the best choice for tourists who always in this Kibale national park on their chimpanzee trekking safaris. And for guests having their stay at Chimpundu safari lodge also always have great opportunities to visit the neighbouring national parks such as; Rwenzori Mountains national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Semuliki national park among others.

For individuals planning to have their stay at Chimpundu safari lodge should note that they will be encouraged to pay a fee of about 200 USD per person for a night and they should also know that the these prices always vary according to the rates depending on which they visit for example; during the peak season the rates always tend to be high compared to the rates of the low season.

Chimpundu safari lodge is also considered to be among the best lodges where tourists can never regret to choose to stay because it offers its guests with many facilities such as; a restaurant which has a well experienced chefs and well trained chefs who serve their guests with delicious meals which are either local and international hence giving a chance to the visitors to choose what to eat according to what they prefer, an outdoor swimming pool where guests who happen to have some good swimming skills can always go to relax and cool off their hot, long day, free Wi-Fi that is always available and it helps guests to keep clear communications between them and their people back at home and for those who are into social media to life to post in order to show their fans how they enjoying their stay at the lodge.

Chimpundu safari lodge
Chimpundu safari lodge

More so, opting to have your stay at Chimpundu safari lodge also blesses tourists with great chances to engage in several interesting activities where they get to learn new experiences and create remarkable memories. Therefore, these activities include; chimpanzee trekking which is considered as one of the main activity done by so many people in Kibale national park, bird watching, golden monkey tracking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, cultural encounters, community visits, chimpanzee Habituation, playing board games, crater lake tours such as; Kyaninga, guided nature walks, bigodi swamp visits, waterfall hiking, visiting the hot spring within Semuliki national park and many others.

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