Marafiki Safari Lodge; Marafiki Safari Lodge is a beautifully Mid-range safari accommodation located overlooking Lake George in the Queen Elizabeth National park one of Uganda’s most famous tourist destination with high contrentration of wildlife species, birds and scenic vegetation cover and what makes it famous are the unique tree climbing lions that attracts thousands of visitors in different races of the world to come and adventure the park. However, the park is the second largest and oldest Uganda National Park after Murchison Falls National Park, that extends from Lake Edwards in the southwest to Lake George in the northeast with the Kazinga channel thus connecting the two lakes, with an area that estimates about 1,978 square kilometers and was named after Queen Elizabeth 11.

More about ,Queen Elizabeth national park is a popular home for its wildlife species including elephants ,leopards ,lions ,hippos and chimpanzees  and it’s a great destination that boosts with over 600 bird species as well as hosts impressive Kazinga channel a home to hippos ,elephants and buffaloes and stunning endless plains  that rewards with perfect big game  including lions hunting over the prey the unique kobs and sightseeing of rare tree-climbing lions whose male have beautiful black manes.

Marafiki Safari Lodge
Marafiki Safari Lodge

Despite, the park is also famous for its salt lakes that fill volcanic craters where the local people have been mining salt for years. A visit to Marafiki offers you a great chance to explore local communities and be able to learn about the areas cultural history, meet the local people interact with them, enjoy storytelling and experience their amazing local dance and music and the lodge ‘’Marafiki lodge’’ is good in empowering the local communities.

Descriptions of Marafiki Safari Lodge / Lodge Features

Marafik Safari lodge is in excellent location to sight-see marvelous surrounding and it’s building is well designed with handcrafted local materials, fitted by artisans from the local community.

This lodge is not only based on Mid –range safari accommodation but also offers unique luxury safari tents comfortable and clean sited on raise wooden floors and canvas walls that can be rolled up to allow you to sit and be able to watch scenic open savannah plains with gainful view across the park and the Rwenzori Mountains.

Marafiki Safari Lodge –Property, Amenities, Room Features

Marafiki Safari Lodge is a beautiful Mid-Range that ensure   a great opportunity to traveler in order to enjoy Uganda’s adventure safaris and in 2012 was selected as the Number 1 Travel Destination in the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill thus marking Uganda a hidden hoven of safari adventures waiting for you.

However, the lodge feature with comfortable sleeping unit;

They have main area offers a comfortable dinning, lounge area, infinity pool and an open fire pit where you can gather in the evening and be able to enjoy stunning African night skies.

The lodge has a breakfast deck where you can chill around in the morning hours.

There room facilities are all spread out secluded settings with gainful view over the iconic lake George and Kasenyi Savannah planes. Furthermore, the rooms offer perfect positioning for viewing the sunrise from right from your bed.

There room beds are designed with mosquito nets   and clean linen

They offer free parking area for the visitors.

They have a perfect restaurant with professional chefs who knows how to prepare both continental and local dishes.

They have free internet that keeps guests into connection with their beloved ones.

They provide laundry services and outdoor pool

They provide special diet menus

They have family rooms well designed with kid’s services

Activities to do at Marafiki Safari Lodge –Queen Elizabeth National Park

Land Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park

On visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park, you can take a morning game drive in an open landscape in Queen Elizabeth since it can be morning you be able to enjoy the sweet sun raises behind the Virunga Mountain Range. You can also enjoy a great sight of the Kasenyi plains with gain full view of elephants as they take their morning bath in the watering holes before making their way to find breakfast and Uganda kobs bound playfully through savannah grasses as the lions watch over them in plan of their morning hunt. All these will attract any traveler’s desire to explore Africa’s natural beauty.

Boat Cruise /Safari

 This is an impressive activity conducted on the stunning Kazinga Channel a home to high concentration of hippos, crocodiles and water birds. The view is rewarding.

Kyambura Gorge

The Kyambura Gorge is a home to endangered Chimpanzee species and a great location for Chimpanzee tracking experience which starts early in the morning with a short briefing about chimpanzee tracking rules. This activity can take about 30 to 5 hours’ depending on their movements. Once you allocate them, you’re given one hour to watch them as they feed, play, groom their younger ones and survive in their nature inhabitant as well as enjoying memorable photography.

Marafiki Safari Lodge
Kyambura Wildlife Reserve

Crater Lake Exploration

While on safari stay at Marafiki Safari Lodge, you can have chances of visiting impressive crater lakes with beautiful nature surrounding.

Cross The Equator

The park sits near the equator line and just few driving distance from the lodge, visiting the equator you will be amazed with nice photos.

Cultural Village Walk

From the lodge is easy to go visit the village people around where you can be able to enjoy interesting traditional dances and music among others.

Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha

Queen Elizabeth National Park is a great location to visit and be able to view the unique tree climbing lions in Ishasha sectors and other animals can be spotted including; Uganda kobs, waterbucks, hartebeests, herds of elephants among others.

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Marafiki Safari Lodge

Marafiki Safari Lodge

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