Rwenzori Hiking Expeditions; Rwenzori Mountains might not be the most visited safari destination yet is one of the sheer adventure to visited in order to enjoy life adventure up in skies as your able to view the geographical beauties of snowcapped ice  as you unwind the coldness .

However Rwenzori Mountain was once called the  Mountain of the Moon  ,located on the border between Uganda and the Democratic  Republic of Congo .Its highest peak known as Margarita peak   raises 5,109 meters  and  its upper region are permanently snow-capped and glaciated. The mountain consists of six massifs separated by deep gorges the first; Mount Stanley raises 5,109 meters, Mount Speke raises 4,890 meters, Mount Baker 4,843 meters and Mount Baker measures 4,798 meters though Mount Stanley has a lot of subsidiary summits with Margherita Peak being the highest point.

 The best way to enjoy Rwenzori trekking expeditions is to engage in a 7 Days Rwenzori Climbing Tours. Well Rwenzori Mountains has two fabulous hiking routes which are kilembe trail and the Central Circuit which all leads you to Margherita peak as a best stunning place for hikers in Uganda.

Rwenzori Hiking Expeditions
Getting to Rwenzori Mountain National Park

 Or else you can choose to book the 8 -7 Days. The 8 Day Rwenzori Central Circuit Hike or 7 Day s Night Rwenzori Kilembe Trails where you will experience the ultimate adventure come successful to reach to its highest peak and the highest point in the country can be trekked with experienced guide of either Rwenzori mountaineering services or Rwenzori Trekking services.

The Kilembe hike trail also known as the ‘’Southern Circuit’’ of the Mount Rwenzori, managed by the Rwenzori Trekking Services ‘’RTS’’. The difference is in the hurts and the following will be the hurts.

Mountain climbing expedition is as follows; Sine Hut raises 2,585 meters, Kalama Camp takes 3,147 meters  to Mutinda Camp takes 4,485 meters and then you will return to Butawu Camp  on the same day  you will be able to make it at the top ,descend to Kiharo Camp 3,460 meter’s and  finally the rangers post will definitely make the end of the  7Days Kilembe Hiking Trail. When you’re planning to adventure into Rwenzori climbing tours, you need to book your 7 Days Rwenzori Kilembe Hike   in advance in order to enjoy a remarkable Rwenzori Mountain Hiking Tour.

The 7 Days Rwenzori Kilembe trekking tours   is the best done and most adventure along safari here. A life adventure to Kilembe trekking trails is worthwhile and it starts the trip from Kasese town and then ends in Kampala or you can decide to have an overnight stay in one camp, that the day you will be going to peak and return down.

Detailed 7 Days Rwenzori Climbing Tours /Kilembe Trekking Trails

Trail you take; Kilembe ‘’1,450metres to Kalalama Camp ‘’3,147metres

The Day 1 of the 7 days   of this ultimate   trip you will start from the ranger’s post –as a starting point and then head straight to the Rwenzori National Park entrance point into this park and finally will mark the official beginning of this hike in a rewarding way.

The trail you follow takes you to the mountain zones where you will have chances to spot monkey species such as the   Colobus monkeys and blue monkeys and birds –the Rwenzori Turaco. The trail will continue to take you to Sine Camp where you will have a stopover and enjoy your lunch from plus other refreshments. After you will proceed to trek to where you will have your first overnight camp at Kalalama which lies at 3,147 meters. Its where you will spend the first night at this camp in the cabins where you will enjoy your dinner, the guide will brief you about what will transpire the following day and then sleep over, Rwenzori Hiking Expeditions.

 Trek takes you; Kalalama Camp ‘’3,147metre’’ to Mutinda Camp ‘’3,688’’

 The Day 2 of the 7 days’ Rwenzori Hiking Tour, you will wake up early at 7 AM and get ready to start the day’s hike. You will enjoy your breakfast and at exactly 9AM and then after set off for this hike while passing through the bamboo-mimulopsis zone, which is steep climb on high steps. Then you will continue to  hiking –trekking through  and be able to reach a resting point where you will have evening coffee tea as well as other refreshments.

 From this point you continue trek along the heather zone while passing by various stunning streams and even waterfalls, all covered by the typical green moss vegetation. Along here will be able to encounter variety of Giant Heather trees.

 On day 2 –arrival point will be Mutinda Camp at 3,688metre named after the Mutinda peaks. From this point, you will then further go to Malinda view out 3,925 meter about one hour and half walk and one hour to descend back to the camp.

However, the place gives a memorable visit as you stand on moss covered rocks with great views across the Rwenzori Mountain, down to Kasese town and Lake George. You will access this camp late in the evening and upon your arrival you will be served dinner and overnight. As you cool out, you will be briefed about the following day and after enjoy your comfortable beds.

Rwenzori Hiking Expeditions
Hiking Mount Rwenzori

 Take you to; Mutinda Camp to Bugata Camp ‘’4,062metre’’

The Day 3 of the day 7, you will continue to hike to the peak at 9 Am and the trek starts with trekking through the boggy terrain with the typical wet vegetation and tussocks, Rwenzori Hiking Expeditions.

The hike takes you into the Alpine vegetation zone with the presence of the giant lobelias, the groundsel and the everlasting flowers as you cross the Mutinda valley. Later on after certain breath, climb a steep section up to Namusangi Valley raises ‘’3,840metre’’ and around here its where you will enjoy the best view of the Mutinda peaks.  Then along the Namusangi Valley you will cross various bogs as you climb to Bugata Camp at 4,062metre which is the arrival point of the day.

Still around the valley will have gainful view of the Weisman’s peak of Mount Luigi of Savoy which often covered by the capped snow. You will also enjoy the beautiful vegetation area covered with tussock grass, everlasting flowers, giant groundsel and giant lobelia.

 On day 3, you will enjoy more of the attraction as you continue to walk will take you via Lake Kitandara that extends up to the Democratic Republic of Congo. You will hike near plaza Rock where you will get amazing views of the nine lakes down the valley and Lake Nsuranja.

Bagata Camp offers a good comfortable facility with solar lights, bathrooms and eco-toilets. You will have dinner and spend the night here. You will be briefed about the following day, then retire to your bed for the night. You will be briefed about for the following day, then after retire to your cabins for the night,Rwenzori Hiking Expeditions.

Take you to; Bugata Camp to Hun wick’s Camp ‘’3,974metre’’

The Day4 of the 7 days you will wake up and have your breakfast and set on the hike to the almost the epitome of this hike that began four days ago. After breakfast you will begin your hike to climb up Bamwamjara pass ‘’4,450metre’’ you will get rewarding views of all the main snowcapped peaks where we have a small shelter for you to rest and enjoy the scenery.

This trekking adventure leads you down to both lower and upper Kachope lake which is steep and often fill muddy but giving gainful views of Kachope Lakes and McConnell’s prong. Then arrival point of the day is Hun wick’s Camp ‘’3,974metre’’.  The camp is positioned on a ridge which overlooks snowcapped Mount Baker.

Hiking Day 5 from; Hun wick’s Camp to Margherita Camp ‘’4,485metres’’

This Day5 of the day 7 Rwenzori  Hiking Tours takes you to gorgeous walk   of this hike to the Margherita camp which will be followed with making it to summit  the following day. Walk done along the ridge before crossing several wet areas and small rivers comes from Mount Baker and Fresh fields pass.

 The hiking done up Scott Elliott Pass is excellent as you climb through the pass and up the ridge of Mount Stanley to Margherita Camp at 4,485 meters which goes below Elena Hut of the Rwenzori mountaineering services.

 Elena hut was designed with beautiful colors which shelters with a ring of high rocks and the exact camp was used by the Italian prince Luigi Amadeo di Savoia, Duke of the Abruzzi. From here it gives a stunning views of Mount Baker, Scott Elliot pass and even high glaciers on Mount Stanley.

  The Day 5 the hike to this camp is 4 kilometers. Meaning you will reach here late in the evening and relax a little bit.  Then you will have to prepare yourself and go through what will transpire the following summiting day. This experience will require to prepare   ropes, hiking shoes, ice breaking axes and crampons.  Then you will rest to your cabin for night as you get ready for the day activity.

 5 Days take you; Hike to the summit and return to Huns wick Camp

This Day 6 of the 7 Day   of the hike, it will turn out to be the longest and most tiresome day yet the most sought after day by the visitor or people prefer hiking adventure in life. So on the 6 Days, you will have to wake up as early as 3Am and have your breakfast.

The setting time is exactly 4Am hike to Margherita peak of Mount Stanley.   The early movements around this trail makes it through the glacier before sunshine as it makes the glacier totally impassable as it melts.

  To climb up Margherita glacier is steep and needs someone to be physically fit. On getting close to the summit of the glacier you then trekking around an exposed section of rocks, also bolted and roped, finally get on the ridge running up to the top of Margherita peak ‘’5,109 meter’’.

Rwenzori Hiking Expeditions
Rwenzori Hiking Expeditions

After reaching the top you will defiantly get rewarded with scenic of almost the whole country as you are now at the highest point in the country. You will eat your packed food that you carried from day one at the starting point.

Final Day 7 takes you; Return back to the Ranger Post

This marks a final day of the Day 7 Rwenzori Hiking Climbing Tour, where you will wake up to the shrill calls of the Ruwenzori Turaco and other bird species. After enjoying breakfast, you walk down the valley which is home to many species of birds that dive in and out the thick vegetation, Rwenzori Hiking Expeditions.

 You will have perfect view of Chameleon watch them as they crawl along the tree branch of the thick vegetation feeding on insects.

You will still have a watch of glimpse of a Duiker quietly feeding, by Giant Lobelias and many of flowering plants.

After descending a few kilometers, then climb two hundred meters height to a ridge thus giving perfect view of the valley, before crossing lots of stunning valleys and streams to Kyalavula. Walk back to the Base Camp from where you will be awarded for Certificate which shows that you made it the Rwenzori – summit and this marks the end of this unforgettable Hiking Life Adventure on the Africa Continent – Pearl of Africa –Uganda.

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