Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge is an excellent site for a Uganda Jungle gorilla tracking experience which was built overlooking the primeval Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and with rewarding views of the forest canopy across a serene stream and boosts one of Africa’s unique lodges. The lodge has dramatic views of the impenetrable forest and a fabulous place to adventure the primate’s species like monkeys and bird hidden in the foliage. More   so, the lodge is a home to gorillas where they usually come to relax in the verdant bush around the lodge.

The lodge hosts eight large bandas facing the forest. Each of the guest bandas has a comfortable sitting area, a terrace and an en-suite luxury shower room. It’s main living area has a central fireplace which works as a focal point for guests to relax and jazz about their gorilla trekking experience. The lodge offers a large terrace overlooking the forest thus becoming remarkable place to spot the monkeys and birds hidden in the foliage.

Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge –Amenities Services

The lodge offers free parking for easy stay of visitors.

The lodge offers breakfast and Air transportation transfer to the visitors.

They also offer good concierge and mosquito net

The lodge has public Wi-Fi that keeps visitors in contact with their beloved ones.

The lodge has spacious restaurant with professional chefs who serves delicious meals.

They offer laundry service and massage

They have comfortable family rooms to visitors on their holiday to Gorilla Trekking.

They offer amazing view from the bandas and experience with the Gorillas.

They offer morning coffee as a wonder to wake you to.

Things to do while at Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge –Bwindi National Park

Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge
Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge

Cultural Visit with the Batwa Tribe

This is an exciting experience where you can go visit the Batwa people who used to live with these mountain gorillas in harmony and today they live in communities surrounding the park. Visiting these people, you will be able to interact with them, enjoy their traditional dance and storytelling among others.

Gorilla trekking experience

This is a magical encounter with mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, which starts early in the morning with a briefing about the dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking. After, you will head out to the forest trails accompanied with the park guide who will lead you to the assigned gorilla family in a group of eight individuals with your packed lunch boxes. An activity which can take 30 to 7 hours searching these unique creatures in their nature inhabits.

Once you allocate them one hour is given to you to observe them as they play, feed, nest ,hunt ,breast feed ,take pictures among others. Uganda gorilla trekking experience goes at USD700 per person per trek.

What to wear on gorilla trekking tours; Mind about carrying good essentials like warm clothes, poncho, rubber hiking shoes, long sleeved shirt and trouser, water proof bag, hat, sunglasses, rain jackets among others.

 In general, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a fabulous destination for gorilla trekking and home to half population of world’s mountain gorillas and other species. The park is located in southwestern region of Uganda, estimates 9 to 10 hours’ drive from Kampala or Entebbe. Bwindi is famous worldwide because of incredible Gorilla trekking one of the most fascinating wildlife experience in the world. And mountain gorillas in Bwindi can be seen in four habituated gorilla sector such as; Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija and Nkuringo gorilla regions, each region consists of its perfect accommodation facilities and accessibility to the park head quarters.

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