Activities in Mount Elgon National Park

Activities in Mount Elgon National Park are the different ventures that travelers engage in when they visit the park and its attractions on a tour. Mount Elgon national park is one of the best park for one to carry out adventure tourism among the different Uganda National parks. The park lies in the Eastern part of Uganda on the border between Kenya and Uganda and is said to have the largest surface area of an extinct volcano in the world and the unique caldera which attracts number of tourists to come and adventure this amazing experience, caldera of this area covers over 40kilomtes squared at the top of the mountain. The notable tourist attraction in here is the Wagagai peak which raises at 4,321meter and is the second-highest in Uganda, above all the eighth highest in Africa though in those ancient years it was the continent’s tallest. However ,the park has a wide variety of species ,vegetation and many ,mammals to be seen in here include buffaloes ,leopards, hyenas ,duiker Oribs ,Defassa waterbuck ,Bushbucks ,bird species like white-starred forest robin ,Jackson’s francolins and many more.

Activities in Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon is commonly visited by the adventurous tourists who are interested in mountaineering but the wide diversity of species found in the park has attracted very many tourists to visit the park in order to enjoy and explore the natural beauty of the Mount Elgon and such amazing activities to be encountered in include; Birding, Hiking and natural walk, Cultural encounter, Mountain Biking, Rocking, sport fishing experience and many more.

Mountain/Volcano Climbing in Mt. Elgon

This is the most done activity in here, where a number of travellers prefer visiting Mount Elgon to engage in the exciting climbs and is one of the most rewarding alternative activity to be done in East Africa. This is because Mt Elgon has the most impressive attractions, with milder climate and lower elevation, that requires no special equipment or technical experience.

To many travellers, find Mt Elgon as a remarkable alternative to the most strenuous climbs in East Africa. Note that it is easy to access the park all year round, offering few congested   and it also offers some attractions with a milder climate and low elevation in climbing. Along here, it does not require you to have the technical experience to climb the peak. There are several trails used to climb till the top of the peak and such stunning and impressive trails include;

The Sasa trail

This is one of the trails used to trek the peak and is the shortest but hardy route to climb the peaks, the trails pass through the community land and allow visitors to have impressive explore of Bamasaba farming settlements and culture. The round trip in this trails takes 4 days and begins at Budadiri town at an elevation of 1,250mb. But the hardest climb covers over 1,600m and can be completed on the first day before crossing the park’s largest part of bamboo forest and passing Jackson’s pool on the way to Wagagai peak.

The Sipi trails

This trail starts at kapkwai forest Exploration at 2,0r50 meter high of which the return trip takes 56kilomteres in four to six days. Note that, this is the longest trail to access the peaks, leading you to pass through the northwestern mountainside through Tutum Cave to enter the caldera and to be able to access the Wagagai peak. This trail begins gently but bit tougher on the third day more especially from kajeri camp.

The Piswa trail

This trails takes longer but gentle trail can take seven days and the round trip a distance of 49 kilometres. It starts at the village of kapkwata on the north part of the mountain and cross the soft wood plantation to the podocarpus forest. The trail is notable for its rich wildlife and rewardable views of the karamoja plains in Uganda, Nandi region and country side of Kapeguria hills in Kenya. It also passes the hot springs on the way to the caldera and the peaks like Wagagai peak.

Along traveller’s experience will be given a chance to climb to the other side of Kenya by border crossing to descend with Kenya Wildlife service accompanied by the guide.

Hiking /Nature walks in Mt. Elgon

This is an exciting and rewarding experience (Activities in Mount Elgon National Park) to encounter in, which is done by the help of the tour guide who leads the hikers to trail with magnificent views. The trails covers 7 kilometres and takes four hours hike into mountain bamboo trails to kapkwai cave ,the trails passes through tropical and bamboo forest. While you hiking you will be able to view  park’s birds and the unique trees like Elgon teak and Elgon Olive .You can as well continue to walk 5kilomters to reach to the chebonet falls and more 3kilomteres walk to the kapkwai caves follow the ridge view tail where you will view points ,waterfalls and there is option of camping overnight beside the cave.    

Along your nature walk, you can as well visit to Khauka cave that takes three to four hours. Another option you can go to the viewpoint through Nabuyoga loop where you will be amazed to see Jackson’s Summit and Wagagai peak.

Travellers can decide to have a short day hike in Budadiri where you will be able to see Mudagi cliffs, Sasa River Camp and Drina lower falls. And round here the place is good for birding, nature walk and overnight camping. 


This os one of the Activities in Mount Elgon National Park.  Mount Elgon is also a great place for travellers who are bird lovers which give excellent birding opportunities exist around the kapkwai forest Exploration centre. In regard around the secondary forest and think shrub along trail to cheptui falls these best  bird spotting areas and bird species seen here are ;African Goshawk ,Chubb’s Cist cola ,White-chinned perinea ,African Blue Flycatcher ,Chin spot Batis ,Mackinnon’s Fiscal ,Doherty’s and Lahder Bush-shrikes ,Baglafecht weaver ,Cinnamon Bee Eater ,Moustached Tinker bird ,Hartloub’s Turaco ,Sunbird ,Olive and Bronze-napped pigeons ,Black Kite ,Chubb’s cist cola and Black collared Apalis .Bird lover it’s time to  book now and encounter beautiful and rare bird species on Uganda safaris. 

Rock climbing

Rock climbing activity takes place outside Mount Elgon national park at sipi falls, there are several routes that requires us with level of Rock scaling techniques. The required equipment can be hiked from the Sipi falls Tourist Guides Association. The hardest route measures 35meter climb while the easiest is 5meter.The area is rewarding with great viewing of the falls and the karamoja plains. Activities in Mount Elgon National Park.

Mountain Biking in Mt. Elgon

This is one of uncommon done experience on Uganda safaris but for at least experience it once in life time in Mount Elgon and come up with best exciting and enjoyable activity done. In Mount Elgon national park, Mountain biking is carried out in magnificent trails that runs from Sipi trading centre to Cheema hill in Kapchorwa town. The activity can take 1:10 hours and trails provide views of various waterfalls and karamoja plains. The bikes can be hired from Sipi River Lodge.

Culture encounters

The park is surrounded by the local people and the cultural encounter can be done in Budadiri community walk which offers accommodation, car hire, cultural dance, guided coffee tours and community nature walks. Touring this community, travellers will be amazed by their cultural dances, learn how to prepare local food, folklore as well as tasting their famous Maleewa bamboo shoots. 

On your culture you can meet the local residents of sabiny learn about their lifestyle, participate in traditional weaving, cooking, and tasking of their local dishes. You can as well visit to the women’s handcraft shop in the trading centre. Then proceed to learn more about the danger of Female circumcision which is traditionally practised in this region thus having memorable experience in a lifetime.

Guided nature walk

This is one of the most done activity in here, a traveler can choose to do a full day nature walk. Along here nature walk can be carried out at Mudange cliffs famously known as the Walls of Death, located in the tropical forest with rewardable viewing of blue monkeys, baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, the walk leads you to sipi falls and enjoy views of sipi falls, spectacular viewing of African sunrise across the Karamoja plains on these peaceful walk just outside the park. You can proceed and visit the local community and be amazed by local viewpoints. You can have an early morning nature walks around kapchorwa at 6 am and get rewarded with Sunrise Trek which can last for 20 minutes from Noah’s Ark Hotel that lead to the nearby Tewei Hill to view dawn spreading across the extensive Karamoja plain at the standpoint of the mountain.

Activities in Mount Elgon National Park
Activities in Mount Elgon National Park


You can reach the park from Kampala –Mbale-Kapchorwa at approximately 231kilometers. Alternatively, you can take a charter flight from Entebbe International Airport to land to Sooroti Airstrip.

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