Adventure activities done in Semuliki National Park: Semliki National Park is located in the western region of Uganda in Bundibugyo district covering a total surface area of about 220 square kilometers standing at an elevated area of about 670 meters and 760 meters above sea level.

Semliki National Park was published as a national park in 1993 and ranked among the smallest national parks but still one of the most visited national parks as well be managed by the government agency program known as; Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The national park is known to be home to so many attractions that are electrifying to marvel at while on a wildlife safari in the country, giving a true sense of nature to all those who would love to immerse deep into the beauty of nature.

In addition, exploring this national park gives you opportunities to see some of the attractions and participate in various interesting safari activities rewarding one with a new experience and creating remarkable memories remember these safari activities include the following below;

Adventure activities done in Semuliki National Park

Bird watching.

Known to be home to over 435 bird species this ranks the national park as a great bird watching destination in the country as sightseers can get to view some of these thrilling species spotted within Ntandi and Sempaya and these birds include; the great blue turaco, the white crested hornbill, piping hornbill, Ross’s turaco, yellow throated nicator, the yellow throated cuckoo, African picluet, red tailed leaflove, haartlaub’s duck and many others.

Hiking to Sempaya Hot Springs.

Hiking both the female and male springs found within the park is a unique experience as you get to enjoy the breath-taking moments of the waters boiling at a temperature of 103 degrees. And more to this, the spring takes you about one hour when involved in walking through the large forest where their chances to sightsee many wildlife species such as; black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, baboons, and many others.

Adventure activities done in Semuliki National Park
Sempaya hot springs

Cultural Encounters.  

In case of those who would love to know more about the cultures around Semliki National Park they can get to have a culture tour around the national park visiting the neighboring communities will give them chances to interact with the Batwa people and get to learn more about their culture and history through listening from their stories. Also get to learn more interesting things like how these people prepare their local meals, watch their traditional dance performances and try to learn some basics of the local language and many others.

Game drives.

Game drives are just the other ways of getting to explore the national park as you get to be driven around the national park by well-trained safari guides who will as well drive you to the best points of the national park allowing you to view stunning wildlife species in the national park. during the game drives, tourists always get chances to sightsee many wildlife species such as; buffalos, leopards, African elephants, Bush babies, warthogs, waterbucks, and many others.

there are so many other safari activities that tourists can do while touring around Semliki National Park and some of these include; guided nature walks where they are also accompanied by a park guide, wildlife viewing, community visits and many others.

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