Attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Attractions in Queen Elizabeth national park are the most remarkable features on Uganda wildlife tours whereby the park is home to a variety of flora and fauna with over 500 birds and 95 species of mammals. The park is famous for its biodiversity species of mammals most especially the unique tree-climbing lions which has made the park to be famously known, where a number of tourists visit this park on daily basis and the number is increasing yearly.

Attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The park is a natural habitat with crater lakes, swamps, vegetation, forest grassland and an open savannah grasslands which settles with a huge number of wildlife such as African bush elephants, African leopards, Africa buffalos, Uganda kobs, hippos, crocodiles, tree-climbing lions ,waterbucks ,warthogs ,hyenas ,giant forest hog  and topis which can be discovered in Ishasha sector among others, forest primates like the unique chimpanzee which can be spotted in kyambura gorge, other primates which are found in maramangambo forest include Red tailed monkeys, colobus monkeys, L’hoest’s monkey, Blue monkeys, Baboons, potto, bush babies, mongoose and the famously known bat cave and many more other tourists attraction can be seen along here .The park is also haven for bird species and such birds that can be spotted around here include Yellow Wagtail, African jacana, Shoebill, Saddle-billed stork, Grey-capped warbler, Folk tailed Drongo, Black-headed Gonolek, African crake, Long created eagle , Brown snake Eagle, Palm-nut Vulture , hooded vulture and many more.

Queen Elizabeth national park is Uganda’s most visited national park which was created in 1952 at an estimate of its area of about 1978 square kilometers to protect the biodiversity of wildlife, wetlands, forest and many more. The park is under protection of Uganda Wildlife Authority and it became a world heritage site in 1991.

These are the attractions that have made Queen Elizabeth national park to be known in the entire world;

  • Ishasha Tree Climbing Lions: Ishasha sector measures a total area of about 100kilometer south of Mweya, the park’s southern part gives a genuine African wildlife adventure. The sector is inhabitant with savannah woodland, river come along with lake Edward that has diversity of wild animals such as tree-climbing lions and other wild animals plus the unique shoe bill stork which can be spotted within this sector.
  • The Equator and the Queen’s shelterThe Uganda’s Equator act as an attraction which is located along kayabwe town the route that leads tourists to Queen Elizabeth national park. The Equator has created a beautiful place for photography with rewardable sightseeing of longitude at 0 degrees Celsius from north and to the south and around the Equator there is a craft shop where tourists can buy the souvenirs for their lifetime remembrance. Though the Queen’s shelter can be easily spotted on the northern entrance to the crater drive. Latterly on by 1954 Queen Elizabeth gave a supply of shelter for this site till 1959 when settlement pavilion was built for the visit of Queen Elizabeth. It was again renovated by the second visit of Duke of Edinburg in 2007 with well-developed facilities such as internet and coffee shop facilities.
  • Kazinga Channel: The kazinga channel raises about 40-meter-long adjacent to lake Edward and Lake Gorge which are perfectly for game viewing in the park with major wildlife ventures. On the banks of the lakes attracts large variety of mammals, birds as well as reptiles throughout the year .And the best way of viewing these mammals is by boat cruise which runs 2 times a day from morning hour at around 11am and late afternoon starting at 15pm the time depends on the demand of the travelers. It is knowledgeable that kazinga channel has the best selling points for game viewing such as the north kazinga, as well as kasenyi plains and best way to see wildlife in their natural inhabitant, is by tracking for example elephants ,buffalo plus other mammals that settles in the thick grassland of the northern Kazinga channel next to mweya .And lions can be easily spotted in the eastern side of kasenyi plains and kasese road its where they keep waiting up on the tree branch to hunt in the big inhabitant of Uganda kobs which are the staple food for these kings of the jungle. The game drive viewing is best done during morning hours and afternoon to enjoy the African memorable experience in wildlife encounter.
  • Mweya peninsula: The mweya peninsula is remarkable for sightseeing the unique activities done in that area with beautiful accommodation in the park. And the only way to tour Queen Elizabeth national park is by help of a trained guide who leads you to explore the park as well as the distant side of the mweya. In Peninsular its where the mweya information centre is located that organizes all activities to be participated by tourists and the most exciting attraction about mweya peninsular are the overlooks of Katwe bay of lake Edward as well as the souvenir shop full of things which you can buy and have remembrance item of this park.
  • Katwe Saltworks: Lake katwe is positioned to the northwestern part of Queen Elizabeth national park in the north side of mweya peninsular, the katwe salt crater lake is one of the famous crater lake that are found in Queen Elizabeth national park and it is saline crater lake above all it has on outlets which it salty. Within dry seasons the water usually forms salt pans on the bottom and also crystallized salt that forms on the surface. Tourists who visit this lake also come up with a historical background of the Germany salt factory and get to find out why the factory stopped operating during those years. You can as well as enjoy the salt mining process and also  have a privileged story of mining the salt which can be narrated by the women miners at katwe Salt Lake.
  • The landscape: The landscape of Queen Elizabeth national park is remarkable with cool climate good for breath taking and there is also gain of a glimpse of the true pearly charms of Uganda with hills that rewards with beautiful scenery for the sight. It is notable that Queen Elizabeth national park is positioned on the back drop of the snow Rwenzori mountain that gives a great view of Rwenzori ranges and when it comes to sunny days you can see Rwenzori mountains as it touches the clouds that’s why it is called mountains of the moon. You can also have nice sightseeing of golden brown savannah grassland vegetation at the same time you can relax your mind along here on the landscape of the park but they are best enjoyed in the morning hours.
  • Wildlife: Queen Elizabeth national park being the second largest national park in Uganda is a great place where you can enjoy the game viewing experience since it is gifted with over 500 bird species, 95 mammal species, huge number of caves, reptiles and many more, it is a protected park that boosts with the large number of hippos in East Africa with over 3000 hippos, about 2000 buffaloes and over 4000 elephants visit Queen Elizabeth National Park and have a great deal of wildness encounter. There are also primates Chimpanzees in Kalinzu Forest which make Chimpanzee trekking possible.
  • The Crater lakes: Queen Elizabeth national park sits in the western rift valley of Africa that’s why it harbors with numbers of the volcanic crater in the area with over 10 crater lakes. You can visit one of these crater lakes and have beautiful scenery view of vegetation, enjoy hiking as well as taking photos.
  • Omwani coffee plantationThis is also one of the attractions within Queen Elizabeth national park, this goes to tourist who are coffee lovers. The Omwani women’s association are good in producing Arabic coffee beans for both local markets and export. They grow coffee plantation with nothing looks to be artificially applied in order to come up will quality coffee that can much with one of the world markets. This coffee plantation has help women to get money for their home consumption, school fees for their children and also it helps them not to be abandoned in the community. Tourist can be able to have taste of this aroma Arabic coffee beans, walk through the coffee plantation, study about the interesting process of making the local coffee giving you more emotional experience on your Uganda coffee tour. 
  • Visit the local communities: Queen Elizabeth national park is the best place where you can plan to involve in cultural encounter along the community tour. The park is surrounded with numbers of communities where you can be to carry out your community walk accompanied by the guide who known every direction and attractive things within the community like the Busongo fishing villages which sits on the shores of Lake George where you can be able to engage in sport fishing, boat ricing, tasting of the local fish and also enjoy with interesting stories about the park through the community people.
Attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park
Buggaloes in Queen Elizabeth National Park


Queen Elizabeth national park has got quite a number of safari accommodation facilities ranging from luxury to budget which are similar to other protected national park. Accommodations found within Queen reflects the African traditional way of building in a way that some were built using thatched grass, reeds, woods but in an attractive way, surrounded with natural things such as hills, valleys, primates and a great view of Rwenzori mountain.

This is a lot to plan for your tour package in Queen Elizabeth national park whether on wildlife tour where you can see the unique tree-climbing lions engage in mongooses tracking, encounter in birding. All these can bring out whatever you expected to see on your Uganda safaris in Queen Elizabeth national park.

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