Attractions in Mount Elgon National Park

Attractions in Mount Elgon National Park are the different features that entice travelers to visit the park and tour as they explore these features. Mount Elgon national park is located in the Eastern region on the Uganda border and Kenya close to Mbale town. The park covers a total area of about 1145 square kilometers and was named after the most significant natural feature that stands at a height of 4321 meters. The park has a high mark of the Wagagai peak which measures 4321 meters found on the Uganda side of the mountain. There are also other three impressive peaks on this mountain which include Jackson’s summit at 4165 meters, Kiongo at 4303 meters and Mubiyi at 4210 meters. However, Mount Elgon national park is commonly visited by the adventure travellers who are interested in hiking and mountaineering experience and not that the park has got amazing attractions inside and around the park that have attracted many to visit this park on Uganda safaris. To note, these Attractions in Mount Elgon National Park include;

Attractions in Mount Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon: Mount Elgon is one of the stunning attractions that attract most of the travellers here. The mountain itself is characterised by various beautiful plant life such Ardisiandra wettsteinii, Carduus Afromontane, Echinops hoehnelii, Ranunculus Keniensis and Romulea Kinesis and some are rare plant species that can only be seen on different slopes of the mountain like Mount Elgon, bird species like the rare Lammergeyer among others, Vegetation zones such Olive Olea hochstetteri and Aningueria adolfi-friedericii wet montane forest all these species is a great ideal for nature-based tourists to visit. 

Mammal species: Travellers who are interested in exploring wildlife, Mount Elgon national park will be one of the best by giving you a taste of rewarding view of the land scape and the wide variety of wild animals that inhabits in the park especially in the forest and expected animals to be seen include Deffassa waterbuck ,Oribi ,Bushbucks ,Elephants , Buffaloes ,spotted Hyena ,primates species like colobus monkeys ,black and white monkeys all this species have enhanced the travellers experience while on their Mount Elgon national park safaris.

Bird species: Mount Elgon national park is also a home to variety of attractive bird lovers with a range over 296 bird species and on your tour to Mount Elgon expect to see variety of birds which include; Jacksons Francolin, black collared Apalis, Lammergeyer, black-shouldered kite, Tacazee sunbird all species can be best spotted in the vegetation cover of the mountain.

To travellers who visit Mount Elgon, we advise you never to leave the park without encountering these caves. These caves were formed as a result of mountain eruption and landslide which used to happen in those ancient years. Perhaps, during those years they used to be a shelter for the locals and for domestic purposes like animals use shed from here, some parts were abandoned by the people. To note, they were formed as a result of natural disasters but however much disaster took place but in the end led to the formation of beautiful caves that amazes to look at.

There are also other caves to be visited like the Kapwai cave, which can be found close to the forest Exploration Central and Khauka Cave which is found on Wanale Ridge one of the interesting attractions in the park. To some of these caves, there has been the establishment of campsites that are used as accommodation facilities for an overnight stay for tourists and one of them is hunters cave campsite which eases the tourists stay within the park. Other caves used as a campsite include; Siyo Cave that offers a panoramic view of the hot springs, Mude cave, and Tutum cave.

Jackson’s pool: This is a place of thrilling, travellers who visit Mount Elgon particularly for the love of its beautiful nature, this could be a rewardable place for, where you can get interested in leisure and relaxing at the natural pool called Jackson’s pool that swallow waters found at Jackson’s peak. Another attraction that features Mount Elgon are the hikes made along here that gains with rewardable sight-seeing of sipi falls and see features that were named after the first European to climb the mountain famously known as Fredrick Jackson in 1889.

Traditionally, Mount Elgon peaks have significance to the people who stay around because it is believed to be a place where they can talk to their ancestors. 

Mount Elgon Peaks: Mount Elgon is a gifted natural wonder to Uganda the pearl of Africa and what makes it to be among the most visited national park are the peaks and vegetation zone around and while at the top of the peak it offers spectacular viewing vegetation’s, countryside and many more. The main tourist attraction in mountain hiking to the caldera with highest peak Wagagai peak that measures 4321meter, Sudek at 4303meter, Koitobos at 4222meter and Mubiyi which raises up to 4210meter.

Visit the Sipi falls: Around Mount Elgon traveler can visit the beautiful sipi falls with rewarding spectacular viewing of the falls and on its top, you can go hiking  with impressive viewing of the Kyoga basin and glimpse of the nearby Elgon peaks, visit the sipi river which rises on the upper slopes of Mount Elgon before cascading down the foothills over 7 kilometers to form a series of four stunning waterfalls that culminates in a 99meter drop at an altitude of 1,775meter outside the small trading centre of sipi falls.

Attractions in Mount Elgon National Park
Attractions in Mount Elgon National Park

Where to stay

Travellers never get worried where to stay on your hiking adventure in Mount Elgon national park because the park boost with both inside and outside lodges and hotels ranging between mid-range, budget and luxury comfortable accommodation facilities such lodges include Mbale Resort Hotel-Luxury, Sipi River Lodge-Luxury, Lacam lodge –Midrange, Masha Hotel-Midrange, Sip falls Fall Resort-Midrange, and Crow’s Nest Rest Camp-Budget.

Getting there

From Kampala, the main starting journey point is approximately 231kilometers while using a tarmac road that runs through Jinja to Mbale town at the western side of Mount Elgon, continue the journey to kapchorwa on the mountain’s northwestern flank. 

Visit Uganda and encounter in its amazing natural wonder attraction like Mount Elgon’s caldera, the sipi falls, the peaks, the vegetation zones many more and once have a memorable experience in a lifetime.

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