Sipi falls is famously known as inland of 3 waterfalls with the largest drop of 100 meters high and these are the only falls with the unique experience of splashing waters in East Africa. Sipi falls lies at the rim of Mount Elgon in the Eastern region of Uganda in Kapchorwa district surrounded with two beautiful districts in the northeast of Sironko and Mbale close to the Kenyan borders. Sipi falls an area is a unique place with a good panoramic view of its nature waterfall and it is located in a cooler climate which is suitable for everyone. Many foreigners and local people prefer to visit this place because of its cool climate which is good for relaxing and literally chill out from hustle and bustles of the cities and town.

Sipi Falls

Sipi falls is popularly known as an area for water bodies such as swamps, falls and sipi river which was named after the “sep” commonly knowns as the indigenous plant that grew in the river bank. Resembling the type of wild banana, this Sep is a traditional medicinal plant that cures diseases such as fever and measles.

Sipi falls is impressive of the unique falls where everyone wishes to visit and explore this splashing white waters with calm weather suitable for day living harmony. Sipi falls is the best place for hiking to those who prefer hiking safaris. Visit Sipi falls and explore more awesome nature and its famous starting point is in Budadiri. Follow the Sasa trailhead to the summit and then continue down the Sipi trails. You can get a chance to visit the stone age cave painting close to the Budadiri Trailhead. They can take you through the largest park in the bamboo forest and encounter a variety of species of birds, primates, mammals, tree species and many more than back into the Sipi Falls. Hiking offers a good panoramic view of the Karamoja plains, Lake Kyoga, and slopes of Mt. Elgon. 

However, while you’re at Sipi falls, travelers can get an opportunity to visit Mt. Elgon which is next to Sipi Falls. It takes a few minutes from Sipi to Mt Elgon where you will have amazing and fantastic sightseeing of the 4th highest peak in East Africa and the 8th in the world known as Wagaggai peak which measures 43221 meters high but descents into the vast 40kilometer caldera and this mountain gives you a peaceful memory on when you visit this beautiful place.

Sipi falls areas are surrounded with famous locally grown Bagishu Arabic coffee who grow their coffee plantation at an altitude between 1600 to 1900 meters. The coffee plantation acts as a tourist attraction to visitors who visits this region. Coffee tours translate a lot why Uganda is called the pearl of Africa and gives you enough knowledge on coffee farming, roasting, and processing. You can as well have a cup of the good taste of aroma made out this coffee and realize how Uganda is a green country with productive coffee plantations. This coffee tour is organized by the guides who are knowledgeable on coffee farming and the profits got from this process and supports the community project.

Fortunately, when traveler visits this unique falls, can engage in many activities which give out good smooth breathtaking of its cooler climate and these include Rock climbing, nature walk, birdwatching, fly fishing, culture tour, and rock painting.  

Rock climbing

Sipi falls is a unique place with two main fascinating activities done. The falls measure a distance of 100 meters high, that is to say, rock climbing and abseiling which is conducted outside the park. These activities give you enough experience on the breathtaking adventure of descending with waterfalls of the falls. You can as well walk on top of the falls and get a peaceful memory and realize how amazing and beautiful this place is.

Bird watching

While you’re at Sipi falls, you can get immersed in the beauty of the Uganda wildlife and challenge yourself to spot different species of birds which are rare in the world and these include African Goshawk, White-chinned Prinia, African blue flycatchers, Jackson francolin, Black-collared Apalis and many more. Bird watching is an amazing safari that will keep you hooked.

Fly fishing

While you’re at Sipi falls you can learn more methods of fishing. When travelers visit these beautiful falls, you can take part in participating in fly fishing which requires different techniques from other methods of fishing, for example, luring fish with a fly.

Culture tour

Sipi falls is surrounded with local people commonly known as Bagishu, & tourists can be able to visit Bagishu people who are famously known of being the coffee farmers which is their cash crop and also have an interesting view of green environment. They have their cultural practices like the imbalu which is circumcising of the male sex to transform them from children to men.

Coffee tour fee costs USD 15, Abseiling fee cost USD 50. Hiking fee USD5

Sipi falls is surrounded with very many comfortable hotels ranging between budget, midrange and luxury and these include Sipi falls Resort, Sipi River lodge, Lacam lodge, and many more hotels. The price will depend on how many days you will stay but based on your wallet.

The best time to visit Sipi falls is throughout the year. It will be your opinion on when to visit Uganda Safari destinations, come and explore more amazing memorable experiences in Uganda’s tourism.

How to Reach there

Sipi falls can be accessed from Kampala capital city to the main destination within 5 hours 20 minutes by road passing via Jinja town to Mbale. Alternatively, you can cut the driving distance short by flying to and from which takes about 2:00hours only from Entebbe – Kajjansi.

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Sipi Falls

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