Best accommodation facilities in Uganda : Having a Uganda safari trip in the pearl of Africa is one of the best adventures anyone can ever want to experience and these adventures are simply the greatest moments of Uganda safari activities any would always remember about.

Getting the chance to have one of the unforgettable Uganda safari experiences is when you get to have everything in order and not to have a single chance of worry when you are on the Uganda safari moments.

Uganda safaris bring to you some of the things that make your venture to be one of the unforgettable in your experiences and some of the major things that make your adventure unforgettable.

Uganda safari believes that one of the things that make Uganda safari activities unforgettable is the kind of lodging facility that you get to have your rest in after a long day of gorilla trekking or even mountain climbing activities, and these are some of the reasons as to why Uganda safaris choose the best accommodation facilities for its clients.

Allow Uganda safaris to get you into these exquisite safari vacation accommodations in Uganda.

Uganda safari wants to allow have advantage of old relationship with the properties and also help you plan your Uganda safari at your own pace and style.

Uganda safari will optimize your Uganda adventure safari to cover your bucket list items and even cloud your skeptical judgments of Uganda safari activities.

 Uganda safari has got the local expertise, and the motivation to give you the help you need at no obligation, therefore with great assurance Uganda safari will get you that place of lure that you wish to have it all from with your friends and families let the adventure take place.

 Accommodations in Uganda

Accommodations in Uganda range from luxury ones to the least budget of all and all these provide the best of services they can ever provide according to the desire of the people in need of the and on a Uganda safari you have the chance through Uganda safaris to choose the kind of hotel you may wish to spend your vacation in weather luxurious or budgeted but below are some of the best hotels in different regions of Uganda.

·       Le Petit Village Hotel

·       Kampala Serena Hotel

·       Hotel Africana Ltd

·       Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort

·       Sheraton Kampala Hotel

·       Airport View Hotel

·       Protea Hotel by Marriott

·       LAICO Lake Victoria Hotel

·       Anderita Beach Hotel

·       2 Friends Entebbe Beach Hotel

·       Best Hotels in Jinja, Uganda

·       Nile Village Hotel and Spa

·       Nile Hotel Jinja

·       Signature Hotel Apartments

·       Jinja Safari Hotel

·       Hotel Free Zone

·       Acholi Inn

·       Wellsprings Hotel

·       Wal Ville Suites Nile Safari Lodge

·       Apoka Safari Lodge        

·       Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp’s luxury tents

·       Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge

Best accommodation facilities in Uganda
Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge

·       Clouds mountain bwindi lodge

·       Mount Gahinga Lodge

·       Ishasha Wilderness Camp

·       Kyambura Elegance

·       Elephant Plains Lodge

·       Mihingo Lodge

 Places of attractions to visit in Uganda

Uganda safari does not only stop on getting for you the best accommodation facilities but also gets to check out for its guest the best areas for a Uganda safari and this makes it so unique for all its guests.

in this case of matter on a Uganda safari there are lots of zones to tour in Uganda safari areas that errand all kinds of tourist’s bird lovers, apes, mountain hikers, swimmers, and the whole sort they all have a place in a Uganda safari tour and these are the some of the key reasons why a Uganda safari should be considered.

                 Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary

                 Rwenzori Moutains National Park

                 Murchison Falls National Park

                 Queen Elizabeth National Park

                 Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

                 Lake Mburo National Park

                 Semuliki National Park

                 Ssese Islands

                 Lake Victoria

                 Kampala Craft Shops

                 Ngamba Island.

                 Ndeere Centre.

                 Kampala Markets

                 Ssezibwa Falls

                 Mabira Forest

                 Jinja Town

                 Sipi Falls

                 Pian Upe Game Reserve

                 Kasubi Tombs

                 Lake Katwe Explosion Crater Drive

                 Lake Mutanda

                 Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

                 The Equator

                 Rubaga Cathedral

                 Mount Elgon National Park

                 Lake Bunyonyi

                 Lubiri Palace

 Uganda safari Shuffling through the collection of Uganda Safari Vacation Lodges in Uganda to select out the best accommodation properties for your Uganda safari vacation in the pearl of Africa, Best accommodation facilities in Uganda.

Believing that this list would encourage your Uganda safari tour and also be of your best choice as you have a site in the nearest of Kampala and Uganda safari tours to have the best of it all as for it’s of your own choice of matter and to Uganda safaris to put it out for you on the table of Uganda safari activities.

 Activities to carry out in Uganda

With all the magnetism that Uganda safari has got to provide these are some of the Uganda safaris activities that can be done in the places of leisure that are in Uganda with all the electrifying moments you can get from your place of attraction.

Get the chance and opportunity to try out Uganda safari activities in all the different aspects of life with all the Uganda safari activities and help given out by the best guides from Uganda safari. And all these can be arranged in no time.

                 White Water Rafting on River Nile.

                 Cultural encounter

                 Bungee jumping in Jinja

                 Source of the Nile Tour

                 Boat Rides along the Nile.

                 Quad Biking

                 kayaking on Rivers

                 Horse Riding



                 fishing games

                 Gorilla trekking

                 Mountain climbing

                 Bird viewing

                 Chimpanzee trekking

 Best time of the year to enjoy Uganda safaris

Uganda safaris can be done throughout the year, but the best time of the year to enjoy Uganda safaris activities is during the dry months-from June to September and December to February when vegetation is sparser and watering sources fewer thus most wild life converge around the few remaining watering points.

These conditions favor game drives within the savannah National Parks. For Uganda safari activities and travellers with plans of gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and mountain climbing, the season is also perfect because hiking trails are likely to be drier, less slippery or muddy.

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