Best Game drives in Uganda  : Uganda the pearl of Africa is one of the African tourism destinations that are blessed with thousands of attractions and activities that any tourist would truly love to have a sight over on a Uganda safari. Uganda safaris are mainly based on the fascinating activities that most people love to do on a game drive in Uganda and these are mostly done in the national parks of Uganda while learning and sighting the wildlife that Uganda has as a blessing from Mother Nature.

4 Days Semuliki Wildlife Safari

Uganda is one of the top countries in Africa that is best known for game drives and other several activities that are involved in as side activities aside from the drive its self, mostly there are different areas of pleasure in Uganda that one can go for the game drive activity and sight thousands of flora and fauna in the areas.

Places to go for a game drive in Uganda

Though the top terminuses that offer incredible wildlife game viewing on a game drive are situated in the different parts of Uganda, they offer unique wildlife attractions that cannot be wasted out on a Uganda safari giving you an opportunity to explore the pearl of Africa in all directions, and these involve:

Murchison fall national park

 This is the largest national park, with a lot of great wildlife wonders and it is situated in the north eastern part of Uganda. It is renowned for the might Murchison waterfall. The park is covered with open savannah vegetation as well as forest vegetation cover which is home to the different wildlife in the jungle. Murchison falls national park is the most visited national by many travelers that come to Uganda although the park has been affected by the political wars during President Idi Amin’s regime some time back as well as the illegal poaching practices from the surrounding communities.

Best Game drives in Uganda
Murchison fall national park

Game drive in Queen Elizabeth national park

 Second largest national park that is famous for the tree climbing lions that found in Ishasha sector of the park. Game drive safaris is perfectly done in two sectors of the park, the is the Ishasha sector as well the Kasenyi section that takes you close and nearer to the wildlife animals in queen Elizabeth national park. The park is dominated by the open savannah grassland, woodland and tropical forest of kyambura gorge and maramagambo forest. Animals expected to see on game drive safari include the large herds of elephants, the African capped buffaloes, the zebras, sitatunga antelopes, Oribis, bushbuck, waterbucks, the Uganda kobs, warthogs, leopards and hyenas, hippos among others, Best Game drives in Uganda .

Kidepo valley national park,

one of the wonderful national parks with open savannah vegetation that is home to diversity wildlife animals in large numbers that are rare in other national parks thus making it one of the best destinations for wildlife safaris in Africa. Some of the expected wildlife animals to see are the lions, elephants, zebras, antelopes, bush pigs, ostrich, jackals, the rare cheetahs, bushbuck, and waterbucks among others.   Game drive in done in two sections of the park but it is best done at Narus River where animals gather to take water. However kidepo valley is not rich in the big five animals, it is a few of them but not all of them.

Lake Mburo national park

It is the smallest national parks that have unique wildlife animals in the jungle such as the rare impala antelopes, the large herds of zebras, the elands, and bushbucks among others. All these wildlife animals can be viewed on a game drive safari in the different trails of the park such as the zebra track, the kazuma track and kigambira track.

Semiliki national park

This is least visited national park due to the fact that it does not have much to offer while on game drive safari. However it is the best for night game drives, since a lot of nocturnal animals in the different trails of the park.

These areas and lots more have a lot to offer you as you take you game drive experience on a next level in Uganda and as you explore furthermore the pearl of Africa with a great thrilling moment of fun. Uganda safaris is extremely ready to make yo visit a remarkable one with just a ring and the rest left to them, well with all the areas to visit there are also lots of fun to come across at and these involve.

Activities that can be done after game safaris in Uganda

with all the flora and fauna in Uganda it is highly unbearable to miss out on what to do when in Uganda because the country is sanctified with different physical features and thousands of what to do activities and all these help out in involvement the fun moments in Uganda and these are some of the additional activities that can be done while on a game safari in Uganda, Best Game drives in Uganda .

White Water Rafting

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Sport Fishing

Mountaineering and Hiking

Golf Safari


Horse Back Riding

Best Game drives in Uganda
Horse back rides in lake Mburo

Quad Biking

Cycling and Mountain Biking

What to pack for your Uganda game drive.

Whether a first-timer or weathered bonus traveller, your packing list must embrace fitting clothing (short and long sleeved shirts, fleece rain jacket, pair/s of shorts, safari pants), footwear (sandals for use around the Safari Lodge or Camp, hiking boots for mountain climbing, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee treks), basic first aid kit (anti-nausea tablets, anti-malarial tablets, pain killers, gauze, bandages and sunscreen), camera with extra memory space and batteries, travel documents (passport, visa, air ticket, yellow fever vaccination certificate), toiletries (wet wipes, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrush, hair combs), backpack, warm sweater and pair of binoculars among others.

NOTE: game drive safaris are best done in the early morning hours and in the late evening hours when the animals going back to their respective resting places in the jungle and the activity is done during the dry season when roads are passed and its mostly during the dry that animals gather to drink water at water collection points.

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