Quad Biking tour | Lake Mburo National Park

Quad biking tour is an activity that looks to be different from other activities done on safaris because of the nature of the bikes used during this activity. Why do we say that it is a different experience, this is because while you’re exploring the park on a game drive you don’t use a truck but you enjoy it on a Quad bike ‘’all-terrain vehicle’’. Even so, this is a self-game viewing drive, it is truly an awesome adventure to be carried out on pearl of Africa and this is the only recognized national park where you can enjoy game viewing while using the quad bike and Jinja as well. To note Lake Mburo national park is a protected area free from predators like lions so you shouldn’t fear to engage in such interesting experience in a lifetime.

Quad Biking tour | Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo national park is a beautiful scenic landscape, located near the capital city of Uganda ‘’Kampala’’ estimating 240km and in the driving hours, it takes 3:20 hour drive from Kampala to its main destination. Furthermore, Lake Mburo national park is a home to variety of wild animals such as impalas, Defassa waterbucks, eland, Oribis, Zebra, spotted hyenas, buffaloes, hippos, Reedbucks olive baboons, giraffes klipspringer, giraffes among more, the park also harbors over 350 bird species in Rufous-bellied herons, the shoe bill stork, Bare-faced go away, Blue chested lapwing, African finfoot, African scoops owl, Abyssinian ground hornbill many more. 

While on your quad biking in Lake Mburo National park which is a home of wide range of wildlife species, expect to encounter such species which include; Zebras, Cape buffaloes, impala, eland, groups of waterbucks, topis, warthogs, baboons, or ibis, flocks of egrets across the lake, pair of crested cranes around a mud hole, black-backed vultures in an acacia tree and many more. There are over 350 bird species that are recorded in the park.

Note; Since Quad bikes is a terrain vehicle conducted on open flat ground and the experience which is done like outdoor activity on park’s premises and since lake Mburo national park there are no elephants and lions which makes this park a suitable for this type of safari

More so, All-Terrain vehicles are used in a very suitable place for a ride. The Semi-automatic   25cc machines with efficient silencers and very wide but you have to use it with low-pressure tires for minimal impacts on the trail. The learners have been setup beside the site for them also have a unique experience of quad biking around the park. But no previous experience is needed as the guides will train you in the principles and develop your new skills along the way. 

This is truly amazing activity to have a game drive viewing on all-terrain vehicles as you drive yourself around the park’s premises. Where you can be able to have a clear view of wide range of mammals at a close range on a quad bike while meandering along the trails that wind through acacia forest, woodlands, seeing herds grazing in the open savannah plains as well as glimpsing of animals through the trees.

Quad biking is a free activity one to enjoy as you can be able to stop at any time and at a few points along the trails and switch off the engines as you take in the unblemished sounds of African wilderness. In this activity requires one to carry enough beverages like bottled water, fruits juice and biscuits are to be carried by the guide and served while overlooking the water hole.

What is needed in quad biking activity

Quad biking activity begins with signing on and getting kitted out with essentials like halmet, goggles, a bandana and either gumboot. Before starting this activity, they will first brief you on how to conduct this safari around the park. The emphasis will be strictly adhering to Uganda Wildlife Authority rules and regulations, in particular, no off-track riding is allowed. If at all, you start this activity and plow through the mud and race your friends in wrong away, note that this is a game viewing safaris for small groups who want to get out into the bush and the experience the rewardable viewing, wild sounds, smells and feel of Africa without windows and experience the beauty of pearl of Africa.

Note; Lake Mburo national park has got several stunning safari trails where quad biking experience can be carried out from and below are the main thrilling safari trails that takes you through a wide range of wildlife species, scenic land scape around the park.  

 The Eland Track Guided Quad Biking Safari

This is really interesting track tails which takes about 2 hours by meandering through acacia forest of the park where herds of zebras, elands, groups of waterbuck, topi, warthogs, birds and many more with rewardable sightseeing. The prices to be quoted for quad bike safaris differs on inclusive requirements needed like training, goggles, helmet and refreshments.

Quad Biking tour | Lake Mburo National Park
Quad Biking tour | Lake Mburo National Park

Ankole Trail Guided Biking Safari

This trail takes about 3 hours as you meander on quad bike through game viewing drive on the western shores and up to the kagarami where you can look out on to the Ankole Cultural center and also to the plantations and farms around. The trails will still take you through a great opportunity to visit beautiful, sacred sites of the Ankole tribe.

The Ruroko Track Guided Quad Biking Safari

This tracking safari trails takes about 4 hours as you enjoy adventurous experience of African wilderness through open valley and over difficult sections of the park tracks of Lake Mburo national park as you can stop off at Ruroko Kopje for more viewing and then after return via Lake Side Track. Travel Uganda safaris and engage in this rewarding experience of quad biking on game drive viewing ,the time is now to book your trip at Lake Mburo National park and engage into a unique game viewing experience to pearl of Africa.

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