Best time to climb Rwenzori National Park; Rwenzori National Park is among the top climbing adventurous destination in Africa, that lies on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. However, the park is famous because of its highest peak of the Ruwenzori that reaches 5,109 metres ‘’margherita ‘’ which attracts thousands of travelers to visit it .

  Despite , the best time to visit Rwenzori National Park is during dry season when the trekking trails are dry which starts in the month of June to August and from December to February  thus the perfect time to visit the park in order to enjoy the visit – climb –hike-trek Rwenzori Mountain Park . Although ,it can also be visited  all year around .For mountaineers the climbing window starts from June to August  which is attempted as the best time to  hike up Margherita peak of Mountain Rwenzori. Then small window gives chances to open up for mountaineers, those who yearns to trek Mountain Rwenzori at its best experience, yet it can be a season during which the mountains can receive less amounts of rainfall.

Best time to climb Rwenzori National Park
Best time to climb Rwenzori National Park

When it’s the dry months, the Rwenzori Mountains National Park we can see thousands of visitors flocking in the park   than the colder months from March to May and September to November. However, it can be very cool in this season in Rwenzori mountains national park where climbers –trekkers can enjoy cool and comfortable weather in the region.

From December to February it can be months after cool months, then from September to November, the weather tends to be relatively stable with mild to warm days and cold nights. The small window of climbing Rwenzori Mountains National Park opens up chances to mountaineers yearning to glimpse the Rwenzori Mountains at its best.

The dry months of December, January and February are also the peak time for climbers with many more climbers looking to access the Margherita.

March-May and September – November 

 From March to May and September to November tend to be low seasons because of the heavy rains, muddy trails and slippery rocks in the Rwenzori Mountains. During these months the park can be out of crowd but can be a suitable time for solo mountaineers, who would want to climb the Rwenzori mountains personally, at their own time schedule and convenience.

 A visit to the Rwenzori Mountain National park doesn’t require   one to be have a permits but prior booking through reliable tour operators, if you don’t hesitate you can book with us Achieve Global Safaris we take our guests first priority. We will be able to customize your Uganda Budget safari, according to the number of days. Additional activities, added to the package tour includes hiring a vehicle, a driver and a guide.

As it is very possible to experience dry weather conditions during the rainy season, just as it is possible to experience rain during the dry season.

Getting to Rwenzori Mountain National Park

The park can be easily accessible both by Road and Air transport from Kampala –Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airstrip.

 By Air transport

  Traveler can choose to use a domestic flight from Entebbe to Kasese airstrip which estimates 40 minutes, then from here you will be picked up by your safari driver and drives you to the park. Fly with Bar Aviation, Aerolink Uganda or travel by Fly Uganda.

Best time to climb Rwenzori National Park
Getting to Rwenzori Mountain National Park

They organize chartered flights to Kasese Airstrip in two schedules with the first one departing at 7:00am, whereas the second one departs at 12: noon.

By Road transport

 Drive from Kampala to Kasese it takes about 4 to 6 hours’ drive to access the park. Rwenzori Mountain National Park can be accessible by two routes from Kampala to Kasese.

The shortest route starts from Kampala -Fort portal via Mubende for a distance of 300 kilometers.

We recommend you to use 4×4 wheel drive to access the park.

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