Big 5 Mammals

Big 5 mammals in Murchison Falls National Park can be spotted with other wildlife species to make your tour an awesome encounter. The big 5 mammals are the biggest land mammal species of Africa and the most fierce. The word big 5 derives from the big game hunters and it is a slog word used world-wide in tourism industry most especially by the tour companies through marketing their national park itinerary. They are being called big five because they are very dangerous when cornered. 

big 5 mammals

Murchison falls national park famously boasts with big 5 mammals and it the largest and oldest park among the 10 Uganda’s protected national park. The park was established in late 1952 as a gazetted area covering a total area of about 3893 square kilometres of its low land, situated in northwestern region of Uganda. Murchison falls national park is approximately 4 to 5 hours from Uganda’s capital city ‘’Kampala’’. However, it’s on the list of UNESCO world heritage site and is under the protection of ‘’UWA’’ Uganda wildlife Authority. To note, Murchison falls national park is rich in biodiversity with over 76 mammal species, more than 500 bird species which are inhabitant of savannah grass land, vegetation, tropical rainforest, woodland and the wild life within the park are supported by a wide range of ecosystem such big five mammals include ;Lions .,elephants ,buffaloes ,leopard and other variety of wild animal include waterbucks ,warthogs ,giraffes ,antelopes like statungas ,dik-dik ,Uganda Kobs ,bush bigs ,13 species of primates like the endangered chimpanzees ,blue monkeys, black and white monkeys, Olive baboon which can be encountered in kaniyo pabidi and Budongo forest .Spotted birds on your Uganda wildlife safari to Murchison falls  include; the rare shoe bill ,Osprey ,Long-toed Plover ,Veracious Dove, Black-headed Lapwing ,Grey-headed Kingfisher ,Giant Kingfisher ,African Darter and many more to be seen.

The Big Five Mammals of Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls national park is the largest national park among Uganda’s national parks and is famously known as a home for big five where you can have great chance to see all big five animals of Africa, note that the white rhinos are only found in ziwa rhino sanctuary the same route to Murchison falls national park where you can have a stopover and engage in Rhino trekking experience and after trekking, you can as well proceed with your journey to Murchison Falls. The only thing you can do is to book for your itinerary in time in the order they plan for you a great tour package about the wildlife safari in Murchison but depending on how many days you prefer too. The big five mammals include;


Lions have a deep-chested cat with a short, reduced neck, rounded head and round ears and a black hairy tuft at the end of its tail. The male lions have a unique mane which is the most preserved feature of the species. However, the male lions have huge typical head to the body with a length of about 184 up to 205 cm than female lions which raise about 160 to 184cm. The lions are the keystone predators among the big cats which are inhalant of open savannah grassland and the lion pride comprises of a few adult males, females and the cubs.

The lions have fur which varies in colour from light buff to silvery grey, dark brown and yellowish red and its underparts are generally lighter. The lions are known to be carnivores because of their diet which is met to be 75% meat or flesh and the largest one weigh between 150-250kgs.

The lions in Murchison falls national park are more active in morning hours during sunrises and in the evening time when the sun is setting down and this can be your perfect time for your game drive viewing in Murchison falls national park above all making your day with great adventure.


Leopards have scientific name known as panther Pardus, above all, they can run faster when compared to the lions, they can raise 58kilometers per hour complimented with hops of about 6 metres high in the air. Leopards are known as solitary animals moreover they can cross their territories purposely for mating and breeding. They consist of two to three cubs per litter and also are the strongest feline family animals. The female leopards weigh 40kgs and the largest male leopard weighs 60kg. Nevertheless, leopards can live in various habitant of Murchison falls national park such as open savannah grassland, woodland, forest and shrubs.

The leopards are true carnivores because of their meaty meal and they are active hide hunter animals as they can camouflage in the shrubs while waiting for their prey. 

African Elephants

African Elephants which are scientifically known as Loxodonta Africana. The African elephant is famously known as the largest mammal in the world and they are called African elephant because they have designed ears which look like the map of the African continent. They can grow up to 14ft in height and 30ft in width and live in a large group of about 100 animals called herds. To note, the herd are led by a female member which is totally different from other wild animals always the male animals led the group. In Murchison falls national park they live in savannah woodland and forest.

The African elephant are the most peaceful mammal among the big cats when not cornered but they can become very aggressive if they are hindered. The mother elephants take carer of their young ones just like any caring mother would do. They are herbivores animals and tend to eat about 375kgs of green materials like leaves and grass. They take between 30 and 40 gallons of water on daily basis and can live for over 70 years in the wild and 40 -45 years those in the captivity. 

Cape Buffaloes

Cape Buffaloes are one of the Big 5 Mammals & are known as syncerus caffer, they are huge animals with unique horns that form a continuous shield of hard bones named as a boss that runs across the head. But they are one of the most aggressive and dangerous animals to keep near to humans and it is reported that they kill over 200 people in a year. They have wide shoulders making the big part very big and heavier when compared to other hind parts, definitely, that’s why they have huge hooves of their front legs compared to the rare ones.

The herds of buffaloes can be spotted during your amazing game drives along the Paraa region in Murchison falls national park. They can live in herds of about 100 members. Buffaloes provide protections for their young ones by making a shield around in case there is any dangerous attack by their predators such as lions, leopards. The young buffaloes begin to run when they are months older. The female buffaloes give birth to only one calf and it is very rare to give birth to two calves.

big 5 mammals
Big 5 mammals

White Rhinos

White Rhinos sounds to be unique mammals which cannot be found in other Uganda’s national park but there is the possibility of seeing them if only, you’re visiting Murchison falls national park. The rhinos are wild animals which use their sense of smell as a technique way to look for food and also locate any danger that might hinder them. The white rhinos are enormous animals and they are said to weigh between 800kg and 1400kg, perhaps female rhinos are smaller than the male one. The male rhinos seem to be powerful, strong and fast animals and are critically endangered in all Africa. The white rhinos have a lifespan of about 35 to 40 years of age.

The white rhino is also part of the big five communities, note that is the only animal which you cannot find inside Murchison falls national park expect other big4s. This is because during those pasted years a war happened in northern Uganda so they got extinct in those areas. However, the white rhino can be encountered only in Ziwa rhinos Sanctuary the only place where the white rhinos are being protected from. Ziwa rhino sanctuary is located in the same direction en route to Murchison falls national park. Visiting ziwa Rhino sanctuary on your impressive Rhino trekking, you can as well engage in other tourist activities when you visit the white rhino safari in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. 

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