Cultural Safaris in Uganda : Uganda is a country with so many diverse cultures and many ethnic groups and the unique part about them is that they all have they own way of cultural beliefs, customs and their way of lifestyle. More so, Uganda has over 56 tribes and around 9 indigenous communities and around 41 different languages are being spoken in the country however, English and Swahili are considered the official languages that are used in Uganda and some of the other languages include; Luganda, Runyankole, Luo, Soga and many others. Touring around the country and getting to interact with individuals from these different tribes grants you to have a successful cultural experience to the extent that you get to feel like an African. Therefore, tourists will get to interact with people from tribes, which include the following below;

Discovering Uganda's Cultural Diversity
  1. The Buganda people.

The Buganda tribe is considered as the largest and strongest ethnic group in Uganda making up a population of over 16.7% of around 34 million people. And these people stay along the shores of lake Victoria and for tourists interacting with these individuals gives you chances to learn more about their history and the Buganda cultural safari in Uganda involves you to visit many places in Kampala such as; tourists can opt to visit the Royal kasubi tombs which are considered to be the burial place of the kings of the Buganda kingdom who are also commonly referred to as the “Kabaka’s” and it was also recognized as the one of the cultural heritage sites in Uganda by the UNESCO World Heritage.

More so, tourists can also decide to visit other places like; the Naggalabi in Buddo, which is famously known as the place for the coronation of the kabakas and where the traditional dance performances, are always performed from. People can also visit the Ndere troupe centre where they get to enjoy listening to the African music, music dance and drama performances and tour around the Kabaka’s palace, which is found in Mengo among others.

Cultural Safaris in Uganda
The Buganda people.
  1. Karamojong people

The Karamojong people are found within the Northeastern region of Uganda and they are more like the Masa warriors who are found in Kenya and Tanzania due to the fact that they are well known as the nomadic pastoralists who are more into cattle keeping and they are always seen moving from one place to another in order to graze their animals. Therefore, tourists who visit these people always get chances to engage in several activities like; grazing cattle, join in and participate in the traditional dances, learn how to milk the cows and learn how to make craft materials whereby they take some for their people back at home. More so, individuals while exploring more through this area, they can visit kidepo valley national park where they get to see many wildlife species such as; leopards, zebras, elephants and many others.

  1. Sabin people.

Visiting the sabin people also gives you chances to learn more about their culture and their lifestyle way of living whereby they are famously known for practicing the circumcision of women. More so, choosing to visit these individuals, it get more exciting when tourists combine this safari with other activities like hiking to the sipi falls among others.

  1. Gishu People.

The Gishu people are famously known for their Kadodi dances and they commonly practice circumcision of boys as a sign to show that they have reached to be called men in the society. In addition, these people are found within the eastern region of the country and tourists can opt to go and tour around Mount Elgon, which is considered as the world’s largest caldera where they get capture very beautiful views of the wonderful nature and some of the wildlife species.

  1. The Batwa Trail Experience.

The Batwa people who are commonly referred to as the “Pygmies’ are famously known for their height and they are found within Mgahinga Gorilla national park and in Bwindi Impenetrable national park. More so, in history the Batwa people are known to be the first ancient people who used to stay within the rain forests as their natural habitats but unfornately they later became homeless after when these forests were established into national parks. And visiting these people gets you know more about them for example; how they known to be great hunters who used to collect fruits and gather honey and also use trees and plants as their herbal medicine in case one got sick, individuals also get to observe how these local people prepare their local meals and these local people have a tendency of entertaining their guests with their traditional dance performances as a sign of welcoming them which is always exciting to watch. Lastly, tourists get to learn more about the history of the Batwa people through listening from their stories for example they get to know the pygmies were among the people who first settled in Uganda for over 500,000 years ago.

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