Facts About The Batwa People :  The Batwa tribe are known to be the oldest tribe in Africa and they live high in mountainous areas as their homes and they are found in several parts of East African countries. The Batwa people are also referred to as conservation refugees as the governments of different countries fight hard to cope with the pressure of reducing the population growth and the climate changes. Therefore the Batwa people in Uganda located in the Southwestern region in the country in Echuya forest reserve in kabale and Kisoro districts. Uganda is a rich blessed country where one can opt to visit while on a cultural tour because it has a variety cultural bases and visting the Batwa people marks tour tour a complete one. These Batwa people are usually reffered to as the pygmies people because it is considered  as the tribe in Uganda that has short people and these individuals are always given names according to the areas they live in Africa such as; the Batwa or Abayanda in Uganda, Barhwa or Bambuti in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Twa in Rwanda and the Abaterambere in Burundi.

Batwa Trails in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

 More so, the Batwa people in Uganda are known as Hunters and they are famously known because of their short stature and they are good at gathering fruits within the forests where they lived in. However, later on the Batwa people lost their homes within the forests and decided to look for other places where to stay  after these game reserves were established into national parks such as; Bwindi impenetrable national park, Semuliki national park and Mgahinga national park. However, for those who stayed in the national parks currently today, they are being employed as park guides and park rangers because they are well conversant with all the parts with in the national parks and they are always available to lead and guide tourists through while they are exploring and touring around the national parks. Visiting the Batwa people always gives tourists opportunities to engage in the major activities like;

What Are Some Facts About The Batwa People?
Batwa Trails

The Batwa Cultural experience.

 The Batwa people have estimated number of 3500 people that add up a population of about 5% in the whole of Uganda hence ranking it among the smallest tribe compared to other tribes in the country. more so, these Batwa people had to change their lifestyle and adopted to other ways of living due to have other means of survival such as; farming and cattle keeping and entertaining other people in order to earn a living. The Batwa people, are also known to be friendly people who are always so welcoming to their guests with smiles and hugs and also always entertain their visitors with their traditional dance performances and singing their folk songs. The other unqique fact about these individuals is that they always apply their knowledge and skills that they have acquired from the period of the time they spent living within the forests to make herbal medicine which is used to heal various diseases and they also have good hunting and tracking method skills compared to other people.  More so, the Batwa Cultural experience can also be combined with other exciting activities like; Gorilla trekking, Gorilla Habituation, Golden Monkey trekking and bird watching among others,Facts About The Batwa People

 The Batwa Trail Experience.

Tourists opting to engage in the Batwa trail experience are required to physically fit due to the fact that it involves hiking through different designated trails found with the forests. In addition, it is recorded in history that the Batwa trail in June 2011; it was established into the Tourism industry by a government agency programme, which is known as the Uganda Wildlife Authority. This activity is best done in specific places in Uganda like; in Semuliki national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga Gorilla national park among others. more so, tourists involving themselves in the Batwa trail experience are always charged a fee  depending on where they are to do it from for example;  40 USD in Rushaga sector in Bwindi impenetrable national park, 80 USD in Mgahinga Gorilla national park, 10 USD in Semuliki national park, What Are Some Facts About The Batwa People?.

  Apart from tourists engaging in the Batwa trail experience, they can explore more by combining it with other interesting activities like; hiking to the swamps in Semuliki national park, gorilla trekking, bird watching, guided nature walks, and golden monkey trekking among others.   Therefore, Uganda is rich blessed and grateful country due to the creation of the Batwa trail experience and the batwa cultural experience because the Batwa people’s cultures are always displayed giving them a chance to be understood by the whole world just like any other cultures in Uganda.

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