Gorilla Trekking Uganda Budget

Gorilla Trekking Uganda Budget – Uganda budget gorilla trekking depends on the numbery of days you’re to stay in the park and type of accommodation plus the kind of the company you are booked with. As we Achieve Global Safaris we take our clients to be our first priority in whatever we do meaning a traveler who come in as budget travelers we always try our best to arrange for them affordable gorilla safari experience irrespectively of their budget. Since accommodation matters a lot, we also greatly determine the final rate and how cheap your gorilla safari can get. Like if you choose to sleep in luxury lodges will definitely cost you much compared to budget safari lodges.

For our role is to look for good partnerships with several standard safari lodges in order to be able to get their services and facilities at low discounted rates and in turn we provide them to you. With such measures in places. We decide to organize for you an unforgettable budget gorilla safari for our gorilla trekkers with comfortable accommodation facilities inclusive with all meals of the day.

We Achieve Global Safaris, with such great offers, we can make for you budget gorilla trekking safari at cheaper price for your life time enjoyment. Note, booking your Uganda gorilla safari   during the low season will cannot guarantee you a gorilla permit of USD450 in Uganda. Currently, gorilla permits costs USD700 per person per trek for foreign nonresident, USD600 Foreign residents, and permits are only purchased at discounted rates if they are being resold.

The affordable gorilla trekking safari packages as mention above are customized to be as cost sensitive as possible. To a traveler can go ahead and choose one as you plan for your next safari, if you don’t hesitate to request for any changes that you feel will make your budget gorilla tour package better. Note this, our safari packages are quite different and affordable. Whereby in your package, include Mid-range lodge at budget rates and you’re to enjoy comfortable services on a budget.

When compare budget gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

The budget gorilla trekking Uganda experience is the best and worth the money apparently. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park a famously renown safari destination worldwide as home of half remaining unique mountain gorillas in the world. However, the park has variety of cheap accommodation facilities where one can choose from. Still, there are also few standard Mid-range lodges that offers their services to budget clients. A gorilla permit cost only 700 USD in Uganda. Rwanda gorilla permits doubles Uganda’s permits costs USD1,500 per person and Congo permits is cheaper at USD450 per person per trek. Definitely, the best affordable gorilla experience is got from Uganda, because Bwindi boosts with quite a large population of mountain gorillas in the world.

You cannot get a budget gorilla trekking in Rwanda, because Rwanda became a Luxury Gorilla Trekking Destination with high gorilla permit rate when they decided to double their Gorilla Trekking Permits Prices in 2017. Currently, Rwanda’s gorilla permits costs USD1,500 which is an amount that can book you a three-day amazing gorilla trek in Uganda. If you wish to encounter Rwanda’s mountain gorillas, you can still cut down on accommodation and transportation costs.

In Congo, gorilla trekking safari sounds to be cheap but you can end up spending more on accommodation since they have more of the notch safari lodge.

2 Days Gorilla Trekking Uganda From Kigali tour
2 Days Gorilla Trekking Uganda From Kigali tour

What you expect from a cheap gorilla trekking safari

Going cheap or budget safari doesn’t mean you are bound for dreadful experience. To most people miss understand this, meaning not all tour operators are able to arrange comfortable and affordable experience for travelers. Just like mentioned above, you booking your budget gorilla tour with us, we are able to offer you Mid-range accommodation facilities with all kinds of meals included. And Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge is the most booked accommodation for our clients who visits on Budget Safari Uganda Gorilla Trekking.

How to Book a Gorilla Permit –Uganda Safari

Uganda gorilla permits are bought directly from Uganda wildlife Authority offices ‘’UWA’’ a governing body to all national parks in Uganda and conservation reserves or help of reliable tour agent with registered tour company.

Best Time to Visit Gorillas in Uganda

Mountain gorillas can be visited throughout the year but best recommend months with no disappointments of heavy rain falls starts from June to Mid –September and December to February with in this period of the years, roads are passible and gorilla trekking trails are easy to hike in search of mountain gorillas.

What to Pack on Gorilla Trekking?

Before embarking for gorilla trekking on Uganda Safari, you need to book essential items such as insect repellent, water proof bag pack, camera, long sleeved shirt and trouser, rain jacket, sweater, rubber hiking shoes, hand gloves, hat, sun screen, energy giving snacks, enough drinking mineral water among others.

Time is now! To get started for gorilla trekking plans on Uganda Safaris, the pearl of Africa.

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