Hot Springs in Uganda

Hot Springs in Uganda are physical attractions that travellers come to the country to visit and experience the boiling waters that come from the ground/earth. Uganda is known as the mother land of Africa that’s why it is called the pearl of Africa and this is because it is gifted with a wide range of physical features that you should not miss on your budgeted tour package. Above all, Uganda is blessed with a variety of unique wildlife and a rewardable scenic landscape. The attractive things to do in Uganda are some of the most thrilling things to do in the world. The natural wonder hot spring form to be one of the most stunning and amazing attractions in Uganda.

Hot Springs in Uganda

How are hot springs were formed?

Hot springs were formed when water meets the headed rock and produce an emergence of geothermal –heated groundwater from the earth’s crust. In regard, the deep percolation of water into the crust causes it to be heated by the hot rocks. Then heat can be forced to back up under pressure to bubble like a hot spring. 

However, Uganda is blessed with 7 rewardable hot springs and they are positioned in different regions of the country, more especially in western Uganda. And some of these unique hot springs are traditionally believed by the local people in the communities around the hot springs, people believe that they have divine power and performs miracles and therefore local people visit some of these hot springs through worshipping their power to seek for wealth, children, healing and also to be blessed, people continue to believe that gods reside in the hot spring.

Scientifically, it is known that water from the hot springs has been found containing large amounts of minerals and chemicals that are known to have medicinal values in them and they can cure some of the human diseases like stomach, malaria, headache and many more. It is known that there is a number of 800 people who usually visit some of these hot springs per week to bathe in order to be healed. When bathing in a hot spring, the steam just rises above the rippling water to bathe you in beads of moisture. This is quite similar to the one in the sauna, albeit fully clothed.

Some hot springs have a high water temperature which is capable for boiling eggs in 10minutes. The water in the spring can warm up to 120 degrees Celsius.

Uganda boosts with 7 major hot springs that attract a number of tourists on their visit on Uganda safaris and these include; Kitagata Hot springs, Sempaya hot spring, Rwagimba hot spring, Amoropii Hot springs, Burring hot springs, Ihamba hot springs and Kibiro hot springs.

Kitagata spring

This is stunning natural wonder springs that flow in the western part of the country in Sheema district. This hot spring has two hot springs which are adjacent to each other. And according to the historical background, one of this spring was used by the former Omugabe who was the ‘’king of Ankole’’ by that ancient years and was known as Ekyomugabe. The other spring which is named Mulago local people believes that is a natural gift from God with healing water and water within act as a drinking water.

Amazingly, a number of men and women are seen bathing in this warm water of kitagata Mulago, which is believed to have healing powers. The waters of this spring can warm up to 80°C of which one hot spring has a boiling temperature. The boiling waters are so hot that they can even boil an egg.

The road that accesses to this kitangata hot spring is marram and is situated near a large swamp the route that leads to the spring and is so rewarding with beautiful scenery, breath taking of conical hills and beautiful green vegetation of trees and grass. 

Sempaya hot spring

This impressive hot spring is found in Semuliki National Park in the western part of Uganda and is one of the most thrilling hot springs to be visited in Uganda and amazingly with a high temperature raising up to 100 degrees Celsius.

This hot spring is composed of two interesting springs that is the male and female spring both found inside the national park. This hot spring provides a great view of bubbling water fall from its depression while you’re here you can also view primates around and such primates include Red tailed monkey, white and black colobus monkey, mangabey monkeys and many more. 

The female one is just 30 minutes away from the male spring, in regard to the female hot spring is the most attractive one with hot water where travellers can be able to boil bananas and eggs. This hot spring is located near the Batwa community village where you can get involved in exploring some of the Batwa people in their community and learn about their culture and lifestyle.

Rwagimba Hot spring

Rwagimba Hot spring is one of the attractive spring in Uganda liked by many travellers. This hot spring is found in River Rwimi that divide kabarole and kasese districts.

Respectively, the local people honour this hot spring because it is believed to cure both animals and people who are sick. Some go there seeking for freedom, blessing, wealth and many more. The best activity can be done around here is hiking where you can have great views of the green environment. 

Amoropii Hot springs

This is another wondrous experience of the Amoropii Hot spring on Uganda hot springs lists of travel. The spring is located few hour drive from Panyimur fishing village of Nebbi district.

The community local people believes that the hot spring has some divine power so they worship the spring seeking for wealth, children and blessing, and the locals believe is home of god Amoropii that’s why they offer a daily sacrifice one of their animals to please god Amoropii.

This is a wondrous hot spring because before local people used to go seeking for blessings they had to first go to prime Minister Nyipir Onen, before visiting this hot springs. The moment you don’t get permission from the prime minister it is believed that you can’t get cured and the blessing you’re seeking for cannot be given to you. 

Buranga Hot Spring

This is quite an amazing hot spring to visit, travellers should include in their itinerary because out of 37 springs flowing in East Africa, Brangan is one of the catchiest.

The Buranga hot spring is located in the Ruwenzori Mountains which is one of the remote areas located in Uganda. Since sits in mountain chain which is covered by lowland tropical rainforest that adds more beauty to the spring around. The spring itself has a small ecosystem that attracts to a variety of bird species and animal species.

Hot Springs in Uganda
Hot Springs in Uganda (Local People enjoy a hot bath at the Kitagata Hot Springs)

Around to Buranga hot spring, there are 3 springs located 600 to 700meter away to each other including Nyansimbe spring, Mumbuga springs and Kagoro spring and they all built a gap of attraction to visitors.

Ihimba Hot spring

Ihimba hot springs is one of the most stunning hot spring where a traveller can have a fresh breath-taking and the place around the spring offers amazing views.

This hot spring is located in kibale in the western side of Uganda and it got its name through the Bahaman people who were residing in the area. Like the other springs, Ihimba hot spring is also believed to be one of the notable hot spring to have curing power. Furthermore, it is believed if you take bath in the hot spring you will get healed from backache and other body pains.

Other activities you can do to nearby places, tourists can visit the Bahima people who reside in the area to explore their amazing culture and beliefs.

Kibiro Hot springs

The kibiro Hot springs is located in Hoima district a short drive from Hoima town to reach to the main point which is about 60 minutes, though it is located in a remote area. The hot spring is flowing in the kibiro near a small fishing village that resides at the western Rift valley of Uganda.

Due to its location to a remote area, tourists usually don’t tend to visit this hot spring. So we recommend a traveller to plan a visit during your Uganda tour to visit the kibiro salt Kibiro Hot spring.

It is also believed to have healing power and a number of local people are seen visiting this spring area to take bath with a wish to get healed from pain.

Visit Uganda safari trip and adventure these magnificent experience of these iconic hot springs in Uganda. We advise tourists to combine their wildlife explore together with visiting impressive Uganda hot springs and come up with the best sight which is unforgettable. Plan a smooth Uganda Safari Trip to Uganda’s hot spring in your next holiday and experience the natural wonder of the pearl of Africa.

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