How to travel on budget in Uganda : Budget travel in Uganda is possible in many ways to cater for visits across the various destinations around the country. Some of the ways to travel on budget in Uganda include the following;

  1. Choosing affordable transport

One of the many ways to travel on budget in Uganda is through choosing the right transportation. Uganda is a country which can be accessed by boat, by flight, by driving and rail transport can also be used in the country although it is not a very common means of transport.

When it comes to a safari, travel to the various destinations in Uganda can be done by road or by flight. Choosing to use road transport is a cheaper option as compared to flying as much as the drives can be long especially to places like Bwindi national park or Kidepo national park which is found in the remote north eastern part of the country.

However, even driving to different places in Uganda can be done using public transportation or using private means of transport. Public transport tends to be cheaper than using private transport means although the private means of transport are more flexible for the travelers.

When visiting Uganda and using private transport, it is also important to consider whether the vehicle used will be hired as part of a safari cost or hired for a self drive around the country. The cheaper option is self driving depending on the vehicle service provider although any vehicle repairs will be incurred by the traveler.

During city tours, a cheap way to travel around Kampala city is by a bike tour or taking part in a walking tour with a local guide. This experience in itself is unique and is also very affordable as compared to driving.

  1. Booking cheap accommodation

Travelling on a budget in Uganda can also be done by booking cheap accommodation. Cheap accommodation varies depending on the budget of a traveler and can mean staying in budget hotels or lodges, camping, home stays, hostels or air bnbs.

Camping is a go to choice for many travelers when visiting Uganda on a budget and as much as it is affordable, one needs the right gear for camping and not all destinations have places for camping. Some lodges around the national parks in Uganda however have camping space where tourists can set up their tents and spend the night safely enjoying the nature and sounds in their surroundings.

There are also dormitories which are shared accommodations in the national parks around Uganda that are managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority where travelers can spend their nights after the budget safari. It is advised to book in advance due to the limited space in the dormitories.

Another form of budget lodging in Uganda is by staying in the budget lodges or hotels which can cost about 30 to 100 USD per night. During safaris, staying in lodges outside the national parks is also cheaper as compared to staying within the national park.

  1. Booking a tour with a tour operator

Planning a safari to Uganda can be difficult especially if an individual is travelling to the country for the first time which is why it is recommended that travelers book their safaris with the different licensed tour operators.

Booking safari with a tour operator is cheap because they get discounted rates on accommodation, are knowledgeable about the country and its destinations and what to do around the country and they also take care of every aspect of the trip saving you time and money and months of planning with scanty research.

  1. Choosing cost friendly activities

Uganda has so many activities to take part in during safaris throughout the year such as Uganda gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, hiking, wildlife safaris, boat safaris, bird watching and so much more.

For a budget traveler in Uganda, it is important to choose activities which are more affordable like community visits, game drives, boat safaris and also participating in fewer activities to reduce the overall cost of the tour.

  1. Traveling in the low season

Another way to visit Uganda on a budget is touring the country during the low season when fewer tourists are in the country.

This ensures a more intimate travel experience and also reduced costs on accommodations as compared to travelling during the high season. This low season takes place when rains are received in Uganda around the months of March, April and May and also around September, November.

  1. Booking a group tour

It is no secret that the more the number, the lesser the costs of the safari in Uganda therefore when travelling on a budget, it is advised to book a safari as part of a group.

Such group trips are usually scheduled therefore it is important to check for available dates for group tours and booking the available safaris to Uganda.

How to travel on budget in Uganda
Uganda Group tours
  1. Eating at local restaurants

The Ugandan cuisine is among the many things to try out during a safari in the country and even during budget travel you can save up a lot by eating at the local restaurants.

You can also experience making the local food you eat by yourself with the guidance of a local when trying out the Ugandan cuisine. This option of eating out is affordable and there are any restaurants to choose from.

You can also prepare your own meals as a way to reduce costs of meals during your Budget safari in Uganda especially during self drive safaris around the country.

  1. Going to less visited tourist sites

One of the many ways of budget travel in Uganda is by going to the less visited destinations in Uganda. This allows you to explore unique destinations at a cheaper cost as compared to going to destinations which tourists frequent that may be more costly.

There are many destinations across the country with amazing views and interesting activities to take part in such as the Aruu falls, Pian Upe reserve and many other which can be visited during budget travel in Uganda.

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