Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve : Once on a Uganda safari a lot of expectation pop up and you feel like you cannot take the chance of forgetting to sight some of the best areas in the country. Uganda is blessed with so much lovely areas to visit and hence a lot to view

some places include parks and reserves and kabwoya is one of blindly unknown reserve and most skipped one of all it is always unfortunate and surprising that most tour operators in Uganda don’t usually include this destination on their itineraries but what it offers will leave you wanting more thus you can’t afford missing such an experience during your safari, Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve can easily be called the hidden “gem” of the Albertine Rift valley in Uganda. Kabwoya wildlife reserve is found in western Uganda, about 300km from Kampala. It is not as old as other protected areas in Uganda. It is the newest of them all and covers an area of about 87 sq. Miles of protected land. It was established as a reserve in 2002. It is part of the Albertine rift, an area which has various attractions extending from the Mgahinga National Park in the south to Murchison Falls in the north.

Before and during the 1960s, this Wildlife Reserve was gifted with abundant wildlife species but due to the Civil Wars and Government Overthrows, the poachers also took advantage to graze their cattle there and worse of all poach most of the animals that were remaining.

This small reserve is one of the most scenic wonders Uganda has. It occupies the scenic plains sandwiched between the Bunyoro escarpments

Kabwoya wildlife reserve is not a destination that many tour operators think about when planning safari trips for their clients, probably because it is quite new and not very well known. But tourists miss the opportunity to experience some really beautiful views of Lake Albert and the blue mountains of the DRC when they pass by this reserve. To crest the rift’s escarpment for the first time and find this little known plain spread out below is totally unexpected and breathe taking.

Things to do within Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Hiking/Nature walks

Guided nature walks or hiking and one of the top things you will do within Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and are interestingly very scenic because one of the magnificent Albertine Rift Escarpment. Not only that, several wildlife species can be encountered and they include antelopes such as Uganda Kobs, bushbucks and waterbucks as well as birds species along the trail.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve
Nature walks

Game drives

Game drives are conducted within some of the well maintained game tracks and introduce tourists to some of the treasures of the Park such as waterbucks, warthogs, bushbucks and primates.

Mountain biking

This activity is done through the savanna plains that are found in the reserve. Mountain biking will help you keep your body physically fit. You will also get an opportunity to see animals like antelopes, waterbucks, oribis, warthogs, Uganda kobs, and different bird species among others while biking.

Bird watching

Surprisingly, Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is a haven to more than 400 species of birds which make it a great spot for birders.


It is undeniable that Lake Albert is homes to several fish species including the Nile Perch thus making it an ideal spot for anglers to enjoy wither half day or full day fishing expedition within the Lake. You will use a motorboat in the company of an experienced guide and a maximum of 3 Anglers are allowed in every boat.

Quad biking

This interesting adventurous activity done using quad bikes, you will see different animals and bird.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Fossil Hunting

As strange as it sounds, fossil hunting is actually possible within Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, something you will not experience within the National Parks that we all yearn to visit during Uganda Safari holidays. The good news is that the activity can be conducted by all members of the family including children and some of the items you may find include spearheads, pieces of pottery and arrowheads among others.

Accommodations in Kabwoya wildlife reserve.

The reserve has various accommodations where you will stay, these include;

Kironko lodge. The lodge is located on the top of the Albertine rift overlooking Lake Albert, the lodge has beautiful views of the blue mountains in Democratic Republic of Congo

Lake Albert safari lodge. This is a luxurious lodge with 11 thatched cottages and a camping site. The lodge offers facilities like airport pickups and drop offs, swimming pool, bar and restaurant.

How to reach Kabwoya wildlife reserve.

The reserve can be accessed using Busunju Kiboga road; this route is approximately 4-5 hours’ drive from Kampala city, Uganda’s capital.

You can opt to use Kagadi Hoima road which is approximately 5-6 hours’ drive from Kampala city.

Kabwoya wildlife reserve is approximately 240 kilometers from Kampala city.

What to wear and pack

A tour to Kabwoya wildlife reserve will reward you with great memories that will stay with you forever, to capture these moments, don’t forget to come with a camera, enough storage and good lenses, comfortable safari clothes not brightly colored, bright colors scare away animals, pack long sleeved shirts to protect your skin from being scratched by tree branches or thorns, don’t forget your scarfs and trousers. Protecting your skin from sun the is more important, don’t forget your sunscreen, a cap or a hat and sun glasses. Come along with durable water proof boots that are sturdy enough to support you on slippery trails. If you are coming for bird watching, don’t forget to come with a pair of binoculars and a birder’s guide book and a chimpanzee trekking permit if you are coming for chimpanzee trekking. The permit can be got straight from Uganda wildlife Authority offices.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve
What to carry to Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

this game reserve is one of the best game reserves in Uganda that anyone would love to sight and this adventure can be arranged by a well trusted tour company to give you one of the best thrilling moments of life in Uganda and this is some place you can never forget once you get a stopover at it.

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