Kampala City Tour is one of the most interesting activities that travelers engage in when they visit Uganda for Wildlife and adventurous tours. Kampala is a thriving city Uganda’s bustling capital with the highest population of people and the fastest growing city that sits across a series of seven hills nearby to Lake Victoria. The word Kampala derives from many impalas which were habitant of this area during the 19th century on the present-day old Kampala hill on which Fredrick Luganda created and put up his fort.

Kampala City Tour

Kampala is the commercial city of the Republic of Uganda has got several exciting activities to those who are interested in visiting urban attractions in prominent Uganda and it offers a variety of options and activities for you to choose which can definitely want you to prefer most. To those who like visiting cultural sites. There are many cultural sites including the Buganda kingdom, kasubi tombs, Lubiri palace, Mengo kingdom which are the parliament of the Buganda kingdom and Nagalabi which is the main ground for Buganda kingdom and many more. Before embarking on your gorilla trekking tour you can first encounter Kampala city tour and enjoy Uganda’s attractive city places. Below are the attractive places in the city;

Uganda Museum: The Uganda Museum was created in 1908 and is the  oldest museum in East Africa which displays Uganda’s historical collection of culture heritage basing on Uganda’s traditional way of building, Architecture, music galley displays collections of musical instrument, Ethnography gallery collects traditional reed doors ,thousands of visitors have Uganda museum with great sightseeing of the old first telephone in Uganda, ford car, the first chair where president Museveni seat after overcoming the power and  many more. 

Visiting the Craft Shop: Kampala is surrounded with colorful craft markets and among them where most of tourist visits is craft village which is located in the busy centre of the city on Buganda road another craft centre is positioned behind the National Theatre, selling beautiful and unique crafts which many have bought just for remembrance the city tour they encountered in Kampala, ranging from prints, pottery, jewelry, neckless many more you can as well  interact with artists to make for you something special in craft materials.

Kasubi Tombs: Kasubi Tombs in Uganda is known as a burial site for Buganda’s kings and the royal family of Buganda and its where the 4 Kabaka’s namely Mutesa, Mwanga, Daudi Chwa 11 and Sir Edward muteesa 11 were buried. Kasubi tombs were renovated in 1938 using grass thatches, steel structures concrete columns among other traditional materials. Visit the tombs and have impressive history of Buganda and a great view of the traditional structure.

Visiting the Parliament of Uganda: The parliament of Uganda is open to the public but visiting the parliament you have to first do personal arrangements of a visit to the public relations department through the help of receptionist and the tour operator can make arrangements for you. One can either tour this beautiful building more possibly on Tuesday and Thursday at around 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm and have a chance to watch the parliamentarians in action, you should dress decently holding your valid identification card to enter there.

Tasting the local food: Kampala has very many charms like the local restaurants where you can have tasted of the local food like the 2K Restaurant, Baguma Restaurant which offers Unique Uganda’s traditional food using fresh banana leaves, natural flavors, top quality products with expert traditional chefs who are good in preparing traditional delicious food for you to experience Ugandan food.

Baha’i temple: Kampala hosts the mother temple of Africa which was built on kikayi hill, the temple stands for the faith which was started by their Godly father Moses. It was founded in 1844 by Bahaullah which means the ‘’glory of God in Arabic, basing on their belief, they do not carry out baptism what they do when children turn 15 years of age they declare their faith and are given declared cards. The structure of Bahia temple is attractive which was built in the formula of the traditional hut. It is open 24hours to followers of faith and visitors. The temple is surrounded with beautiful grounds offering a beautiful view of green grasses, trees and many visits to the area to have fresh breath taking, some people organize their birthday parties here because of its beautiful green environment. A number of visitors who have visited this place can witness it.

Encounter City Walk: Kampala is full of amazing things no one can visit the city and leave without gaining an intimate overview of vibrate Kampala on walk tour led by tour operator or local guide who ideals the first time visitors to the Ugandan capital city to have incredible sightseeing of Boda Bodas, visiting Nakasero market where you  come across different types of fresh fruits such as pineapples, tomatoes, oranges, pawpaw, vegetables, passion fruits , mangoes, ginger, garlic, carrots making your day to end up into a gorgeous way.

The Uganda National MosqueThe Uganda National Mosque is famously known as the Gaddafi national mosque which was built on the Old Kampala area with a total of 15000 worshiper seats. The mosque was gifted to Uganda by the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya above all the building was completed in 2006 and it was officially opened for public in June 2007 under the prominent name Gaddafi National Mosque for Muslim people. Gaddafi National Mosque has got a rewardable interior view when it comes across the front part of it, holding 1,100 in the gallery. Visit the Uganda National Mosque on your city tour and learn more about its history as you also have a great view of the building.

Independence Monument: The independence Monument stands on 6 meters height with a beautiful structure of concrete pedestal in front of shrub with a woman structure wrapped all over her body pensively looks in her hand raises a boy in her hands ,you shouldn’t miss to visit this place because the monument is located in the heart of the city between the Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Grand Imperial Hotel ,standard chartered bank to the left of the monument these are one of the landmarks in Uganda. The Uganda independence monument was established by former British Colonial state Government just before Uganda having its first independence on 9th October 1962. Today where the monument sits the place has got beautiful things around, please you need to carry your camera for remembrance capture of the sightseeing and great viewing of the city.

Kabaka’s lake: The Kabaka’s lake is one of the African Surviving man-made lakes which has an island called ‘’Nambi Natutulu’’ in the middle of the lake  and it’s only the king of Buganda who sits on this island to view the activities being done along here such as Boat riding competition, bird watching, the king organizes competition from different races of Buganda to participate. Along here they do not allow swimming though local people are seen using the water of this lake to wash their vehicle and some do fishing as well. The lake is home of beautiful birds for the tourist you can visit this lake for birding because it acts as a tourism place. 

Visiting the Kabuli Mosque: Visiting Kibuli Mosque provides a rewardable view of the city and other beautiful places around, it was built on the top of the hill where people can view seven hills. The structure itself was built in a unique way with no iron metal on it which acts as a tourist attraction to people who visit the place. Kibuli Mosque has been existing for over 78years as well as a health facility known as Kibuli which serves the community, schools and many more.

Visiting Kabaka’s place in the local name ‘’Twekobe’’: The kabaka’s palace is located in Kampala Mengo and it has been existing since 1885 founded by King Daniel Mwanga 11 who succeeded his father king Muteesa 1 in 1884. The Twekobe was built in 1922 during the reign of king Daudi Chwa who succeeded his father King Daniel Mwanga and  Twekobe means ‘’working together’ ’has four main gates namely the Nalongo gate the only gate for the passway of king’s gifts, ’Wankaci gate’’ it is the main gate of the King, Queen, and the prime minister are the only people responsible to pass through it ’’Kalala gate is the gate where the King expected to marry a very beautiful woman and the fourth one is ‘’Ssabagabo’’ gate King uses this gate for personal issue/normal cars. To the main gate called ‘’Wankaci’’ on the left-hand side of entry to enter the palace known as ‘’Ekyooto’’ meaning fire place acts as tourist attraction along here, it keeps burning day and night and inside the palace there are over 154 tree species and in Bulange which is located just a few meters away from the palace it also offers 56 beautiful tree species each representing a clan in Buganda with over 52 different clans. Carry out the Kampala city tour never leave without visiting this palace where you will learn more about the history and the present kingdom of Buganda.  

Visiting Idi Amin’s Torture Chamber: The torture chamber left behind impressive history about the place which was built in 1971 to 1972 in the reign of Iddi Amin which is located inside the palace and it took over 8 months to be built, he used the Israelites because they were the best constructors by then before it was chamber but he decided to turn it into a military base and a place of harmony. But when the building was finished he turned it into a torture chamber with a metallic door at the entrance wired with wires so that to whosoever tried to escape from the chamber which was filled with water could be shocked by the electricity on spot and each cell was accommodating hundreds of people, many people died during Idi Amin’s regime. As your carrying out city tour in Kampala include in your tour package the visit of the torture chamber.  

Visiting Ndere culture: Ndere culture centre is a home of culture offering both Uganda and Rwanda traditional dance, songs, the centre is located few kilometers away Kampala positioned in Ntinda. And it was built on 9 acres of the green environment with beautiful flowered walkways and shaded by mature fruits and African tree species. The centre is tranquillity with the best enjoyable traditional blissful creativity of Uganda including African music and wonderful performance. The Ndere culture troop has got amazing cultural songs, dances and unique traditional instrument ranging from 56 nationalities ‘’tribes’’ visit the centre and be filled with lots of laughter’s most especially on Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm and Sundays in the evening an experience you shouldn’t miss with the family to tourists in Uganda, this can play a big role to you to enjoy best exciting African culture in lifetime. 

Visit the National Theatre: The National Theatre of Uganda which sits in the heart of Kampala offering quality programs of film, dance and drama performances in the theatre. Most travelers visit this place with the people they know like a tour operator, a friend or a relative to enjoy Ugandan film played in two languages such as English and the local language known as Luganda. You can visit with free night outdoor events as you enjoy your soft drink in a comfortable chair, activities to be participated in here are open stage jam which occurs every Monday evening,  African drumming is being acted on Tuesday and midnight on Thursdays.

Visit Kisenyi Slum: Kisenyi slum is the largest slum in Kampala many tourists have visited these slums though it is difficult to access it alone it needs a local guide who can take you through the area. There is overcrowded people who were born from here and their weight is worth gold. The buildings in this area have cracked walls, dirty floors, rusted material, faded paints and with many unstable structures of which the locals call it their home, there is a lack of necessities such as clean water and proper sanitation and lack of education to children who stay in here. Lack of hygiene which leads to poor health and diseases can be spread so quickly within the local communities. The life along here is totally different from those who live in a comfortable life. There are a number of tourists who have visited this slum where children of this slum shout to them Mzungu Mzungu which means “white people”.

Visit Rubaga church and Namirembe Church: The church has the historical significance of the catholic church and restored for the pope’s visit to Uganda. It was built in 1914 as a cathedral house in remembrance of late Archbishop Joseph Kiwanuka the first African Catholic Archbishop of Kampala Diocese. The church is located on a hill with a rewardable view of Kampala city and it sits on a beautiful environment surrounded by trees and flowers. Namirember church was also built on one of these seven hills with a spectacular view of Kampala city and the green environment around.

Uganda martyrs Namugongo: The Uganda martyrs shrine Namugongo has located 5 kilometers in the east of the Kampala business centre a place where the 32 heroes were burnt from because of their faith. Among them, was a young boy who was killed with them and has become an important person to the believers of the Christian faith. The burning of these people has made this pace as landmark in Uganda, where every 3rd June each year thousands of peoples come across the world to celebrate this day. 

Kampala City Tour
Gadaffi Mosque

To so whoever joins in Kampala city tour in Uganda, come up with vibrant and amazing activities most especially viewing of the seven hills where each hill has historical background and attractive structures such as places of worship like Rubanga church and Namirembe church and many more, this is truly incredible city tour you wouldn’t want to miss encountering in Kampala.

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Kampala City

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