Lake Burera Rwanda is one of the most stunning lakes in Rwanda, found in the northern part surrounded by Virunga ranges near volcanoes national park. Lake Burera is in the boarder of Uganda the pearl of Africa on the southern slopes of mount Muhavura, lies east of Lake Ruhondo and Musanze urban. Lakes Burera is a twin’s lake separated from Lake Ruhondo by 1km stretch of the land. Lakes Burera is ranked as the second largest in Rwanda which is among the main reasons why you should vast it on your Rwanda wildlife safari. Located in Burera district you will have an amzing experience seeing numbers of attractions from how local community go with their daily activities. The lakes is covers an area of about 100 metres and is found at the base of mountain Gahinga, Sabyinyo and Muhabura giving you a beautiful views with the sight of their waterfalls.

Lake Burera is located in Burera city which is the closet main city to Musanze where you can access the volcanoes national park Rwanda , a park popularly known for its mountain gorillas and gorilla trekking is the famous activity carried out to every tourists who visits the park, you will get an opportunity to see the Virunga ranges which will also grant you with a chance to see lake Burera as you engage in different activities in the park such as hiking the Virunga mountains in Rwanda mostly the nearest mount Muhavura which will give you the most rewarding experience and unforgettable views of lake Burera.

Things to do on Lake Burera

Boat cruise and canoeing

Boat cruise are the most done activity on lakes Burera and this is done on canoes. Boat cruises on Lake Burera are done in schedule times that’s to say morning and evening sessions and offers you with the best experiences. A boat cruise and canoeing  on lake Burera offers you an opportunity to explore the Virungas mountains and see almost the five volcanoes surrounded the volcanoes national park , sight different fascinating bird species such as strange weaver, dusky turtle dove, king fisher, brown necked parrot, red faced woodland warbler, Ruwenzori Turaco among others, travelers can also get a chance of seeing the nearby islands such as Bishosho , Bushongo, Munanira and Cuza among others as well as the terraced hills around the lakes. You can do some canoeing for about 3 hours to 8 hours depending on your interests. Boat cruise at any of this lakes costs $20-30 per person


Tourist who visit Lake Burera can engage in fishing activities on the lake with some local fishermen. Visitors are trained by the local fishermen on how to use the locally traditional fishing methods to catch the fish.  The fishing on lakes Burera is done on canoe boats that are locally made from a single piece of wood and the fish are trapped using local fishing hooks and nets. This is best done in the early morning hours or later in the evening hours.

Bird watching

Visitors who visit the lake Burera can also engage in birding while at the lake, the lake is the best for water birding and also nature walks around the lakes give you to see birds around the lake shores. Such birds include herons, kingfishers, cormorant, Hamerkop and darters among others

Biking on Lake Burera

Biking at Lake Burera is the most rewarding activity carried out at the lake, biking tours on Lake Burera gives you opportunity of exploring the beauty and discovering the wonderful adventures that surrounds the lake. Lake Burera are the beautiful twin lake of Rwanda located north of Rwanda between Musanze and the border of Uganda. It’s called Twin Lake because of its closeness with Lake Ruhondo, they are separated by a 1km wide strip of land. Twin lakes Ruhondo and Burera are formed as a result of volcanicity due to a volcanic eruption that happened on mountain Sabyinyo forcing lava to flow volcanoes that blocked the river Nyiragongo channel leading to the formation of these twin lakes.

The cycling tour on the lake starts from Musanze town with a guide who will brief you about the journey early morning at 8. 00 am. The journey from Musanze town to Lake Burera is 17km. biking tours will take you through trading centers and different villages. You will have a chance to interact with the local people of Rwanda on your way. If you are a bird lover you will see different bird species while crossing the lake such as the cormorant, herons, kingfisher, Africa fish eagle, darters, and hamerkop.

Lake Burera Rwanda
Biking on Lake Burera

Cultural encounters

Cultural encounters while you visit Lake Burera are among the most rewarding activities you can embark on. As you make your way to the different islands like the Cyuzu island, and Gitare where you will get to see the different ways of living of the people, while you make your way to the islands you will get to see how the people carry out their daily lives, you will get to see carpenters crafting take home souvenirs, farming harvesting coffee which will give you the feel of the rural life as you enjoy the Lake breeze.

How to access Lake Burera in Rwanda

Traveler who want to visit the twin lake in Rwanda can travel by road.  Lake Burera can be accessed from Volcanoes national park as these lakes are located about an hour from Sabyinyo silverback lodge. Tourists travelling from Kigali will drive 99km to get to Lake Burera taking you about two and 1:30 minute’s hours. those already in Cyeru town will only drive for about 32minutes to get to lake Burera and  those visitors from Mgahinga National Park, Uganda can access Lake Burera using Cyanika road in Kisoro district Uganda taking you about 1:00 hour to reach these lakes.

When is the best time to tour Lake Burera?

The best time to tour Lake Burera in Rwanda can be visited throughout the year however the best time is always during dry period from June to September and December to February when the trails are not slippery.

Rwanda has a diverse country with stunning attractions that should be visited while in Rwanda. These includes volcanoes notational park famously known for its mountain gorillas and golden monkeys, Akagera national park for its big 5 African animals that includes lions, buffaloes, leopards, elephant and rhinos , Nyungwe forest national park famous for chimpanzees and the canopy walks and lastly Gishwati-Mukura known for its primates

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