List of beaches in Uganda : Uganda the pearl of Africa is an East African country, which neighbours with other countries like; Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania and Kenya, which is located in the East. Uganda is a land locked country, which is surrounded with a beautiful nature such as; lakes and rivers, good climate, wildlife creatures. In addition, Uganda has many amazing and wonderful tourist attractions such as; it has 10 national parks that attract large numbers of people to move from all the parts of the world, which has also led to the development of Uganda’s tourism industry. More so, Uganda has beautiful beaches when one can go chill and relax after a long day, List of beaches in Uganda. These beaches have clean water, wonderful white sand, and tourists can get chances of spotting variety of different bird species, celestial sunrises and sunsets. These beaches include;

One love Beach.

One love beach is one the most visited beaches within the country. It is located in Busabala and a popular musician known as Bobi Wine owns it. One love beach is a very good destination for one to visit, chill and relax off a hectic day as you enjoy the atmosphere and the natural breeze of the lake. This beach offers its guests with meals in case one is hungry such as fish, and provides guests with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. More so, visitors also always get chances of involving themselves in activities like; playing volleyball, taking sun baths, playing football and many others.

Lido beach.

Lido beach is ranked as one of the oldest beaches in Uganda and it is located just a few kilometers away from the Airport. This beach is a good destination for individuals to visit while enjoying their weekend. More so, it is a good place, which is also commonly known as a good spot for holding on events such as wedding parties, family meetings and other wild parties where people enjoy and have fun. While at lido beach, individuals normally play in the white sand as they enjoy watching the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. In addition, during this period, people always use their phones and cameras to take pictures and record videos of the sunset and themselves hence creating memories that are more fascinating. However, it is unfortunate that swimming is prohibited in order to avoid the risk of being attacked by Bilharzia hence protecting lives.

Munyonyo Beach.

Munyonyo beach is maintained and managed by the Munyonyo common wealth resort and it is located approximately few meters close to Kampala. Individuals while at Munyonyo beach, they always have opportunities to engage in several activities like; fishing, horseback riding, rent a speedboat, canoe riding and those willing and interested can go for helicopter trips. People relaxing on munyonyo beach can also use some of their time to visit the neighbouring islands such as; chimp and Bullago, List of beaches in Uganda.

Spennah Beach.

Spennah beach is one of the most visited beaches and it is also known as a party beach due to the fact that most events are always held their during the weekends such as; birthday parties, weddings and introduction parties,  baby shower parties, music festivals, fashion shows among others. However, during the weekdays, it is considered as the best time when lovers, families and friends could visit it being the most ample time with limited numbers of people and the place is fairly quieter. Individuals who love associating with the community people, Spennah beach is the best place. More so, while at this beach, individuals can order and enjoy some chicken, snacks, soft drinks and many others.

List of beaches in Uganda
Spennah Beach

Serena Resort beach.

Serena resort beach is a unique and exclusive beach that is only accessed by the guests of Lake Victoria Serena resort. This beach is located in Kigo district and the lush greenery, which makes it the best place for people to relax and enjoy the fresh atmosphere, surrounds it. Serena resort beach is a good destination for people who love playing golf games and they can embark on a private boat cruise making it a paradise for water lovers. However, people are not allowed to swim in order to avoid the risk of bilharzia but it is of a big advantage that the resort itself has a big and large swimming pool where individuals who would love to swim can cool off a hot day, List of beaches in Uganda.

Imperial Beach.

Imperial Beach is located in the south-west of Kampala and it is close to Imperial botanical beach. Both these beaches are the best ideal destinations for sunbathing and other water sports and they are maintained and managed by Imperial Beach resort hotel. Imperial Beach is a beautiful place, which is surrounded by plants, and many exotic trees and individuals who are bird lovers get to sight see different bird species such as the rare shoebill stork. Visitors while relaxing at this beach enjoy the watching the beautiful sunset while they get a great time to take pictures hence creating remarkable and wonderful moments.

From the above mentioned, there are other more beaches which tourists can visit in Uganda such as; Sssese islands, Nabinonya resort beach, Lost paradise beach, Lutembe beach, Aero beach, white sand beach, ssese gateway beach, Miami beach, Kalangala beach, kk beach, sand beach resort nabugabo, Mulungu beach and many more.

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