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Monuments in Uganda: A monument is landmark structure that is historically important to the economy. In other words, it’s a set up building to commemorate a famous event in the place.

However, Uganda is endowed with rich historical monuments that acts as a tourist’s attractions in the country and most of them are found in Kampala capital city. Each of these monuments features a historical symbol to it. One can adventure these monuments while on foot or by road just an ideal encounter.

The monuments are aimed at changing the negative aspect on the country. They are excellent places for relaxation and seeking to make memories, as listed below;

Monuments in Uganda are highlighted below;

Independence Monument

 The independence monuments are   positioned along Speak road in Kampala opposite standard chartered bank and it’s an important structure in Uganda’s heritage thus acting as a tourist’s attraction. The beautiful structure which was built in form of a sculpture of a woman lifting a child in her arms and it commemorates the day Uganda got her independence from Britain on October 3rd 1962.

   Monuments in Uganda
Independence Monument

Stride-GHOGM Monument

The stride-GHOGM monument is positioned at the back of the parliament garden Kampala. The monument commemorates the commonwealth heads of the Uganda’s government meeting which were last held in Kampala on 23-25th November 2007.

Mutesa 11 presidential monument.

The Mutesa 11 presidential monuments is position on Speke road around Nile Avenues near the independence monuments. It celebrates Sir Edward Muteesa 11 the first president of the Independent Uganda.

Muzinga park monument

The Muzinga park monuments is positioned along Entebbe Airport road below the state house –Entebbe. This monument composes an anti –aircraft canon gun that symbolizes Uganda’s participation in the second World War. It really brings out Uganda’s history till gained its independence.

Sir Apollo Kaggwa Monument

Sir Apollo Kaggwa monuments lies along Kampala road in Kampala while facing Amber house famously known as the statue of leadership. This monument acts as an attraction on Uganda Budget City Tours where visitors visit the place to be told historically in remembrance of great works that was performed by Apollo Kaggwa who was known for pioneering importance of electricity campaign when he was the prime minister of Buganda Kingdom ‘’Katikilo’ ’Apollo Kagwa was a great with sound mind who used to encourage Ugandans to grow coffee as a cash crop and he was social man in regard he provided his own land that they set up schools.

Centenary monument

The centenary monument is positioned at Centenary park in Kampala along Jinja road near Hotel Africana. This monument was built to celebrate the centenary of Kampala capital city for its existence and its supports to social economic development of the city, meaning the tread mill was protected by shield which signifies progress and it also has depiction on the 20,000 Uganda shillings note with information about the commemoration of the authority.

   Monuments in Uganda
Centenary monument

Person memorial site

This site has acted as an attraction on Uganda city tour, located few kilometers away from Biiso Wanseko road overlooking Bugungu wildlife reserve. And this site is where Pearson a great European sport hunter was killed by an elephant.

War memorial monument

The war memorial monument lies in Kampala within the constitution square in the city center ‘’Kampala’. However, this monument was built to remind Ugandan soldiers who lost their lives in decades of the first and second world wars. This monument is one of the oldest monuments in Uganda which was built at the peak of the World War 11 in 1945 year.

World war memorial site

The memorial site is positioned within the northern Uganda in Lira town next to the district headquarters and the district police headquarters. It was built in memory of the Langi who died during the first world war of 1914 -1918 and second of world war of 1939 -1945.

This site is believed to have been built in the early 1960s by the Lango district which is under maintained.

Kanungu landing site –the church monument

This church monument is positioned on the shore of the Lake Victoria past Entebbe International Airport in Wakiso district. The monument depicts Reverend Father Simon Lourdes and Brother Amans Mapeera who belonged to the White Fathers families where they first landed on 17th of February in 1879.Meaning a lot of the Ugandan Catholics and the pilgrimage held every year on the 17th February to commemorate the birth of Christianity. Around the monument, a beautiful church was built in front of the monuments and the place rewards with some bird species, fish and beautiful butterflies.

Izuku monument

The monument commemorates the burial grounds for soldiers who died in Congo –Uganda war in 1964 due to interfere border demarcation after the death of prominent Patrice Lumumba the former present of Zaire-Congo. This site lies few driving hours along the Arua customs road at about 50 meters away 5 meter from the Uganda –Congo border.

Buhanika memorials war veterans 

This a place where the war veterans from the area were buried from, due to a result of the NRM liberation war, it has been built for remembrance of their patriotism and it was built in 1999 that covers about 2 acres.

Barlonyo memorial site

This is a rewarding site where the Lord’s Resistance Army ‘’LRA’’ rebels killed more than 300 Langi civilians who were living in a displaced people’s nearby. This sites sits within Lira town next to the district headquarter and the district police center.

Buhimba heroes’ monument

The Buhimba heroes’ monument lies 11 kilometers away from Hoima town on Kakumiro road in Buhimba village. The foundation stone was laid in 1987 in memory of the citizens who were murdered and dumped at that point by the fascist forces that occupied the place in year 1985.These forces were later attacked by the NRA forces in October same year.

Emini pasha monument

This site also commemorates the death of Omukama Chwa Kabalega who believed to have received DR. Emin Pasha in 1877.The monument also were termed a Kabalenga Emin Pasha monument because it lies on the burial ground for all Bunyoro Kings and it started during Omukama Kabalega’s reign. There tombs sit 2 kilometers along the Hoima Masindi road.

   Monuments in Uganda
Emini pasha monument

This site was renewed on June 9-2008 by the UPDF in honor of Omukama Kabalega in recognition of his struggle against Colonialism. The tombs are under traditional shelters which are regalia and important instruments used by the various former kings. Currently the area is maintained by Bunyoro kingdom together with the UPDF in appreciation of the Omukama Kabalage to withhold colonialism in Uganda.

Sir Gerald portal monument

This monument site lies in fort portal where the name fort portal derives from its name. However, Sir Gerald portal was a British special commissioner who was   sent in Uganda as general.

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