Park entrance fees for Nyungwe national park are the charges that are levied on travelers that with to enjoy different activities in the Park premises. Nyungwe national park is discrete from all other national parks in East Africa and the whole world, due to its platform that it holds in Rwanda and the world at large. The national park is found in the south western part of Rwanda therefore Lake kivu and also Democratic Republic of Congo lie on the west side of the park. Nyungwe national park covers an area of approximately about 1020 square kilometers and it has also got an elevation of approximately 1600 to 2950 meters above sea level.

Park Entrance Fees For Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe national park is a home to habituated chimpanzees and also approximately 12 other primates species and these also includes a 400 strong troops of habituated Rwenzori black and white colobus monkeys. The park is also a birder’s paradise since it has over 300 bird species including even 16 endemic making it suitable for birding safaris. The fact that the park has all these attractions, many activities are put in place and the money collected from the tourists who pay, are the park entrance fees, used to develop the forest and its surrounding communities.

Park Entrance fees of Nyungwe national park vary according to the type of activity that you are going for, since the national park has got a variety of activities that can not be given a single amount. Each activity has also got its specific amount and this also varies depending whether you are a Rwanda national or a foreign resident.

Park  entrance fees are US$ 40 per person each day, but this differs according to what activity you are going for in the park. From these park entrance fees, Nyungwe national park has also been able to support the work of the society and the people living around it by constructing roads, building schools, hospitals and many more.

Below are some of the activities and their costs in terms of park entrance fees for Nyungwe forest National Park;

Chimpanzee trekking fees: chimpanzee trekking safari fees (For the chimpanzee trekking permits) in Nyungwe national park are simply USD 90 per person each day for non residents whereas residents are meant to pay only USD 60. Each resident foreign citizens pays 500 Rwf &  nationals from East Africa community are simply meant to pay USD 10. East Africa community foreign residents each pay USD 60 per day and explore all the wonderful and different types of chimpanzees that are  found in the premises of Nyungwe national park without any resistance. For the Students who are Rwanda citizens, they pay Rwf 2,500.

East Africa community students pay $ 5 each day you spend in the real nature of Rwanda and then students who are foreign residents pay only $30 daily.

Other Primates Safaris (except Chimpanzee Trekking): Other Primate Safaris cost as follows; Non residents pay a fee if about USD 60 per individual and also foreign residents each must pay $ 40 each day and then the local Rwanda citizens pay 5000 Rwf each day since this great national park is found in their country. Rwanda citizen students pay Rwf 1500 daily per person whereas East African community students pay USD 3 daily per person.

Bird watching: Non residents are changed USD 50 per person daily and also foreign residents are supposed to pay a fee of about USD 40 still per person each day. The local Rwanda citizens pay a fee of approximately 5000 Rwf per person and this is expected to be paid per day. East Africa community nationals pay USD 20 per person for each day whereas, East Africa community foreign residents pay USD 40 per person daily. Students who are citizens of Rwanda pay Rwf 2000 per person per day, East Africa community students pay  USD 60 per person per day and foreign residents students then pay USD 80 each per day and due to that all the ongoing activities in the park are found to be effective, without any hinderess.

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