Ripon falls, which is situated at the northern end of Lake Victoria in Uganda, was once thought to be the source of the Nile. John Hanning Speke was the first European to follow the Nile’s course downstream after finding Ripon Fall in 1862.

The Ripon Falls are located at the northern end of Lake Victoria and are well worth a visit while in Uganda Safari Tour. The lake is approximately 900 feet (5 meters) high and 900 feet (275 meters) wide, and the waterfalls fall into a narrow opening.


Ripon Falls in Uganda was once thought to be the source of the Nile. The falls were first discovered in 1862 by John Hanning Speke, who was the first European to follow the course of the Nile downstream.

It served as a natural outlet for Lake Victoria up until 1954, when Ripon Fall was submerged by the construction of Owen Falls Dam, which lengthened Lake Victoria. With eight additional units, the Owen Falls dam was finished in 1968.

Locals also refer to Owen Falls Dam as Nalubaale Dam. It is made of a concrete gravity dam and a close-coupled intake powerhouse unit. The dam’s 10 turbines and six sluices work together to control Lake Victoria’s outflows.

Six sluices, initially outfitted with two 15-unit units, offer a spill capacity of about 1200 cumecs when the dam is fully opened.

George Robinson served as the Royal Geographical Society’s president in 1859, and his name was given to the lake.

The Lake had dimensions of 900 feet (275 meters) in width and 900 feet (5 meters) in height. Some people think that the narrow opening where the waterfalls are located marks the beginning of the Nile River.


Nalubaale (formerly Owen Falls Dam)

Near the Ugandan lake that serves as the White Nile’s source, Nalubaale Dam is a hydroelectric power facility. Before changing its name, it was known as Owen Falls. Nalubaale is the name given to Lake Victoria in Luganda. The drowning of Ripon Falls was caused by the building of this dam.

Speke Memorial Monument

It is the location where, in 1862, explorer John Speke stood and observed the River Nile’s Source. This memorial is located in Jinja and is open to visitors for free. It’s the perfect place for a fun, inexpensive day trip.

Itanda falls

Rapids on the White Nile River in Uganda are known as the Itanda Falls. They are a challenge for rafters and kayakers because they are considered to be very difficult.

Bujagali Falls

The Nile River originates from Lake Victoria at Bujagali Falls in Uganda, which is also known as the Nile’s source. The newly constructed Bujagali Dam flooded the falls starting in November 2011.

Ripon Falls
Bujagali Falls

 Jinja Beaches

The Entebbe beaches are the most frequented in Uganda. Today, however, beaches are gradually being developed in Jinja. Popular tourist destinations include places like BN Private Beach, Nile Discovery Beach Resort, and A-One Beach. Tourists can take advantage of lodging, swimming pools, bars, and communal lounges at the beaches. For those who prefer to camp, many of them also offer camping groups.


One of the most memorable experiences of your life is taking some time off to visit the Ripon Falls in Uganda. The things we’re about to tell you about will really leave their mark on your life. Let’s start counting them down now.

Bungee jumping

The business Adrift has established a reputation for providing the safest bungee jumping excursions on the Nile. Only thrill seekers can participate in this thrilling sport. You can anticipate making the highest jump of your life from a bungee jump tower if you fall into this category. By far, this is the funniest show there is.

Quad Biking

Quad biking is one of the best ways to discover Ripon Falls on the Nile. Bikers can already use routes that have been marked. Participation doesn’t require a lot of experience. Anyone can ride a quad bike.

Game fishing

Sport fishing is a leisurely and entertaining activity. Visitors are welcome to take part if they’re interested in catching the renowned Ugandan tilapia fish. However, since catching underweight fish is prohibited on the lake, everyone participating in this activity must use the proper fishing equipment.


Only tourists who enjoy participating in water sports can enjoy kayaking. Near the fall, this activity is also possible on the Nile River.

Whitewater Rafting

Participants in whitewater rafting must use every muscle in their bodies. The challenge of navigating the various rapids while trying to stay afloat is what makes everything fun. Everyone will undoubtedly get wet or submerge in the water; it is a given. Each participant receives a life jacket and helmet for safety.

 Wildlife Photographs

Ripon Falls and the surrounding landscape can be captured on camera as evidence of your visit. You can return to Uganda even if you aren’t there by looking through the stunning pictures you took. The location seems magical, which is what distinguishes these nature pictures from others. It resembles a setting from a movie. Visit and observe with your own two eyes.


Ripon Falls provides unforgettable experience. It’s worthwhile to visit this location. You could stop at The Speke monument while traveling through the region. You can visit the location where explorer John Speke stood to view Ripon Falls. It’s also a fantastic location for taking pictures for memories and future use. Feel free to visit Jinja for even more incredible tourist attractions, including the hotels and beaches there as well as Bujagali Falls and Itanda Falls.

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