Rules for game drives : Game drives are the most common or sought after safari activities for the tourists visiting the savannah safari locations. In fact, they are the main activity in a savannah safari location because they are the only way you can have a close and straight look to the animals in the park.

Game drives as the name states are drives through the savannah game park with the sole purpose of giving you a chance or enabling you to view the animals in the park.

The game drives are done almost in all savannah parks either in the morning, during the day or in the evening. When you take the drive is dependent on the animals you are going to see, park policy and your preferences. But either way you will have an enjoyable game drive through the park.

The game drives allow you to see all the animals in the park and other creatures in the park like the birds, butterflies and of course the vegetation in the park.

To make the game drives more comprehensive and enjoyable different rules have been put in place for both the guides and the tourists taking the game drives. These rules are communicated to both the guides and the tourists and they include but are not limited to: –

Keeping an animal friendly speed limit on the game drive. The park will issue you will the required and advisable speed limit, which you are supposed to adhere to while on this game drive. The speed limit is mainly to protect the animals from being knocked by your cars during the drives but the limit also helps you to view the wild and the animals in a more relaxed and unrushed manner that helps you take in everything in its entity.

Give way to the animals

Don’t drive into the animals

Stay in your car at all times

Rules for game drives
Game drives in Kidepo

Don’t litter the habitat

Don’t throw food or things to the animals

Use the average time provided for the game drive

Don’t over take other cars during a game drive, wait for you turn patiently

Follow the drive route provided by the park management, do wander off to other routes

game drives as stated are done all year round in savannah game parks to see the wildlife in the parks. Some of the famous animals you will see on a game drive are lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, impalas, zebras, Topis and many more.

Parks where game drives are done in East Africa are; – Queen Elizabeth National Park, kidepo national Park, Murchison Falls National Park, lake mburo national park, Akagera National Park, maasai mara national park, Serengeti national park, Tsavo national park, tangerine national park among other parks.

Game drives are done all year round at these parks at different fees (find out the fees from your tour operator or consultant) and different schedules depending on the park. Though it feels like you see the same animals at every park, every game drive is unique and quite fulfilling.

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