Rwanda Gorilla Trekking is one of the most expensive activities in East Africa but is again a fascinating safari tour that exposes a traveller to Gorilla. Mountain gorillas are critically and gentle giant endangered wild gorillas that are so closely related to human genes with over 99% of DNA which survive in the montane rain forest. These are unique great apes that can be found in three East African countries and not only in East Africa but all over Africa such as Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

In Rwanda they inhabit in Volcanoes national park which is located in northwestern part of Rwanda, a home to over 400 mountain gorillas that are habituated in 11 gorilla groups ready for tourism gorilla trekking such gorilla groups include Susa gorilla family, Sabyinyo, Amahoro, Agashya, Umubano, Kwitonda, Hirwa, Karinsimbi, Ugenda, Bwenga, Titus positioned in different direct of the park and ready for the trek. 

However, travellers should expect to see a lot and also enjoy the so sounding activity encountered worldwide. Tourists as they trek there is a high possibility of viewing other species that inhabits the forest such as birds, rolling mountains, wild animal species, tree species, other primates like golden monkeys and many more. 

Gorilla trekking activity

This is the best-done activity in Volcanoes national park which has developed Rwanda tourism hub and the economy itself. Trekking starts in morning hours after hot tea breakfast, our guide will pick you from the lodges where you will spend your night from and drive you up to park headquarters in kiningi. They expect our guests to be there at exactly 7:00 am in the morning for a short briefing about mountain gorillas.

After you will meet our guide who is good in English speaking and French who accompanies you in the think bamboo rain forest of Volcanoes national park, in of the gorilla family could be Susa which habituates with a large number of gorillas headed by a silverback. And as you trek your free to ask any question to the guide about gorillas and trekking differs on how long will you locate to mountain gorillas in their natural environment.

The trekking takes approximately 30minutes to 8hours depending gorillas movements in the mist and once they are seen you’re being given one hour to observe them as you take photos that you feel you like, learn on the way they behave in the jungle, playing with their young ones, display the nest high in evening hours at around 7:00 pm. Gorilla trekking includes in packed lunched and drinking water because you might end your day in the mist with mountain gorillas. Then our guide or ranger will drive back to your lodges to have enough resting and dinner. Gorilla trekking involves in only 8 people per group per trek in each of gorilla group to be visited.

Gorilla trekking is more favourable during peak season in the month of June to September and December to February which are considered to be the high season with less rain fall. And within these periods of the year it’s when thousands of tourists tend to visit the park but most especially during Christmas holidays and within these months’ gorilla permits can be on high sale because at Rwanda Development Board there are usually 80 gorilla permits available for sale. Moreover, travellers are advised to book for their gorilla permits as early as possible for early reservation arrangements booking through tour companies, tour operators or directly from the Rwanda Development Board. There is also another easy way of booking permits during low seasons when there is less number of tourists who visits the park within low months which starts from March to May and September to November you can even get gorilla trekking permits at the last minute of trekking.

Rwanda gorilla trekking permits cost USD1500 per person per trek.

Rules to be followed on gorilla trekking activity.

  • Travellers should respect the number of people allowed per trek.
  • Do not smoke, drink or eat in the presence of gorillas.
  • You should not touch mountain gorillas.
  • When you find mountain gorillas stand 7 meters away from mountain gorillas.
  • You should listen to the instruction given to you.
  • Flash cameras are not allowed to take photos
  • You should be selective to whatever gorilla group you want to trek in.
  • Sick travellers are not allowed to participate in gorilla trekking activity.

What to carry on gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda’s Volcanoes?

Travellers are advised to carry warm clothes, long comfortable trousers and shirts, snacks, hiking rubber boots, study hand gloves, mineral drinking water and lunch, hats, sweater, rain gears, clear cameras with enough batteries and many more.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking
Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Where to sleep on a gorilla trekking tour in Rwanda.

Where gorilla trekking activity is being conducted from there are beautiful accommodation facilities in Volcanoes national park ranging from luxury, mid-range and budget  located outside and inside the park such lodges and hotels include ;Garr Hotel ,Five Volcanoe Boutique Hotel ,Sabyinyo Silver back lodge ,Mountain Gorilla Nest Lodge ,Da Vinci Gorilla lodge ,Gorilla solution lodge ,Mountain Gorilla View lodge ,Gorilla Volcanoe Hotel Virunga ,Villa Gorilla the choice is yours which one can much with the quality of services you require.

Other activities done in Volcanoe national park include;

Golden monkey tracking, Adventurous Hike to Dian Fosse Tomb, Mountain hiking Adventures, guided walks and mountain bikes excursion and many more.

Getting to Volcanoes National Park:

Volcanoes national park can be easily accessed from Kigali Airport to the park within 2 hours by drive or you can transfer from Uganda to Rwanda passing via Chanika border to Volcanoes in less than 1hour by road or you can fly from Entebbe Airport to Kigali Airport lasing for only 1:40minutes.

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