Rwanda –Uganda Border Re-opens /Katuna border

Rwanda –Uganda Border Re-opens /Katuna border ; It has been quite a long time ever since Katuna border was closed. Katuna border has been closed for over three years down road which has caused a lot in transportation of goods among the two countries economic growth, Uganda transporting goods through border crossing to Rwanda’s trading market.

Unfortunately, the Gatuna-katuna border was closed early 2019 after accusing Uganda of seizing Rwandans and supporting rebel seekers to topple president Paul Kagame. In so doing, Uganda’s president had to come out hand in hand to see how matters they should be solved but he instead denied the accusation and blamed Rwanda of infiltrating its security agencies.

Fortunately ,after for long period of time of the Katuna border being closed .Here comes addressed good news of reopening of the Rwanda –Uganda Border Re-opens /Katuna border after Lt General Muhoozi Kainerunga  who is a senior presidential Adviser on special operation and commander of land forces of the Uganda People’s Defense Force ‘’UPDF’’  visited the government of Rwanda  on 22nd January  2022 to negotiate with the president of Rwanda Kagame of  reopening of the border .But the government of Rwanda  had to first take note on how to solve issues raised by Rwanda and the same commitment that was raised by the government of Uganda to address the remaining obstacles.

Due to reopening of Katuna border, the government of Rwanda had to first inform the public about the reopening of Katuna border that accesses business men or that supports trade markets in between the two countries. Coincidence, just like other land borders they have to provide health authorities to the people who border cross in between the countries Rwanda and Uganda, all they need is to work together to put in place necessary measures to facilitate movements in the context of Covid -19.

Furthermore, the government of Rwanda has self-commitment to ongoing effort to resolve pending issues between Rwanda and Uganda and they believe that the announcement of the reopening of the Rwanda –Uganda Border Re-opens /Katuna border will contribute positively to the speedy normalization of relation between the Rwanda and Uganda. All this were discussed by the Rwanda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operators.

According to the discussion were made of re-opening of the border, the result was positively to speedy normalization of relation between the two countries.

Rwanda –Uganda Border Re-opens /Katuna border
Katuna border

Before, the border being closed Rwanda had Uganda’s fifth biggest export market till the fateful news of border closing, selling around millions Euros worth of goods, fresh food, liquor and cement. For that matter, Uganda also accused Rwanda of Implementing an effective trade ban, which severed land access to export market in Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi.

And the reopening of Rwanda –Uganda Border Re-opens /Katuna border follows around of intense diplomacy in a way that the border plays a great role of managing international relations, if there is a relationship agreement between the two countries. This will definitely, quicken the development of the two countries if they solve issues hand in hand.

Finally, the Rwanda –Foreign ministry announced it earlier in a statement on Friday about the reopening up the main Gatuna-Katuna border post between the two countries as it will be officially re-opened on 31st January on wards. All this happened, after Rwanda’s president Kagame agrees to re-open the Katuna border after meeting with Uganda’s General of Police Muhoozi Kainerugaba ‘’Senior Presidential Advisor of Special Operation’’.

The re-opening of the border it will bring a strong restoring of bilateral ties between Rwanda and Uganda.

What benefit has Katuna border contributed to the tourism sector of Uganda besides its re-opening;

The border has contributed a lot to tourism industry has it enables travelers to visit the border area to tour around and have spectacular view of the fresh variety of food crops which is transported daily at the border from Uganda’s business men. More so, it eases travelers to visit Lake Bunyonyi a lake of little birds and it attracts thousands of tourists on their visit to Bwindi Gorilla Trekking. The lake is located 20kilometers northwest of Katuna town and one to access it has to go via Kakoma using the murram road to Rubaya. Visit the Katuna town and best activity to do here is hiking and camping.

The border also accesses tourists from Rwanda destination to visit Mgahinga Gorilla national park or visit the famous Bwindi Impenetrable national park for Gorilla Trekking without spending more on transport.

Note, any traveler crossing Rwanda –Uganda Border Re-opens /Katuna border to Rwanda or Uganda must have person documents like Tourism Visa and if you’re Rwanda or Ugandan citizen need to hold a valid Identification cards. The immigration officers always ask for your address, contact details and kind of business you want to start in Rwanda and if you’re a nationality with your national identity, you will get a stamp that enables you to access Rwanda.

Since it’s a famous border crossing of the two countries and acts as a tourist attraction to many. Many decide to lodge around for their next visit, meaning the border town has good relaxing places where you can refresh yourself or have your overnight stay such lodges includes; lake Bunyonyi View Hotel, Heras Country Hotel, Albertine Tourists Resort among others.

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