The Beauty Of Africa’s Western Rift Valley : on a beautiful soft sunny day, with a great lovely smooth wind the heart of a tourist yarn for a walk through the fields and way beyond, looking for an adventure and explore deeper and darker secrets of the earth.

Uganda safari tours discovered the feelings, minds, spirit and heart of an adventurous soul and now has you coved up for a great move all so as to make your heart and thirsty for adventure a great and memorable experience.

The Beauty Of Africa’s Western Rift Valley
The Beauty Of Africa’s Western Rift Valley

well on the other stand, join in for a tour to the great Africa’s western rift valley along Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and Tanzania. it is important to spend time in nature because in this way we can become aware of its wisdom, and when on a tour to the rift valley the air is fresh and slightly chilled, the sky is blue and clear, and the silence that surrounds is music to my ears. honestly it is a whole new world out there so peaceful, fun, educative and soul satisfying.

Albertine rift valley is one of the greatest rift valleys in Africa and highly recognized for its lovely and scary attractive looks plus it having a number of beautiful sceneries on it.

Albertine rift is the result of two tectonic plates that once collided and are now slowly moving apart. this geologic activity has created some of Africa’s tallest mountains and many of the world’s deepest lakes, the lovely valley that drives from the tip of lake albert in the northern area to the Tanganyika lake tip in the southern areas, is one of the biodiversity area with beyond more than half of Africa’s birds, 50% of Africa’s mammal and about 30% amphibians and plants it has more vertebrates species than anywhere else. well, this thought-provoking range is enormous and super to visit, especially the northern part that is divided by two epic sized mountains: MT Rwenzori and Virunga mountain.

a catchy point is seen in the south of Virunga, there lies our stunning lake Kivu that is seen draining to the south into lake Tanganyika through the Ruzizi river, later, lake Tanganyika drains into the Congo river through Lukuga river.

points to note: the region is one of the most densely populated areas in Africa and therefore suffers from a high degree of direct and indirect threats to the entire ecosystem, such as unsustainable timber extraction, general forest clearance and conversion to agricultural land, grazing, hunting and firewood collection, and that is one of its threats.

 with the aid of a Uganda safari one cannot cease to have fun moments and memorable experiences while on a hike at the rift valley, what a delight to hike with safari Uganda, The Beauty Of Africa’s Western Rift Valley.

major species at the valley

  1. chimpanzees
  2. African elephants
  3. eastern lowland gorilla
  4. mountain gorilla
  5. different birds

fun activities at the rift valley

forest walks: safari tours give a great experience of forest walks with well-trained tour guides who have a skilled level about the forest, walk movements along the beautiful and adventurous trek able trails refresh your minds and give you a positive energy.

Environmental study: well on the Uganda safari tour you will be taught more and much better as u even view what exactly is being spoke about for example the trunks of trees used for back cloth making and your shown the trees shown by the safari guide. so much to and see on the environmental study to Albertine, just imagine fun and education as one combination what do you think the results will look like? just can’t imagine.

Golden monkeys Trekking : compared with other monkey species, the golden monkeys are gorgeous in appearance. they have bright colored fur with long golden hair mixed with orange. they live in troops of about 100 lead by an alpha male, and mostly feed on bamboo shoots, a variety of seasonal fruits, bamboo leaves, lichens, sprouts, flowers, leaves and small invertebrates. golden monkeys have to be habituated for tourism. currently the habituated troops are available for tracking, and with the help of Uganda safari guides u can have a great experience, with other more fun experiences of fun such as

  1. rafting
  2. hiking mountains
  3. tracking gorillas
  4. photography etc.

Side Areas To Visit While At The Albertine Rift Valley

Lendu plateau: is an area of high ground in the ituri province of the democratic republic of the Congo (drc), on the northwest side of lake albert.

Virunga mountain: it is commonly known for being a home to the golden monkeys and the endangered mountain gorillas.

Rwenzori block mountainNyamuragira mountain, Nyiragongo mountain: all the above mountains are very open to hiking and visitation apart from the Nyamuragira mountain because it is an active volcano. when you visit the Virunga, you will be guided by a professional tour guide to witness the beauty and cuteness of all these amazing mountains, not forgetting water bodies such as: Victoria Nile, lake albertRuzizi river and so many more.

What To Pack While On Safari Tour To Albertine

the jungle is a seemingly everlasting thicket of tangled emerald green with no street signs, walking trails, or google maps voice directions, and on this lovely adventure there are some must haves in order not to have distractions while on stay at the Albertine rift valley and all these depend on how long you’re to stay.

The Beauty Of Africa’s Western Rift Valley
Packing List
  1. Waterproof Jacket For Your Trip: rift valleys are normally cold and at times it rains so having, so in order to have your self-protected from catching a cold or even getting wet by rain this should appear on your pack list.
  2. A Pair Of Outdoor Gloves: inevitably going to get your hands dirty and, in doing so, will want to avoid the prickles on your hands. outdoor gloves will come in handy when you have to clear your path and pack a pair. they’ll also keep you from leaving any dangerous organisms on the things you touch during your trek.
  3. Trekking Boots: the guides will do as much as they can to clear a path, but truth be told the jungle floor is a dump, and there are no designated hiking trails, so you’ll have to put your best foot forward. and your best foot will be thick-soled, waterproof, and with a decent ankle support pair of jungle boots.
  4. Trekking poles: the trekking poles can provide good anchor points to balance against as you hike down. likewise, if you get to a steep upslope, you can use poles to dig in and pull yourself upon. and so many more stuff to pack such as;
  • a tin of insect repellent
  • socks
  • toilet papers
  • water and snack
  • extra batteries etc.

for a great visit you need to be well prepared and ready for just anything.

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