Golden Monkey Trekking  in Uganda

Golden Monkey Trekking in Uganda is one of the top primate safari activities that travelers can engage in when they visit Uganda on their safari tour. Golden monkeys are intelligent and beautiful primates found on the slopes of the Virunga volcanoes which is shared between Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. In Uganda, golden monkey trekking can be conducted in only a famous protected national park known as Mgahinga gorilla national park a home to endangered mountain gorillas come along with other unique primates golden monkey trekking. Mgahinga gorilla national park is positioned in south-western region of Uganda a proximately 510 kilometres from southwest of Kampala capital city of Uganda.

Golden Monkey Trekking  in Uganda

Golden monkey trekking is an active tour when we compare to the world’s great apes like chimpanzee tracking and gorilla trekking for resistance since they are done in the mountainous areas and they are continuously moving which requires you to trek them until they are found in nature inhabit. However, Golden monkeys are an active primate though they look small but faster primates which make trekking them an active experience and it’s a rewarding experience to encounter in. 

Golden monkeys prefer living in the bamboo forest because they enjoy eating the young bamboo shoots.

These active primates live in a group of about 30 individuals or even more than that. Above all, they are commonly seen in a large territory of Virunga volcanoes. 

The golden monkey groups are dominated by one male and very many females and the best place to enjoy golden monkey trek in East Africa is in the bamboo forest.

About the Golden monkey trekking activity

Golden monkey trekking is an incredible experience enjoyed by thousands of travellers who have visited Mgahinga gorilla national park on their primitive tour in Mgahinga gorilla national park. The trek begins early in the morning with a briefing at 7 am at the park’s headquarters and after the briefing, a ranger or a guide is the one to guide you to one of the golden monkey groups to trek these active monkeys. As you are trekking there is another chance for the trekkers to sightsee other species like beautiful birds, other primates, tree species and once you allocate them. You are given one hour to spend with golden monkeys, learn more about their behaviors, see them how they play, swing on the tree branches. The trekking can take 2 to 7 hours depending on where they were left the previous night and how far it is from the starting point.

Where to book golden monkey permits -Uganda

Travellers are advised to book for their golden monkey trekking permits in advance just like for gorilla trekking permits. Golden monkeys permit to trek the habituated golden monkey families in Mgahinga national park are booked through the head office of the ‘’UWA’’ Uganda wildlife Authority office. They can also be booked on ground since there are no minimum numbers required. 

Cost of golden monkey permits in Uganda

Golden monkey permits trek in mgahinga national park costs USD60 per person and this entitles you one hour to spend with habituated golden monkeys. And for those who are interested in spending more time with golden monkeys, you are requested to book for golden monkey habituation experience permits instead. One to enjoy the golden monkey habituation experience, you need to pay for a permit that costs USD100 per person per day which allows you to spend more hours with these active primates. For more information about golden monkey trekking do not hesitate to contact us Achieve global safaris who can organize your safaris to Mgahinga national park like the permits, transport, accommodation we can do it for you in the best way and have an amazing experience to mgahinga.

Essentials to carry on your Golden monkey trekking tours

Where golden monkey trekking is carried out rainfalls can fall any time of the day. what you need to do is to carry enough rain waterproof for your safety.

  • Worm clothes 
  • Wear a long sleeved shirt and long trousers.
  •  Carry enough rain gears
  • Packed lunch and enough mineral drinking water.
  • Carry enough money which you can pay to the porters to help with extra luggage and navigate slippery terrain.
  • Carry an insect repellent and suitable rubber hiking boots.
  • Please do not forget to carry a camera with enough batteries which will help you in capturing these beautiful monkeys while playing, swinging, climbing and feeding for your feature remembrance. 

Besides, golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga national park there are very many thrilling activities which can be done in the park such activities include; hiking, visiting the Batwa pygmies, nature walk where you can sightsee mammal’s species like elephants, African porcupines Bush pigs, Golden cats, duikers come along gorilla trekking.

Golden Monkey Trekking  in Uganda
Golden Monkey Trekking  in Uganda

Where to stay on golden monkey tour –Mgahinga

Mgahinga national park boost with very many beautiful accommodation facilities with comfortable beds ranging from mid-range to luxury such lodge include; Amajambere lwacu Community Camp, Mount Gahinga Lodge, Travellers Rest Hotel, Top safari lodges, Mount Gahinga Rest Camp, Mgahinga safari lodge among others.

Getting to Mgahinga National park

Mgahinga national park can be accessed both Air transport and car transport, which is approximately 510 kilometers to reach there by road. In driving hours, it takes 8 to 9 hours by car and it can be reached by road while passing from Queen Elizabeth national park or via Lake Mburo national park.

Air transport: 

You can book your domestic flight to Mgahinga national park with the help of the tour operator and the airline used is Aero link which offers daily morning flight to Kisoro airstrip lasting 1 hour 30 minutes to land.

Best season to visit Golden monkey tour –Mgahinga

The best season to visit golden monkey tour is yearly but the most favouring months are the drier seasons which starts from June September and December to February. 

Golden Monkey Trekking is quite thrilling experience to encounter with, visit Mgahinga national park and enjoy the best golden monkey tour on Uganda safaris and in Rwanda they can be trekked in Virunga volcanoes national park. Visit Uganda on your golden monkey tour and have a memorable experience in a lifetime. Note that in golden monkey activity there is no age limit and number of trekkers isn’t limited.

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