Things to do at Ssese Island  : Ssese islands are one of the best and largest islands in Uganda located on Lake Victoria. While on a Uganda safari ssese island would be one of the most considered islands to have a stopover at because of its White sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and palm trees make the idyllic Ssese Islands is an ultimate place to catch your breath on your travels through Uganda.

While at the island there are thousands of activities to be carried out at the islands and these are what we are debating about.

Fun activities at Ssese Island


Challenging greens, majestic fairways and extra ordinary views are all yours to enjoy at the Island.

Zoo and Bird Paradise Park

Come and have an up-close experience with small animals and birds that will entice your heart. This Conservation educational park attracts foreign and local urbanized families and children who have no touch or encounter with wildlife or livestock… Join us for an experience of a lifetime.

Things to do at Ssese Island
Birding at Ssese Island

Visit Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island was earmarked by the government and Jane Good all Foundation as a sanctuary for rescued chimpanzee orphans. You can apply to volunteer at the island or just visit to see the chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Feeding the chimpanzees at the sanctuary is very popular with tourist and primate lovers but you can also go for bird watching and boat cruises around the Island.

Bird viewing/watching

The island has many different birds. Ssese Islands Beach Hotel has set up a Bird Paradise Park that provides an excellent place to view many of the different species.


Swimming is arguably one of the most popular activities while in any of the Ssese Islands. The most popular swimming area in Bugala is the beach in Mutumbala. Some of the Ssese islands receive crocodiles occasionally from other parts of the lake but these shouldn’t trouble you so much especially when visiting the larger islands. The greatest risk of swimming in Lake Victoria is getting Bilharzia but this is very rare these days and it can be treated with a few shots. If you are afraid of Bilharzia or crocodiles, then you can swim by in the hotels swimming pool and only go to the beach to relax and enjoy the cool breeze

Sport fishing

Guests have several options when it comes to fishing. You can try your luck from jetty or hire a motor boat with a Fish Finder for the deep waters of Lake Victoria. Whatever you catch, we have a very large barbecue grill where you can cook your catch or get our chef to help you out. All these activities are on pre-booking.

Sunset Platform, BBQ and nightly bonfires

Enjoy a sundowner’s drink with a stunning view of Lake Victoria. At night relax at our night bonfire with a drink after enjoying one of Ssese’s famous sunsets. BBQ offers juicy grill and fresh vegetables, all yours to enjoy at the beach.

Visit the Nanziri waterfalls

These waterfalls are located in Bukasa Island. These mysterious waterfalls are found close to Wanema’s shrine and the sacred Nanziri cave. Because these considered sacred areas by the locals, you are required to remove your shoes and talk in very low tones. Your Guide will let you know of the rules to be followed while in the place. While at the waterfalls you will notice remains of various sacrifices to Nanziri (god of the waterfalls) and other spirits like pieces of meat, coffee beans and coins. People from all walks of life come to this relatively simple place to get blessings, protection, wealth and fertility. The fishermen come here more frequently to seek blessings before going out to fish. The locals even believe that the water from the falls can cure all manner of diseases.

Nature/Forest walks

Taking a forest walk through the island gives you a new lease of life; you get to see some of Africa’s greatest hard and soft woods. The trees create a complete environment for the birds, insects, and butterflies.

Village l Cultural walk

It is not often you get to wonder into a stranger’s home and share quality time with them but in the S.I.B.H guided village walk, not only is it ok, it is expected.

Quad Biking

Ride into the warm heart of Ssese, through palm plantations and villages. No previous experience of driving a vehicle is necessary. A free training session is conducted before setting off. Mud is good, water puddles even better.

Visit the John Speke House

John Speke is a famous British Explorer who discovered the source of the River Nile. He came to the Ssese Islands in one of his quests to find the source of the great river. While at the Ssese Islands, he constructed a small house in Lutoboka Forest in 1863. Speke abandoned the house was he discovered that the source of the Nile was in Jinja. The house has remained relatively untouched for over 100 years. Right in the middle of the house stands a tree that is also believed to be over 100 years.

Canoe Rides

Canoeing affords you the opportunity to simply get away from it all and spend time on the shores of Lake Victoria winding down. Enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors.

Things to do at Ssese Island
Things to do at Ssese Island

Banana Boat Rides

Banana Boat Rides are a great way for family or group of friends to cool off and enjoy the water. This is a unique attraction and just plain fun. Not everyone can say “they`ve had the thrill of skimming across the water on a giant high-speed banana”.


Experience the great outdoors on your camping holiday. Ssese Islands Beach Hotel Campsite is set right at the beach front.Enjoy hassle-free camping with ready-to-use tents. These tents are ready erected for you with stunning views out to the Lake. Ready to use tents are perfect for families and anyone who wants to camp for the first time. Bring the whole family along and enjoy the freedom of a camping holiday before spending on a tent of your own. If you enjoy getting back to nature without the hassle of erecting your own tent, then this is the ideal option for you.

Island hopping / Boat trip

Set off on a boat to different islands. With you, you will take a packed lunch, some drinks, and an aperitif for the sunset or breakfast for the sunrise.

Island Tour on motorcycle (boda boda) or Car

Riding yourself on a boda boda or sitting behind a local driver can be experience. Enjoy some of the most beautiful sceneries on the Island, visit different landing sites, palm oil plantations and local communities.

Participating in a local religious gathering

This is always pretty a lovely time due to African Songs and dances in a local surrounding. Even when you`re not religious, you can still enjoy the traditions.

all these activities are on a waiting list for you to enjoy while on your ssese island Uganda safari just make your booking now and get to have the best time in Uganda at one of the most best areas in Uganda on the lake victoria the source of the nile.

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