Tourist Attractions in Hoima : Hoima Town is one of the biggest town Uganda renowned for as Oil city ever since Oil was discovered in Albertine region which borders Hoima in the west. Hoima district lie in the western Uganda within the Bunyoro kitara Kingdom region which is known for having the most growing population within Uganda region.

Hoima is usually used as a stop offer for travelers and visitors to the most famous park. Hoima is located 200 kilometers from the northwest Kampala the capital city of Uganda which can take approximately 3 to hours drive to Hoima town.

Apart from Hoima being a connect route to the two Uganda’s National Parks ”Murchison Falls National Park and Kibale National Park and a home to the Bunyoro royal palace which used to be the strong kingdom in all Uganda’s Kingdoms  and also a home to the Mparo Tombs which were the home of Bunyoro kings and resting sites of the Kings of the would die that time ,Hoima have attractions of tourists and below is an over view of Hoima attractions


The Katasiha fort is a stunning and rewarding site that were constructed in 1894 by Omukama(king) Kabalega chwa|| of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom as a hideout, the site is 2 kilometers from Hoima Town and it was once the biggest fort of the region. This can be a destination to visit when planning to visit Hoima district and learn more about the history of this site.


Kabwoya game reserve is approximately 70 kilometers 1hr30min drive away from Hoima town and this reserve extents its shores to lake albert, the reserve is a home to diverse wildlife including buffalos, warthog and other different species like Uganda kob’s, Jackson’s hartebeest. Game viewing is the common activity done at this reserve, tourist to Hoima an opportunity to connect and enjoy Game viewing.

Lake Albert visit

As you plan to travel to Hoima town you can’t go without visiting Lake albert which is a few hours from Hoima Town and experience the breathtaking views of this lake. At Lake Albert you are able to do a boat cruise, walk to fishing villages and visits to local communities.

Tourist Attractions in Hoima :  St Peter’s Anglican Church

This is Anglican church gathered by believers its located just 2Kilometers from Hoima town towards the butiaba road. At this church visitors able to view stunning and beautiful hill and landscapes of Hoima district. The church usually attracts visitors around Hoima town by these magnificent views it offers.

Tourist Attractions in Hoima  : Bunyoro Cultural Tours

Hoima is where the Omukama(king) of Bunyoro seats, the area has many cultural sites of Bunyoro kitara kingdom sites which was once the strongest and biggest Kingdom in western region.

Tourist Attractions in Hoima
Bunyoro kitara kingdom-and-culture

Tourist Attractions in Hoima : Hoima Royal Palace

While in Hoima district don’t miss an opportunity to visit the Hoima-Bunyoro royal palace where His highness SOLOMON GAFABUSA IGURU the Omukama (king) of Bunyoro Kingdom residents’ seats. Here the visitor has the opportunity to explore and the beautiful Traditions and culture of the Bunyoro region.

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