Tourist Attractions In Kabale : Kabale is one of the towns located within the western region of Uganda in Kabale district. This district is sometimes nicknamed as “Kastone” which is local word that means Kabale in the local language, which is Rukiiga. In addition, touring in this city gives you many chances to explore through many attractions, which they enjoy as they create remarkable memories and enjoy the new experiences. In addition, below are some of attractions.

  1. Lake Bunyonyi.

Lake Bunyonyi is located within the Southwestern region in Kabale and it just a few kilometers away from the boarder of Rwanda. In addition, this lake is famously known to be the deepest lake in the country and in the whole of Africa after Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. More so, this lake has around 29 islands that tourists can tour around such as; Bushara island and punishment island which is the most visited due to its history of being the place where girls who got pregnant out of wedlock were always ignored till they starve to death in order not to carry shame onto their family. In addition, other towns where tourists can visit are along the shores of the lake such as; Muko and Kyevu.

  1. Bwindi Impenetrable national park.

While exploring around Lake Bunyonyi, individuals can also choose to visit Bwindi Impenetrable national park, which is just situated just a few kilometers away, and it covers a total surface area of about 331 square kilometers. And this national park is famously known to be the best destination to visit while planning on going for gorilla trekking experiences due to the fact that it is a home to about 400 endangered mountain gorilla species and also about 19 habituated gorilla groups which are always available for tourists to see whereby some are just meant for research purposes. More so, Bwindi impenetrable national park is a home to over 120 mammal species, 220 butterfly species, 348 bird species, 1,000 flower plants, and around 27 frogs, chameleons, geckos and many others.

  1. Katuna/Gatuna.

Katuna, which is also referred to as Gatuna, is a town, which about 28 kilometers in the southern region from the road and it is found at the entry point or along boarder line between Uganda and Rwanda. Katuna town is known as a busy town, which is a good location for business however, individuals should note that there is no any bank around this area.

  1. Nyakagyera cave.

Tourists can visit through the Nyakagyera cave, which is famously known to be a home to large numbers of bird species and while at the entrance you are welcomed by shrubs and small tree species. more so, this is a sacred cave for the bakiga people therefore visiting there gives you chances to interact with the natives and get learn more about the behaviours and characters and history of the bakiga people. For example, the local people have a tendency of welcoming their guests with their exciting traditional dance performances, tourists also get observe and watch how these people prepare their local meals, learn the basics of the local language and many others.

Apart from the mentioned above, there are so many other attractions that tourists can be able to check out and see while they explore around Kabale and some of these include; the Ihimba hot springs which are located along the Kabale- Katuna road, they can attend the Bakiga nation festivals, visit the iron smelters who are commonly referred to as the “Abaheesi”, or go to trek through the Kabale hills, Edirisa canoe trekking, Mgahinga national park which is famously known for being a home to large numbers of mountain gorillas, Kabale University and many others.

Where to stay around Kabale.

While touring around Kabale, there are so many accommodation facilities in the city where tourists can stay after a long day of exploring the town. And some of these lodging facilities include; Lake Bunyonyi overland resort, green hills hotel, Victoria Inn, Bunyonyi view gorilla packers, gorilla mist camp, Crater bay cottages, Bushara island camp, Broadbill forest camp, Ruhija gorilla friends resort and campsite, broadbill forest camp, white hotel inn, crater bay cottages and many others.

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