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Tourist attractions in Northern Uganda ; Uganda definitely is among the best stopping destination on African safaris because  it has a lot of historical and memorable tourists attraction in different  region found within the country ,of all its climate is conducive in a way that it attracts millions of tourists to come chill in this cool fresh environment .Although Kampala is our best favorite tourist attraction in all of Uganda and in the northern region Karuma Falls and Wadelai  are the most visited and below are the list of the  tourist attractions to encounter on visit in northern Uganda.

Kidepo Valley National park

Kidepo Valley national park is one of the top visited safari destination in northern Uganda, located in northeast region of Uganda in a rugged savannah dominated by the 2,750 meters of Mount Morungole and transected by the Kidepo and Narus rivers good for spotting wildlife. The park is approximately 220 kilometers by road northwest of Moroto the largest town in the Sub-region and only 520 kilometers by road northeast of Kampala capital Uganda. Kidepo valley national park is renown as a unique untouched wilderness and recently CNN ranked it as the top beautiful African wilderness. The park covers an area of about 1,442 square kilometers which are inhabitant of over 86 mammal species including spotted hyenas, leopard, wild dog, cheetah, lion, elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffalo, bat-eared foxes, Rothschild’s giraffe, over 500 bird species like Dark chanting goshawk, Kori bustard, Little bee –eater, Ostrich, red and yellow barbet among others. Along your visit to northern Uganda always make sure you visit this unmatched safari destination where you can engage in unforgettable nd interesting activities such as Visiting the Karamojong herdsmen, Game drive viewing, Birding, Guided nature walk among others.

Tourist Attractions in Northern Uganda
Game Viewing Safaris in Kidepo National Park

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls national park is  among the top welcoming tourists attractions to visitors who visits the northern Uganda  and Uganda at large ,located in northwest region approximately 4 to 5 hours’ drive from northwest of Kampala Uganda’s capital .Furthermore ,the park  is spreading inland from  the shores of Lake Albert around the Victoria Nile up to the Karuma Falls and bisected with Victoria Nile  from the east to west for a distance  of around 115 kilometers  , a location to Murchison Falls  where  the waters  of the Nile flow through a narrow gorge  of only 7 meters wide before it plunges 43 meters .The park boosts with thundering water falls that attracts thousands of tourists to visit the park. Murchison Falls national park  comprises an area of about 3893 square kilometers ,a home to biodiversity of wild life species over 76 species of mammals  such as largest population of Nile crocodiles ,giraffes ,elephants ,lions buffaloes ,Jackson heartbeats ,Oribis ,Kobs ,warthogs among others ,it’s also paradise of bird species of over 450 species such as shoe-billed stork ,dwarf kingfisher ,Goliath heron ,white –thighed hornbill and Great blue turaco among more .Activities to do here include ;Game drive ,Boat cruise ,Hike on the top of the falls ,Cultural encounter ,Birding ,Chimpanzee tracking in Budongo forest ,Guided nature walk among others.

St Joseph Catholic Cathedral

St Joseph catholic Cathedral is also an attraction in northern Uganda, where visitors usually visits and learn more about the history of the place including insurgency of the LRA. This cathedral was constructed in 1910s and from that time it has sheltered people during the bad times. It has a beautiful compound with green nature environment that attracts everyone.

Fort Patiko – Baker’s Fort

The place itself acts as a tourist attraction with that age stone architecture and to people around named the place as ‘’Ghost from a dark past’’. Baker’s fort are giant rocks where slave traders used to carry out their fate. The place has memorable historical lesion, though is very much abandoned by the ministry of tourism. You visiting here, you won’t be disappointed, all you need to do is to carry your camera with enough storage.

Mountain Moroto

Mountain Moroto also acts as a tourist attraction in northern Uganda with amazing experience of hiking on the top of the mountain that gives rewarding view of beautiful nature, country side, wildlife species. Although it requires one to be physically fit because on other side it is quite challenging. The place is dry and beautiful where you will get amazed of great views below the actual top which are really scary.

Aruu Falls Campsite

Aruu Falls Campsite sits in northern Uganda and the place is so attractive where visitors usually have stop overs along the way to Kidepo Valley national park. This campsite truly gives a true African wilderness experience to visitors. Through hiking the rocks and having a great view at the bottom of the cascading roaring you will definitely have quite unforgettable life time experience. Visitors can as well try to practice a hand at fishing and if you lucky that could be your dinner snack fish. This campsite is located near at the top of the falls in a very relaxed environment with the fresh crisp breeze from the falls to the mind. Just know the place is quite awesome.

Tourist Attractions in Northern Uganda
Aruu Falls Campsite

Ajai Game Reserve

The Ajai wildlife reserve is a small conservation area located in northeastern Uganda but a unique place, Uganda is dominated by a large island surrounded by seasonally flooded swamps and wooded savannah grassland. This reserve is positioned on the western bank of the White Nile few kilometer drive from east of Arua. It was gazetted as a wildlife reserve in 1965 and covers an area of about 148 square kilometers a home of wild animals such as warthogs, sitatunga antelopes, zebras, duiker, leopards, Lewel hartebeests, Uganda kobs as well as primates like; Olive baboon, black colobus monkeys, white colobus monkey, reptiles like pythons among others. Its unique place.

Kara-Tunga Arts and Tours

This is awesome place for visitors who are cultural and bike lovers most. However, Kara-Tunga arts, it’s an organization begun by a Dutch –Karamojong family and specialized in developing and promoting authentic cultural tours and outdoor adventures in the northeast of Uganda. They are well organized team who work out of specialists in tour operation, logistics, tour guiding and hospitality that makes it more adventurous but with   a high value of safety. Tourists can engage in cultural experience, outdoor activities like Hiking and Bicycle tours and events.

Northern Nature Safaris

On visit to northern nature Uganda safaris, you cannot fail to enjoy the northern safari companied by a trained team that creates unique and interesting travel, providing services beyond expectation on safari visit to northern Uganda.

Uganda Family Tours and Tours

Loremi Tours

Loremi tours was founded by a prominent Adyero Gloria Barbra who lives in Kitgum district, located close Kidepo Valley National Park. She started as a tour agency in the districts of Kitgum and by that time there was no tour companies operating within the district at the time. Later she had to form up Loremi Tours but before she could conduct tours for others. However, the name Loremi was got from the Luo word ‘’Luremi’’ which is loosely translated as your friends. They are so welcoming and friendly good in organizing comfortable safari tours such as accommodation, ticketing, booking, meals among others.

Karamoja Wilderness Expeditions

The Karamoja wilderness expeditions is a tour company found in Karamoja region with offices in Moroto. Its main goal is to create economic opportunities through promoting and preserving the Karamojong heritage, conserving the environment and ecology in Karamoja. In so doing, it also strives to preserve the culture indigenous art and crafts thus putting it on top for further improvement of live hoods of the people in area sited for eco –cultural. Visiting this area, you won’t regret.

Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve and Mountain Hiking.

The Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve is hallmark of wildlife species, found in the Karamoja sub region of northeastern Uganda, located in Moroto district. The reserve sounds as the second largest conservation area in Uganda although its far way located and was gazetted in 1958 as the Desasien Animal Sanctuary and later in 1964 the area was enlarged to northward and they had to rename it Pian-Upe Game Reserve.

Tourist Attractions in Northern Uganda
Birding in Pian Upe Nationa l Reserve

Although the reserve is small in size but obtains a lot wondrous attractions such as the tree species like red acacia and desert date. The reserve is inhabitant of Oribis, cheetahs, wildcats, spotted hyenas, topi, cape buffaloes, common eland, Roan antelope, waterbuck, Uganda kob, giraffe, Impala, Rock hyrax among others. Reptiles to see include rock pythons and puff adders. Things to do in here include cultural bike tours, Hiking and trekking the mountain, wildlife viewing among others. All the above mentioned tourist attractions are the things to do in Northern Uganda along your safari to Uganda destination.

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