Best time to visit Murchison Falls National Park

Cycling tours in Murchison Falls National Park

Best time to visit Murchison Falls National Park : Are you interested in seeing the big game 5 in Uganda and you are not sure of which park to visit and when to travel? If yes, the Murchison Falls National Park is such a remarkable safari destination that you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit while on your Uganda budget safaris. This splendid park lies in north western Uganda and it is popular for its big game (lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards) plus several antelope families, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, birds and its powerful waterfalls-the mighty Murchison falls.

Murchison falls national park covers an area of about 3,840 square ­kilometres and this makes Uganda’s most extensive savannah grassland protected areas. Murchison Falls National Park is bordered by Karuma Falls, Victoria Nile, Murchison Falls and Rabongo forest. It is largely visited for game drives, chimpanzee tracking, birding, boat cruise, hiking to the top of Murchison falls, nature walks a mention but a few. If you are planning a memorable wildlife safari in Uganda to this park, it is advisable that you first get to know the ideal time for you to take a trip. That said, you need to pay keen attention to seasonality of this park if you are to have the most enjoyable and memorable safari holiday in your life.

Best time to visit Murchison Falls National Park
Game viewing in Murchison falls National park

Generally, Murchison Falls National Park is best visited from December to February, its high season starts from June to September while the low season starts from March to May; between October and November. The best weather conditions at this park are experienced between June and July while the worst weather is realized between April and May, between August and October.

The dry season entirely features as the most ideal period for one to pay a visit Murchison Falls national park while on safari in Uganda. During this season, most routes that lead to the park and wildlife tracks remain dry making it ideal for you to conduct game drives. Its dry season kicks off from June to September and this is usually considered the longest dry season at this park and the second dry spell is realized from December to February and it is a short one.

During this time, visitors find it easier for them to spot out variety of wildlife species as most of its bushes are clear and most species are attracted to nearby water resources where you will catch a glimpse at most of them. Equally, chimpanzee trekking trails at Budongo forest become moderately dry during this period and visitors have the best moment during their adventure and it is ideal for you to embark on game drive which rewards you with variety of big game and other savannah wildlife species or if you are interested in sight seeing at this park. December, January and February feature as the hottest months and between June and July are a bit dry.

The wet season is equally good for one to pay a visit to Murchison Falls National Park. It comes with splendid vegetation which is ever stunning and greenish. Rains start from March to May and this usually takes long and from September to November it is a short rainy season. And for those of you who are interested in birding safaris at this park, then this is the most ideal season for you. This season attracts most migratory and resident birds that come to breed making it the perfect time for you to catch a glimpse at variety of birds. It is also a low season at this park and a few tourists come and most accommodation facilities become cheaper. However, it is challenging for one to view most wildlife species as the tracks tend to be muddy and slippery. Its temperatures range from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius and this makes it the hottest area in Uganda and at night, it becomes cool as temperatures reduce to 18 degrees Celsius thus Best time to visit Murchison Falls National Park.

Murchison Falls National Park is one of Uganda’s best national parks that you should pay a visit while on African safari. Depending on your travel interests, Murchison Falls is all year round destination however; the dry season is regarded as the most ideal for visitors on Uganda safari to realize their dreams in this park. But you can also travel during wet season especially if you are interested in birding tours.

Best time to visit Murchison Falls National Park
Birding in Murchison Falls Park

How to get to Murchison Falls National Park?

Whereas Murchison Falls National Park features as one of Uganda’s leading safari destinations, most visitors are left to wonder how they can reach to the park to conduct their safari activities. This splendid protected area is a five hours’ drive away from the capital Kampala about 305 kilometres. It is located in north-western Uganda and Paraa is reachable with 85 Kilometres from Masindi and this is the shortest route. Its longest route covers approximately 135 kilometres and the other option is for you to take the Budongo forest route which rewards visitors with the most outstanding views while over viewing Lake Albert from a direct position of the rift valley escarpment from Butiaba.

Murchison Falls National Park can also be reached from the northern side via Chobe Gate, Karuma falls together with Tangi. This gate is near Pakwach and extends for over 25 square kilometres up to Paraa which supplements Wankwar gate near Purongo. Visitors will cross through the Victoria Nile to Paraa depending on your schedule. The southern routes at Murchison Falls National Park include the 2 that take visitors about four hours’ drive off from Kampala to Paraa. This route is interesting a fact that on your way, you can make a stopover at the Ziwa rhino sanctuary which offers refuge to the only rhinos that thrive in the peal of Africa. The main gate from Masindi takes you via Kichumbanyobo gate cross via Kaniyo Pabidi forest to Paraa which covers about 85 kilometres. Alternatively, you can take a flight from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi airfield to Pakuba which is approximately 19 kilometres away from Paraa and Bugungu that extends for over 13 kilometres off from Paraa. You may also require visas and passports. And for memorable safari experiences at this park, there are numerous accommodation options for you to choose for your overnight stay.

Murchison Falls National Park features as Uganda’s vast and ancient national park and it is popular for game drives, launch cruise, chimpanzee trekking and many others that make it a true safari destination that you should count a must to pay a visit. It boasts of its more than 77 mammal species, 460 avian species and this makes it an ideal safari destination.

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