Tubing the Nile jinja; Tubing in the water Nile is a glimpse of life adventure where you get to enjoy the Nile’s thrilling landscape   on private tubing experience tours from Jinja thus an ideal and exciting for the first time visitors, adrenaline seekers and active families. Along this tours you will get to experience a ride into rapid under the supervision of your personal guide including cool river relaxation, Uganda wildlife viewing and at time swimming.

Tubing the Nile is locally owned company found in Bujagali –Jinja that provides services like Zen Tubing, Kayaking, Boat Cruises and Biking riding. The more you engage in one of these activities just know that you’re giving back to community

However, there three ‘’3’’ categories of tubing experience that is; Flat water tubing, White water tubing, Extreme tubing among others.

Tubing the Nile Jinja
White water Tubing in Jinja

Flat water tubing is quiet a fun and exciting life experience which is done on the River Nile in Jinja. It is more fun during hot days, there’s nothing better than a refreshing flat water float with your family, friends or as a group company, do it with a picnic drink in hands.

 This trip is   perfect for those looking for relaxing experience and it is also good for younger children with minimum age of 4 years while experiencing you will be able to enjoy the bird life around, sunbathing as well as beautiful sceneries.

 Each trip is amazing and can take about 2.5 -3 hours long depending on the water level. If you want more of the fun before the day being closed, it’s a good idea to come a bit early to enjoy the river more.

This experience starts at minimum age of 4 years and above and be done in maximum group size of 40 people.

Duration; Flat water tubing can take 2.5 hours.

Flat water tubing costs; Each person is paid USD30 per person.

 White water tubing

The white water tubing is one of the top done activities for those looking for life thrilling and lots of memories yet worth an experience. The white water experience is arranged in rapids class 1,11 and 111 while enjoying the spectacular views that come along with it. They also offer customized trips that can match your needs and experience level. As your busy enjoy the waters of Nile, you will be able to have a stop along an island for a snack break in the middle of the river, then end your trip with a drink to freshen up your mind as you enjoy the unwind and a cool breath around the waters. Ideally, white water tubing experience is one of the best things you can participate in order to enjoy Jinja Tours along the ‘’Source of the Nile’’ popularly known as world’s longest river.

 The easiest way one to enjoy the Nile River attraction is more in a relaxing and fun way? Choose to engage in white water tubing as a perfect thing for you.

White water tubing starts at the minimum age of 4 years and done in maximum group size of about 30 people.

Time duration; It can be done within 2:30 hours.

 White water tubing costs USD55 per person per trek.

Extreme Tubing Experience

This gives an exciting life adventure that takes you through some of the most interesting   rapids in the world with a sense of excitement that goes beyond any other river in the world.  You don’t need to worry how it’s done, just know the activity is awesome.

The rapids of the White Nile test your strength and provide a challenge only for the strongest.  Try it and get your adrenaline pumping with Extreme Tubing.

 What is included in extreme tubing; Safety briefing a chance to practice and build confidence in small portions of the course before acting on any of the more challenging sections. Therefore, it is also suitable for complete beginners.

 Extreme tubing sessions is arranged to the individual, group and corporate bookings and make awesome team building event or birthday party for children activity or even the adults.

Tubing the Nile Jinja
Tubing the Nile Jinja

What is the age limit?

A traveler to be able to engage in extreme tube must be with a minimum age of 16 years and above, with maximum group size of about 20 people.

 Time; The activity can take about 4 to 5 hours while experience the beauty of the source of the Nile as you view the nature around.

What is the cost of Extreme Tubing;

Extreme tubing goes at USD75 per person per day.

 What is included in flat water tubing;

Transport to and from the river

 Knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated guide to oversee your day


Free cold beers, soda, water and snacks

Free photos and videos

 Toilets and showers are available on site

We can run extra

book a safari