Unique Things to Do in Jinja; Jinja has become an internationally touristic destination all because its where the source of the River Nile starts a 6,650kilometer journey to Egypt, still a longest River in the world. More so, Jinja got its name from the huge rocks that were found in the area along the river Nile.

Despite the fact that, Jinja as a town is growing fast on every high economic standard because of the newly developed industries in the area and now has become a great industrial city in the Country and a great location to go enjoy your holiday in the new world and take a visit to the Source of the Nile-Speke Monument and many other unique things to do while on visit to Jinja tours. Just know Jinja is worth place with very many amazing story to tell the rest.

In general, Jinja is located in eastern region of Uganda that lies on the North shores of Lake Victoria

Below are unique things –attractions to do in Jinja Tours

Zip lining

Bungee jumping 

Unique Things to Do in Jinja
Bungee Jumping

Golfing experience at Jinja Golf Club

Tubing in Jinja

White water ranking

Sport Fishing in Jinja

Quad Biking in Jinja

 Boat Cruise on the Nile River

White water rafting trip –Jinja Tours

 White water rafting in Jinja is quite stunning and full of exciting activities which can be done in different awesome sessions; half day and full day trip along the waters of the Nile in Jinja. Please you can opt to do 2 days’ white water rafting trip for you.

This activity is remarkable with great view of beautiful scenery and weather around is conducive throughout the year and water rapids looks surreal. White water rafting experience is best enjoyed in groups, friends or as a family.

Full day rafting session covers a distance of about 21 kilometers through eight big rapids and in some part of the Nile, water can be calm and good for swimming. As your busy enjoying amazing activities on the Nile, you will be able to view variety of beautiful bird species while hovering around, Unique Things to Do in Jinja.

White water rafting is one of the main done activity on Jinja adventure which is arranged by Eyalama Adventure.

White water rafting experience –Session Rates

Full day rafting                                                          USD150

Half day rafting                                                          USD135

Full day Extreme rafting                                             USD160

Half day Extreme rafting                                           USD155

Two days rafting                                                          USD250

River boarding                                                              USD150

Family floating trips

Whitewater family float trip adult                               USD60

Whitewater family float trip child                                USD50

Flat water trip Adult                                                         USD40

Flat water trip child                                                           USD30

Boat Cruise On the Nile River

 Boat cruise is amazing thrilling life experience done along the Nile River that gives visitors a great opportunity to spots lots of bird species and stunning scenery. One of the boat cruise is the sunset cruise where you sit as a group in jazz with tasty drinks and snacks as you enjoy cruising around the Nile. There are different sessions of Boat cruise experience.

There is a sunset cruise that starts around 6:45 pm in Uganda   and the one for total darkness sets in around 7:10pm.  This can be a two hour ride on the Nile River. The Nile is not all such white water, there are some parts perfect for a sunset cruise.

Boat cruise rates

Foreigners                 USD60 per person

East Africans               USD50 per person

Ugandans                      UGX 150,000 per person


Tubing on the River Nile

 This is a fun activity to engage in while on Jinja tours done with an expert. Tubing experience takes an adrenaline drifting on a tube for 2 -3 hours long right at the source of the world’s longest river while sunbathing at the same time enjoying scenic sceneries.

Tubing is for all ages good for family trips, groups and weekend getaways in Jinja.

Quad Biking Experience

Quad biking in Jinja is a landmark activity that involves in riding on a four wheeled motorbike in some of the remote areas with in Jinja but along the River Nile.

Unique Things to Do in Jinja
Quad Biking

The ride will take you through rewarding areas with lot of amazing to attractions to see, past the rural village, forest, sugarcane plantations and different interesting seen sections of the Nile River.

Quad biking is very adventurous and can be done by anyone irrespective of whether they have experience with the bikes.

If it’s your first time and you want to practice, there is a free training session conducted before experience takes on and trip are done to suit the rider’s ability and give the best possible adventure.

Quad biking rates;

1-hour ride pay USD55 per person

2-hour ride pay USD85 per person

3-hour ride pay USD105 per person

Itanda falls safari 4 hours is USD125 per person.

Kayaking On the Nile River –Jinja tours

Kayaking on the Nile river sounds so unique and exciting that involves canoeing on the white water rapids of the beautiful Nile at very slow pace, that rides you to one of the remarkable diversity and scenic landscape surrounding the Nile river.

To those to take practice of it are always given instructions on how row a boat and defense mechanisms in case of an incident whereas sailing on the Nile.  Visitors are provided with life jackets and helmets at no extra fee, Unique Things to Do in Jinja.

Horseback riding in Jinja

Horseback riding in Jinja can be done along the rim of River Nile and it’s a great way tourists to get exposed through exploring Uganda’s beauty. The stunning routes and surrounding landscape as well as local communities make horse riding more gorgeous and fun experience.

If you’re a birder you can stand a chance of spotting many notable different bird species along the shores of Nile River. Also done in different sessions.

Bungee Jumping in Jinja

This is a fabulous experience done by an adrenaline pumping experience where your being tied safely and plunge yourself 43 meters down into open space before you immersing yourself into the Nile water at the Nile High Bungee.

However, bungee jumping experience is much loved by those who want to test the limits of their adventure spirits.

Bungee Jumping Rates

Foreigners nonresidents pay USD115 per person

East African-foreigners pay USD100 per person

East African members pay UGX200,000 per person

Sport fishing in Jinja tours

Jinja –Nile River is one of the best places for sport fishing in Uganda and the most caught fish species are large Nile perch and tilapia.

Note, the biggest section along the Nile are reserved for sporting fishing thus allowing anglers to catch huge specimen. The best time to enjoy fishing here is during morning and evening hours, Unique Things to Do in Jinja.

Before you embark for sport fishing, you will be briefed about the river and safety measures before giving you fishing gear. To those who always engage in fishing end up with happy faces when they had caught huge sized Nile perch and go enjoy the snack fish.

Sport fishing in Jinja

Ugandans      UGX200,000 per person

Foreign nonresidents   USD80 per person

Foreigners Resident-East Africa pay USD70 per person

Note, the above rates are paid per person per hour with maximum of 2 people.

Golf trip in Jinja

Jinja a well-developed town has got two popular gold courses to enjoy play golf while in the adventure city that is; Jinja Source of the Nile Golf Course and the Big Game Mini Golf Course.

In spite the fact that, Nile Golf Course started in 1912 by the colonial administrators and is among the top best golf courses in Uganda. This golf is a 9-hole course which open to everyone wishing to test how skilled they are in this experience. Around, there are unique facilities like Swimming pool, snooker table, a tennis court and well-designed restaurant with trained chefs.

If your visits as a family, there is also big game mini-golf course which is much smaller course and well designed for families with children. It has 10 holes that are decorated with animal sculptures of lion, elephants, buffalo, rhino and leopards among others. It takes less than an hour to complete.

Along your visit to Jinja tours never get worried where to stay, it’s because Jinja a well-developed city has got a lot of comfortable accommodation facilities with good amenities and some of the hotels include; Source of the Nile Hotel, Source of the Nile Suites, Hotel Paradise on the Nile, Nile Village Hotel & Spa among others, Unique Things to Do in Jinja

Zip lining in Mabira Forest  

Mabira rainforest is found along eastern route to Jinja town which is an interesting place that acts as a stopping area for quite number of travelers to stop here and engage in remarkable activities such as Zip lining   which is done at Griffin falls where you can enjoy sliding with a great of primates like Red-tail monkeys, Mangabey up in the forest canopy as well as bird watching.

Unique Things to Do in Jinja
Zip Lining in Jinja

Furthermore, Mabira forest acts as one of the largest survived tropical rainforests in Uganda. Unfortunately, it’s large size has been destroyed as result of human activities and urbanization. Now its size is smaller than its original size but still allows for great adventure and exciting activities for those who are nature lovers.  However, Mabira lies in Buikwe district between Mukono and Jinja City.

Other major activities to do include; Zip-ling, Camping, Bird watching, Nature walk among others. Well – Jinja tours arranges zipping excursions and honeymoons in Jinja where you can stay in the midst of a forest at every affordable rates.

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