Visit Congo which happens to be one of the most gifted countries with a variety of natural resources among the African countries and famously known for its vast deposits of industrial cobalt, copper, diamonds and is one of largest forest reserves in Africa with a big population of mountain gorillas and eastern low land gorillas. The country has the best climatic weather in Africa that lies within the equatorial climatic region extending few degrees to the north and south of the Equator.

Visit Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is found in central Africa but before it was known as the Republic of Congo and later it was named Democratic Republic Congo. The country is landlocked and is the second-largest country in all of Africa after Algeria. However, it is the populous country in Africa that holds the 4th position in Africa and the 16th most populated country in the world. It is located in sub-Saharan Africa and hosts the largest capital city called Kinshasa which lies on the Congo River basin of about 320 miles from its mouth. The official language spoken is French plus four other indigenous languages which were added on national languages namely Kikongo, Lingala, Swahili, and Tshiluba. The people who live within are called Congolese. Congo is bordered with South Sudan in the north, Uganda in East, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Burundi to the southeast by Zambia  and Angola to the Southwest. To note, Congo got its independence in late 1960. His excellent Felix Tshisekedi is the current ruling president of Congo who took over the presidential office on 27th January 2019 when he took over Joseph Kabila who expired on 20 December 2016 but he decided to postpone his presidential ruling till 2018. Besides this, the country is covered with UNESCO designated national park that has sounding Africa adventures on the African continent, for example, active volcanoes, ranges of rivers, vegetation, good weather with a suitable climate, and all the wild animals you expect in Africa.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a figurative heart of Africa with numerous attractions and activities i.e. flora and fauna in Congo national parks, touring the Congo city, visiting zoo and Congo museum, climate, culture of the Congole people, viewing of the active volcanos, bird paradise, beautiful accommodations with nice facilities good for our visitors, all these can be encountered during your visitation in Congo. Above all these are the attractions you can find in the economy of Congo.

Congo’s Climate: Congo has a conducive tropical climate with high temperatures and humidity, in particular, it lies at the equator. The country also comprises of two seasons dry and rainy season, whereby during the dry seasons from June to October and December being part of dry and wet seasons occurs from February to May and November. The northern part of the country has got equatorial rainforests with an average rainfall of about 1100 millimeters and its temperature ranges between 21 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius.

Landscape: The Democratic Republic of Congo is naturally blessed with a rich landscape that features up with swamps, waterfalls, the rainforest of montane and a variety of wildlife. It has tropical rain forest to the west, open savannah, mountains which are a habitat for wildlife.

Touring the Capital city of Congo: Kinshasha is the Capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo and this is a city with chaotic and busy millions of residents within. The city was created by Henry Stanley in the late 19th century as a trading post offering great sky viewing at night. Visit Congo and enjoy the beauty of Kinshasha and since it is located on Congo river shores you can as well as enjoy boat riding, visit the city market with a variety of vegetables and fruits and it is just colorful and full of fun. You will have amazing walk over at the city streets and if it is possible for you to sit in one of our small cafes. It is just a great way to talk to local people and meet new faces of people.

Okapi wildlife Reserve: This forest reserve is located in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo close to the borders of Uganda and South Sudan. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and a home of over 5000 okapis, 2000 leopards, 4000 elephant, Chimpanzees and crocodiles, 300 species of birds. It has great viewing of mbiya mountain and is one of the best site for birders in Congo. The pygmy people also live within the reserve. Visit Congo and be part of these amazing activities; birding safari tours, visiting the pygmies who are good in narrating stories and exploring the way they live, nature walks, game drive, chimpanzee trekking and many more.

Visiting Virunga volcanos: Visit Congo and you will never complain about the vacation you carried out in the country. Visiting the active volcanos on mount Nyiragongo within Virunga national park. Mount Nyiragongo is at an elevation of about 3,470 meters at the rim of Albertine rift valley and its main crater has two cooled lava benches within its walls. One part measuring 3175 meters and another raising at about 2975 meters. Visit Congo and meet such wonderful attractions, the main activities to be done along here are; hiking, summit trekking and others like Chimpanzee habituation, birding, gorilla trekking all these can be encountered in Virunga national park.

Mount Nyiragongo
Mount Nyiragongo in Congo

My because of mountain gorilla trekking is the major done activity on Congo tours plus other fantastic activities carried out in protected national parks can be one of the remarkable highlights on your Congo Visit. Some of the national parks include Maiko national park, Kahuzi Beiga national park, Garamba national park, Virunga national park, Salonga national park, and many others.

Kahuzi Beiga national park: The park lies near Bukavu town in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo which was established in late 1970 by Belgium photographer as a conservationist and it was named after the two dormant volcanoes Mount Beiga and Mount Kahuzi. Kahuzi Beiga National Park covers a total land of about 6000 square kilometres which is a home of over 181 lowland gorillas the most prominent species on earth, 136 mammal species such as African forest elephant, Albertine owlet, Eastern chimpanzees, African forest buffalo, lowland bongo, leopard, Hippopotamus, olive baboon, 349 species of birds like yellow-crested Helmet shrike, Congo peafowl, African green broadbill and many more. It also contains 1178 species of plants grown on the mountainous range of the park. The park is a world heritage site. Visit Congo destinations and this might be your stopping highlight and participate in such awesome activities such as lowland gorilla trekking, volcanoes hiking, nature walk and birding.

Maiko national parkMaiko national park is located in one of the remote forest areas and approximately 10,885 square kilometers of its land. The park is divided into three sectors i.e. province Orientale, Nord Kivu and Maniema in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a home of Africa elephants, eastern chimpanzees, 800 eastern low land gorillas, and birds. Amazing activities to be done in here gorilla trekking, wildlife viewing, and birding.

Virunga national park: Virunga national park lies in the eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo near Goma town. The park boosts with endangered mountain gorillas that inhabit the tropical rain forests of montane in the Virunga conservational area. The main activity done within this park is gorilla trekking.

Congo gorilla trekking permits costs USD400 per person per day. Visit Congo and be one the visitors to engage in this amazing experience. You should book for your permits in time for quick reservation.

Congo River Basin
Congo River Basin

When is the best time to visit Congo?

The best time to Visit Congo and get amazed of its attractions and to be in one of Congo tours is in dry seasons from the month of June to October and December but still, you can visit Congo in the wet season which is good for birders and the hotel rates are cheaper meaning budget costs cut down.

Where to stay on vacation in Congo? 

Congo has got a wide range of beautiful hotels with comfortable beds and are affordable, ranging between luxury, mid-range, and budget. Such hotels and lodges they include Hotel moon palace, Kempinski Hotel fleuve, Hotel Kirikou, Pull man Kinshasa Hotel, Mikhael’s Hotel, Ihusi Hotel, Hotel Memling, Kintele Congress, Pull man Lubumbashi, Petaco Hotel, Mukinna Inn, Hotel Everest Rd Congo and many more nice-looking hotels where you can sleep or rest on your Visitation in Congo.

Accessibility of Congo

Whatever attractions and activities to be carried out in different regions of Congo can be easily accessed by road and since there is improved infrastructure in the country. It has eased road transportation. Congo as a country is economically developed hosting some of the biggest Airports within such as Goma international Airport, Lubumbashi international airport, N’djili International Airport which can be your landing site. 

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