Visit Rwanda and be among the many that have explored the beauty of the land of 1,000 hills that boast with a vast amount of wildlife species including primates, mammals, birds, reptiles, among others not forgetting the amazing plant species and the hospitable Rwandese people.

Visit Rwanda

Rwanda is the most beautiful and cleanest country in Africa, popularly known as a land of a thousand hills and a greener environment. Rwanda’s climate is warm which is so attractive to foreigners and to people who live here are friendly to visitors and to their homelands. Rwanda offers a unique experience in one of the most remarkable countries in the world. Visit Rwanda and you will be able to explore features like mountain gorillas, bird species, primates, game reserves, volcanoes, resorts, islands on Lake Kivu, traditional dancers, art and craft and many other attractions. All these major attractions are located few meters away from the capital city of RwandaKigali’. The country has extraordinary biodiversity of wildlife living in the rainforests, savannah grasslands, lakes and as well as doing the city tour in the beautiful country.

Rwanda, is one of the smallest countries on the African continent located in the East African countries at a few degrees in the south of the Equator. Being the smallest it is bordered by Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is dominated by mountains in the west and open savannah grasslands in the east and since it is in the African great lakes region, it’s climate is at low temperature with two dry seasons and wet season annually.

However, Rwanda, has one of the smallest population density in Africa for around 12.21 million people in the country who are under one cultural group ‘the Banyarwanda’ comprising of three subgroups i.e. the Tutsi, Hutu, and the Twa.

The official language spoken in the country is Kinyarwanda followed with English, French, and Swahili as a serving language and Christianity is the largest religion in the country. Rwanda sits on a small land covering a total area of about 26,338 square kilometers. Part of the land is mountainous, and other parts of the  land are covered with water bodies. Unfortunately, in late 1994 Rwanda suffered from genocide but as we talk today Rwanda is among the most developing countries in East Africa. The country is based on a subsistence agricultural system where coffee and tea are the major grown cash crops for export. Visit Rwanda and be amazed by its tourism sector which is growing faster leading to increased foreign exchange.

Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda have made Rwanda tours to become popular and the most visited country. Visitors pay high fees for gorilla trekking permits which has enhanced the economy.

The country is governed by H.E. President Paul Kagame and the economy is a member of the East African community, African Union, Commonwealth of Nations and COMESA.  

Attractions in Rwanda

Visit Rwanda and meet more exciting attractions of which some have been listed below:

The traditional culture of people of Rwanda: The culture of Rwanda is an excellent culture one wouldn’t have missed which is under control of three tribes the Twa, Tutsi, and Hutu people respectively living in unity and harmony to ensure that their country grows for the best. When it comes to visiting one of  these tribes you get a chance to see the value of each of their cultures based on their norms, and pride in their homeland. Kinyarwanda dance is a traditional dance filled with excitement which is entertained by these tribes. The best way to enjoy the social life of these people is through engaging in the Kinyarwanda dance. It allows villages to share with you their arts, beliefs, and culture while providing a source of income that supports medical care and education. Visit Rwanda and experience all these amazing activities. 

You can as well as visit the Ibyiwacu Village located outside Volcanoes National Park. The traditional group entertains guests with a welcome traditional dance, drumming with heartfelt Rwandan hospitality, visit the king’s house, meet local children at school, learn about the traditional medicines or herbs, have a taste of their local delicious food and taste of banana beer.

Visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre: This is a center that provides visitors with few hours for orientation about the horror that occurred at the site during the genocide between the Tutsi, Twa, and Hutu in ancient years whereby over 259,000 victims were buried here. As you Visit Rwanda, we recommend you at least visit the genocide centers in the country. Each display shows and tells about the historical story of Rwandans and as we talk now the country is moving forward and they don’t think of going back into the war again. They live in harmony and unity.

Holiday beaches: It is truly humbling that Rwanda has one of central Africa’s unique beach landscapes on Lake Kivu which holds the 18th deepest lake on the earth measuring a total surface area of 2700 square kilometers at an elevation of about 14,600 meters wide. Lake Kivu offers the most unforgettable funs filled beach days such as fishing, sunbathing, water sports, beachfront lounging and much more. The break taking around the lake is rewarding and does much to relax you and the lake can be easily explored by means of a charter boat that can take you to small islands located in the middle of the lake and also take you to one of the lakeside towns. 

The captivating mountain gorillas: To visit Rwanda you should not leave the country without an eyeing these great apes. All the appreciations goes to great works of Dian Fossey who came as a conservationist basically on African mountain gorillas which have captured the hearts people worldwide. The only way to see the endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda is to tour their habitats in Volcanoes national park and in Virunga mountains, through engaging in the Gorilla trekking activity. To be part of trekking there is a limited number of people who were allowed to view the apes i.e. 8 people only per group per trek.

Visiting Dian Fossey’s grave: Visiting the home site of Dian Fossey is the perfect way to encounter mountain gorillas trek and hiking up to her grave to celebrate her great works as a primatologist. She took time studying  the gorillas and protecting them. Dian fossey started to research gorillas in the early years of 1967 and as well as a personal study on the primates species in so doing this she decided to spend most of her time with them, above all she was respective, patient and diligent. Unfortunately, she was killed by unknown people while protecting baby gorillas in 1985. The Dain Fossey grave tour in Volcanoes national park allows you to visit where her body was buried in the midst of gorillas.

Touring Kigali capital city: Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and the cleanest city in Africa, though the population of the city is still small. You can find wide range of attractions around e.g. visiting an ethnographic museum, and meeting with friendly people within. The city has become a thriving center for the economy and businesses which are growing faster. The city is surrounded by hillsides, night clubs and is divided into two districts one reserved for government and the other for administrative building. All these features have made Kigali to become a shining city and developed the capital of Rwanda.

Visit Rwanda's Capital City Kigali
Visit Rwanda’s Capital City Kigali

National Parks to Visit in Rwanda

Rwanda has well reserved national parks and each one with its wonderful and amazing activities. Visit Rwanda and encounter most of its nature wildlife, lakes, volcanoes and these make your highlight on Rwanda tours during your visit to Rwanda.

Volcanoes National Park: The park lies in the northwest part of Rwanda covering 160 square kilometers of the land and half of the land is covered with tropical montane rainforest which is habitant to mountain gorillas and other species of mammals, trees, vegetation, plants, birds and many more. Mammals such as elephants, buffaloes, duiker, cape bushbuck, bush pigs, spotted hyena, primates like white colobus, baboons, red tailed monkeys, and unique birds include the francolin, red- faced woodland warbler, Rwenzori double collared sunbird, Rwenzori turaco, collared apalis, Rwenzori batis and many more other species. Activities to be encountered in here include gorilla trekking the most done activity on Rwanda tours and rewarding the country to be the top-visited destination, boat cruise along Lake Kivu and mountain climbing and hiking are so interest along here, bird watching, guided nature walks and many more other amazing activities in Volcanoes national parkGorilla trekking permits cost USD 1,500 per person.

You will explore Gorillas as you Visit Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park
You will explore Gorillas as you Visit Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park

Akagera National Park: The park is located at the edge of Albertine Rift valley in the eastern direction of Rwanda bordered by Tanzania. However, this is a home of the big five and other mammals such as elephants, lions, rhinos, buffaloes, leopards, zebras, giraffes which are inhabit the open savannah grasslands, woodlands, swamps, low mountains, and other areas. The park hosts a number of bird species such as the rare shoebill stork, African Darter, African wattled lapwing, Blue –cheeked Bee-eater, Common Squacco Heron, Crowned Lapwing, Eastern grey plantain eater, Grey-backed Fiscal and many more. Activities done in Akagera national park include game drive, night game drive, bird watching, boat safaris along lake Ihema, fishing and the common fish in lake Shakani are catfish, Tilapia and many more. All these activities turn up your great visit to Rwanda.

Nyungwe National Park: Nyungwe national park sits in the southwest region of Rwanda bordered by Burundi, and it has a mountain rainforest that is home to many chimpanzees 275 bird species, 1068 plant species, 120 butterflies, and 85 mammals such as elephants, lions, leopards and many more. The highlight activities you can engage include Chimpanzee trekking, forest canopy walks, forest walk and many more. Chimpanzee trekking permits cost USD 600 per person. 

Best time to visit Rwanda is all year round but since a year comprises of two seasons dry and rainy season, dry months are the best month to visit from June to September and December to February it’s when you will enjoy the Capital city through night clubbing, doing city tour and as well as enjoying the attraction and activities to be done with you. 

Accommodations in Rwanda

Visit Rwanda with no weary where to sleep and spend your leisure because the country has developed economically offering  beautiful hotels and lodges built in the city and not only in the city but also in the developed towns located in different regions with nice facilities, Amenities, easy locations and trained chefs who are good in preparing both local and modern delicious dishes. These accommodation facilities range from luxury, budget, and mid-range including Elevate suite, Gorilla suites, Urban by City Blue Kigali, Marasa Umubono Hotel, Lemigo Hotel D-mall Hotel, Park Inn by Radisson Hotel, Kigali Serena Hotel, Kigali Marriot Hotel, Swiss Hotel, Champion Hotel, Karisimbi Hotel, The Retreat and many more. 

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