What you need to know about mountain gorilla trekking in 2024 in Uganda and Rwanda : Well mountain gorilla trekking is the safari on every primate lover’s list, it’s a safari to go for in your lifetime if gorillas, primates and all are your thing of course, it’s a common secret that these apes are only found in three African countries Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo. That’s why these three countries receive visitors every other day for the purpose of mountain gorilla trekking.

Why mountain gorilla trekking for 15 year olds and above

And we know since the gorillas are in three nations you are always wondering which country of the three has the best mountain gorilla experience. Now we cannot answer that question for you but what we shall do in this article is just highlight the different features in each country that you may need to consider before you go off for your trekking experience.

For the purposes of this article we are only going to talk about Uganda and Rwanda. The Democratic republic of Congo will be handled another day.  So the comparison starts.

Mountain gorilla trekking parks

In Rwanda in 2024, mountain gorilla trekking will be done Volcanoes National Park which is the only mountain gorilla trekking park in Rwanda. In Uganda in 2024, the mountain gorilla trekking will be done in Bwindi National Park which the park with the most mountain gorillas in the world. The other park in Uganda is Mgahinga National Park which is the park with the fewest number of mountain gorilla in the world.

Mountain gorilla trekking fees

In 2024 the mountain gorilla trekking fees in Rwanda are 1500 USD For the mountain gorilla trekking activity.

In 2024 the mountain gorilla trekking fees in Uganda are 300,000 Ugshs for Nationals, 500 USD for African, 700 USD for Foreign Ugandan Residents and 800 USD for foreign Non- Ugandan residents. Uganda also has mountain gorilla habituation which costs 750,000 Ugshs for Ugandan, 1000 USD for Africans and foreign Ugandan residents, 1500 USD for foreign non- Ugandan residents.

For clarity mountain gorilla trekking is the activity of going into the forest by trek till you find the already habituated gorillas, and you will spend an hour with the gorillas then exit the forest. This is done in the guidance of the trekking rangers.

On the other hand mountain gorilla habituation is the activity of going into the forest and looking for unhabituated gorillas who you spend over an hour with helping them get used to the human presence.  This activity is usually done under the guidance of the trekking rangers and sometimes wildlife scholars, doctors and other primate specialists.

Mountain gorilla trekking rules

The mountain gorilla trekking rules are the same at all mountain gorilla trekking parks and in all countries and they include:-

  • Only trek if you are 15 years and above
  • Keeping a 7 M distance between you and the gorillas
  • Not doing anything that will harm the gorillas
  • Not feeding the gorillas
  • Not using flash cameras for video or photos
  • Not trekking when you are sick
  • Trekking according to the rules communicated to you by the guides
  • Staying with your trekking team on your trek

Among other rules; these are communicated to you by your tour consultant and the gorilla trekking guides.

Best time to trek gorillas

In Uganda and Rwanda in 2024, the whole year round is great for you to trek the mountain gorillas. As it has always been unless communicated otherwise the mountain gorilla parks are open all year round for tourists to come through.

However trekkers prefer to trek when it’s a bit dry and sunny because the trekking terrains are less slippery and dry making them easier to trek.

What to park for trekking experience

This year 2024, in both Rwanda and Uganda you will need waterproof hiking boots, snack bag to pack water and a snack, Insect repellents, Camera, water, Gloves, appropriate clothing majorly.

Physical requirement

For a gorilla trek this year 2024, you need to be moderately fit. Able to go up a mountain without difficulty, you don’t need to be a professional but be able to hold you own ascending and descending a mountain.

Trekking time

In Uganda, trekking time is between 6 to 8 hours or more depending on where you trekked especially in Bwindi National Park. In Rwanda the experience is between 5 to 7 hours.

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