Arusha National Park is one of Tanzania’s best birding safari destinations. It is filled with over 400 bird species and is a UNESCO world accredited site. The park is situated along the foot slopes of Mount one of Tanzania’s prominent volcanoes in Tanzania. The park is however well gifted by nature and filled with beautiful natural wonders like the presence of Mount Meru, the Jekukumia river and the Meru crater funnels all embedded in one national park. Arusha National Park is found in north east of Arusha town approximately 30.5km from the park to Arusha town. Arusha National Park is also approximately 459.3 km from Dodoma capital city and approximately 612.6 km from Dar es Salaam town. The park was gazetted in 1960.

Arusha National Park
Flamingos at Arusha National_Park

Arusha National Park is filled with numerous attractions such as Mount Moroto, wildlife species, birds, the rain forest, savannah vegetation, and shallow alkaline lakes to mention but a few.

While at park, one can carry out fun-filled activities such as hiking and climbing safaris at Mt Meru, Game drives to watch different wildlife species, Bird watching that is great for bird enthusiasts, guided nature walks, canoeing on the shallow lakes of Momella, community tours, Horseback riding, camping can be carried out, Photography to capture the different memories to mention but a few. However, all these activities can be carried out as a group or as an individual and require prior arrangements and reservations. It is also important to note that these activities should be done in the presence of a local tour guide, and certain entrances require a few that can be determined by the tour operator.

The best time to visit Arusha National Park is during the dry seasons during the months of January, February, June, July, August, September and December. 

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