8 Days Mount Rwenzori Hiking Tours; The 8 days Rwenzori Mountain by trekking –climbing adventure takes trekkers through joining longer stretches on the mountains and slightly altitude gains.  More so, the 8 days Rwenzori Mountain Climbing circuit route is worth it, because it offers a great reasonable life time trip into a memorable trek to its remarkable highest peak and to be able to access it’s summit you will be assisted by the expert climbers and well experienced mountain guides.

How to prepare for Rwenzori Mountain climb / What to pack with you includes; Visa, Passport, Insurance, Vaccination, International flights. Trek duration, climbing gears, departure dates, prices and body fitness requires the most. Best time to go Mount Rwenzori climbing adventure.

Travel Day One

On your Day 1 of the 8 Days Mount Rwenzori Hiking Tours, you will be pick up by a safari driver guide –experienced tour guide of Rwenzori Mountaineering Service depending on your point of location, he will first take you through a short briefing of 8 days Rwenzori Mountain trekking experience. Then after he will transfer you to Kasese town ‘’next developed town to Rwenzori Mountain National Park, enjoy your en-route lunch as a safari guide advises you about the trip. The journey might take about 7 to 8 hours’ drive to access the main destination. Arrive have dinner and overnight stay to a perfect hotel nearby the park

8 Days Mount Rwenzori Hiking Tours
Hiking Mount Rwenzori

Travel day two –Nyakalengija ‘’1648’’ – ‘’2651’’

On the day 2 of the 8 Days Mount Rwenzori Hiking Tours, wake up early have morning breakfast and after go for the briefing point for Rwenzori Mountain climbing tours from the experienced Rwenzori National Park rangers and Rwenzori Mountaineering Service Team. Then after you will start the hike at 8am hiking through the bamboo forest, high elephants grass as well as dense bushes. You will have your night stay at Nyabitaba hut. As you will be hiking expect to see various animals mostly the primates such as white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, three horned chameleon and Rwenzori turaco along this route. The journey along here it takes about 4 to 5 hours.

Travel day 3 –Nyabitaba to John matte ‘’3503meter’’

On day 3 of the 8 Days Mount Rwenzori Hiking Tours, you will hike through the forest in about half an hour of the hurt Shafer bridge, the conference of mubuku and bujuku rivers. You will then continue to trek through the bamboo forest in slippery moss covered rocks for a couple of hours.  After you will proceed to nyamulenge rock shelter where you will have a gainful view of Mount Stanley and Mount Speke. After you will access John matte hut where you will have your night stay from. This route offers a spectacular view of Mount Stanley and Margherita glacier.

 Travel day 4 – John matte to Bujjuku ‘’3900meter’’

On your day 4 of the day 8 Rwenzori trekking adventure, wake up have aroma tea cup, then the guide will lead you in the hike from John Matte hut across the Bujuku River to the lower Bigo bog. The facts that around here you will have a chance to experience in jumping from tussock which starts from here. A steep section past the hut leads to upper to Bigo and there is a boardwalk which has been constructed. At the upper end of this bog it’s where you enjoy your lunch boxes from as you view a beautiful narrow stream. To the southern end of the lake there is majestic setting with Mount Baker to the South, Mount Stanley to the west and Mount Speke to the north, they all give rewardable view. Dinner and overnight stay at John Matte- Bujuku Hut -3962meter.

Travel day 5 –Bujuku to Kitandara ‘’4023meter’’

On your day5 of the day 8 Rwenzori trekking or climbing experience, you will set off from Bujuku hut to a newly newer trail. This trails falls twice before finally climbing steeply through thrilling moss with draped groundsel vegetation raising about ‘’4,372meter to scot Elliot pass. Whereas at the steepest section there is a short strong ladder after which a right hand branch leads to Elena Hut which lies about ‘’4,430meter’’. The trail is steep rocky and when it’s hot can be slippery. After you will continue straight, a few steps below the pass and right there is a rewardable view for a very good break before Elena Hut. From base camp the climbing is about 5,109-meter o margherita peak in the Mount Stanley complex and may require another day of hike. In case the weather isn’t good, due to rain, snow and wind can occur in any season.

Travel day 6 – Kitandara to guy yeoman ‘’3505meter’’

On your day 6 of the 8 Days Mount Rwenzori Hiking Tours, you will set off for the trek with aim of trekking at Margherita peak that raises about ‘’5,109meter ‘’, continue to hike to the base of the Stanley Glacier. One to reach the summit of Margherita on this day 6, you will have to trek-climb about 5 to 7 hours –depending on the weather condition and the pace of climbing this mountain. From here, the trek becomes tough you take over the three glaciers, slippery rock, ice and very exposed areas and open widely with great view of the snowcapped cover.

Note; The hike –climb from here is favorable for those who are physically fit and technical climbers. The climbing done on the glacier goes cross the Stanley Plateau and then proceed with the ascent. You will experience the fog, altitude sickness and coolly weather as you scramble up to the summit of Margherita famously known as the highest peak of the Rwenzori Mountain. Given to its high altitude and tough conditions, which may lead you to fail reach the peak, don’t get disappointed. Then you will prepare for your return through the Scott-Elliot pass where there are marvelous views back to Bujuku Lake and Mount Speke and down to the Kitandara Lakes. The trail from up there will pass you through an alpine zone of sparse vegetation and rough boulders. Descend past the Kitandara Lakes for dinner and overnight stay at the Kitandara hut.

Travel day 7 – Guy yeoman to Nyabitaba to Nyakalengija

On day 7 of the day 8, from Guy Yeoman takes you to the trails that ascends steeply up the headwall, spreading out from the base of the Mount Baker and then proceed to hike along the south of the mountain to fresh field pass. At this point you can have a gainful view into Congo to the west and Mount Stanley to the north. From here, take on the long trail passing the rock shelter at Bujongolo, the base camp for the historic expedition by the Duke of Abruzzi in 1906. Dinner and overnight stay at Ruboni community bands.

8 Days Mount Rwenzori Hiking Tours
Mount Stanely

Travel day 8 – Depart to Kampala /Entebbe International Airport

Finally, this makes the end of 8 Days Rwenzori Mountain Trekking –Climbing Safari Tour Adventure in Uganda, then the guide will pick you up from the camp in the morning after your lazy aroma coffee cup then drive back to Kampala to be dropped to your point of location or at Entebbe Airport for your departure flight back home.

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