Uganda Safaris after COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Uganda Safaris after COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown: We all know what has been going on in the entire world the pandemic of COVID – 19 which has led to death to millions of people, life have been destructed but has we talk the situation is normalizing. For this case of Coronavirus lead to Uganda’s international Airport, borders to be closed for several months and also the people were locked down from to their homes till the situation as released into a normal way of life a head.

Uganda Safaris after COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Furthermore, Uganda’s economy was locked down for months, border across the country and Airport were also closed to take measure on how to contain the Virus’s spread in the country. Six months down the road, Entebbe international Airport was reopened on 1 October for travelers inbound and outbound the country plus the border crossing were open but with restriction followed.

Uganda Entry Requirements for Uganda Safaris after COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown is as follows;

The president of Uganda addressed to its economy the restricted procedures to as follows;

Travelers from outside the country should be conducted for at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure time from the country of origin.

Ugandans returning home confirmed negative with PCR result will be allowed to go home.

According to the tourists must present in their certificates of negative test for COVID – 19 on arrival at the Airport which would been tested within 72 hours before their time of arrival in Uganda and provided that the tour operator ensures that tourists do not mix together with the Ugandans.

For this reason of the tourists, their drives or tour operator must drive them straight from Entebbe Airport and be dropped to their booked place of stay. 

Uganda’s Travel Restriction and Advisory 

Meanwhile, Uganda’s Airport which has been closed for over six months since March 2020 till 1 October. And now Uganda Entebbe International Airport is open with travel restrictions inbound and outbound traffic and all borders across the country are back to normal but with restrictions to follow for Coronavirus infection. Number of carriers can now work to fly travelers from the preferred destination to country of commencement such carries include the Uganda national carries Uganda Airlines, Rwanda Air, Fly Dubai, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopians Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airline, KLM many more in use. For more information regarding about Uganda travel warning  given and alerts to the country visit this statistic

Book now and take good leisure trip to Uganda’s national parks most probably to Gorilla trekking destination because many tourists have arrived and started ready to enjoy this incredible experience here in the pearl of Africa, a hospital country and a safely visited destination.

Requirements to be followed include physical distancing, sanitization, facemasks are compulsory for your safety while traveling in Uganda.

Note, large groups of people more than 25 have been banned from entering the national parks at the same moment for the same activities whereas wedding ceremonies are currently not allowed in the country’s parks.

The time is now to plan your safari trip to Uganda safari destination and travel without fear because the country is safe against COVID – 19.

 Below are the lists of 10 Uganda safari boots a traveler should carry with;

Nice Camera with telephoto lens

This is one of the best safari boots you can carry with for your good memories needed to be backed by enough remembering pictures. Uganda is full of beautiful things amazing and you will want to capture the moments. Just invent in a good digital camera to great pictures of beautiful scenery, wildlife, primates like the great mountain gorillas so adorable, lists of beautiful birds, mountains which worthy a visit on Uganda safaris. Make sure you have enough storage for your photographs so that you do not run out of picture storage in the middle of your trip. Uganda has lots of photo opportunities and amazing things and places to take pictures off. You will never have enough photographs of the African wild because there are more attractions and activities that provides good pictures to its beautiful creatures such as the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, mountains and wild animals.

A good pair of binoculars

A traveler to be able to enjoy clear viewing of something at a distance along your safari, carry a pair of binoculars. Once you come across a pride of lions in afar distance you will want to get a near look, or if you’re on birding safari binoculars will bring out clear view of flying birds in the sky and ends up with awesome experience on Uganda safari boots.

Safari guide books

It’s good to travel to any safari destination with a safari guide books about wildlife and bird viewing guides. It is more useful to travel with a guide book on your Uganda safari, in a way that it helps you to get familiar with what you can see and hear as a sound as you encounter in the African wild.

A Safari Journal

This is for the people who keep personal journal know how good it is to have awesome memories documented with words and photos. Journal entries for everyday while on safari are worthy. Just imagine forgetting what you described in your own words in that journal is not easy. That could be your easiest story to tell the rest because it can be a clear memory of what you saw experienced. We advise you to get a journal for safari because you never known what you could use those written memories for when you return home.

Brandt travel guide

This is a wildlife guide very informative and useful. By reading through it, you will get to mention the names of animals you will see and help you to differieciat the different animals especially those that are very similar in appearance. That is to say an eland and a bushbuck which are both antelopes. Having your travel guide will help you to identify range of animals you see on your Uganda safari boots. But again do not only focus on identifying which animals is which, forgetting to enjoy the experience of exploring them.

First Aid box

A first Aid item is need to be carried out with you since it’s one of the best safari boots one shouldn’t miss to pack in his or her safari bag. First aid items include medications, malaria regiments and mosquito repellent. If you are on medication of any   kind, you need to carry it with you on safari and do not forget your malaria regiment. Chances of getting malaria are minimal but for you to be on safe side pack your regiment. Always consult your doctor or a travel clinic for any description of medication you might need on safari.

The right footwear

There is nothing enjoyable on safari than putting on comfortable shoes that fits a safari activity. Just try mountain climbing in walking shoes, it’s when you will prove how important it is to have the right shoes for the experience. If your safari includes mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee habituation, hiking, volcano climbing, foothill hikes, walking safari all these will require you to put on right footwear. Before you get to safari you need to first get used to the boots for you to venture on your safari activity. So get yourself a pair before your safari and always remember to pack them.


Here on African safaris solo safari is the best way to enjoy the wilderness, travelling to attractive places is much more enjoyable with friends. Remember shared memories are always the best. During evening hours, you will enjoy sitting around a campfire with your friend’s chat about the day activities, meet new faces and experience is made richer by the sentiments.

A hat with a Brim

Never take a hat as a small thing, in African wilderness it is not. You need a wide brim hat to protect you from the direct sunshine. And you know African countries tend to be hot and a hat with a relatively wide brim will make your safari much more comfortable, buy one when you arrive in Uganda for your safari.

A sprinkle of patience and common sense is needed. Note, African wilderness is not a zoo in the west where animals are put on display and you really known what to expect. Here in Africa, you need to search for wild animals and there is possibility of seeing them.

Uganda Safaris after COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown
Uganda Safaris after COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

On African safaris ‘’in pearl of Africa’ ’get ready to watch the unexpected, the magical, scenery of the landscape. You will enjoy your experience to the fullest by Laughs, jump, cry all in excitement as well as enjoying your experience in the true African wilderness. (Uganda Safaris after COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown)

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