Uganda to Reopen Entebbe Airport and Land border on October 1st

Uganda to Reopen Entebbe Airport and Land border on October 1st: After 6-month closure of the country’s international airport and land borders, Uganda’s president came out to address to the nation on reopening International Airport and Land border which were caused by government measure to contain the virus’s spread in the country. This has been a difficult time most especially for tourism sector but on 20th- September it was a great news to hear from His Excellent Yoweri Kanguta Museveni addressing to nation for opening ‘’EBB’’ Entebbe international Airport and land borders which will resume operations for travelers/tourists from s1, October after being closed for more than six months, as part of measure against the spread of Covid -19.

Uganda to Reopen Entebbe Airport and Land border on October 1st

Mean will, Entebbe International Airport has been closed to passenger traffic since March this year making up 6 months down the road as part of measures against the pandemic of covid 19. Since then, March except for evacuation and repatriation flights and cargo. The closure of ‘’EBB’’ Entebbe international Airport led to hit sectors hard like tourism industry, which depends on aviation.

Furthermore, His Excellent Yeweri Kaguta Museveni continued to address that any passenger arriving in Uganda must be having a negative COVID -19 polymerize chain reaction ‘’PCR’’ as a test result confirmed from an accredited laboratory in his or her country of origin, which must be precisely done in 72 hours before the time of arrival in Uganda. Noted by the state minister for information and Communication Technology, Peter Ogwang.

He continued to address and said the test carried out for COVID-19 should have been conducted for at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure time from the country of origin. Returning Ugandans confirmed negative ‘’PCR’’ result will be allowed to go home but the Uganda’s Health Ministry will only get their addresses for follow up.

Meantime, it has been a great pleasure for Ugandan tour operator to hear this great news of reopening country’s international Airport ‘’EBB’’ and land borders. On regard that tour operator has to follow the producers /rules given to them, has emphasis put to the tourists, presenting in their certificates of negative test results for COVID -19 which must be done within 72 hours before the time of arrival in Uganda and provided that the tour operators ensure that tourists do not mix up with the Ugandans.

‘’How will this be done’’

The president added on, that tourists must be driven straight from Entebbe Airport ‘’EBB’’ to their main visited destinations or to designated transit hotel that can be booked aside for that purpose. The same goes to Business delegations who should also handle their local partners in the same way.

The Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority which is in charge of airlines and managed by the professional airline’s executives said that 13 flights to and from the airport have been cleared for the first day tourist’s arrival, while 10 flights are confirmed for the second.

Airlines which has been confirmed first in the country for travelling, include the national carrier Uganda Airlines, Turkish Airlines Qatar Airways, Kenya Airport, Air Tanzania, Ethiopian Airlines, Rwanda Air, Fly Dubai, KLM, Brussels Airlines, Emirates and Tarco Aviation are expected to resume flights as it was announced by the President. The scheduled commercial passenger operations at ‘’EBB’’ Entebbe International Airport will be set to resume on October1,2020.

 Land borders; For passengers who wish to enter through borders. The president addressed that they have already put health teams across the borders and the issues at hand they need to learn how to live with the disease. 

Guidelines to be followed by People to stay safe

Note, Life is more important than wealth, that’s why Ugandan government decided to put restrictions to people since March onward which has help a lot to fight Covid -19 in the economy. And scientists add on that, if people tend to follow up the guideline given, it will be safer for them and the economy to. As follows;

  • Social distancing
  • Don’t touch your eyes, mouth and ears
  • Wear a mask
  • Sensitization should be shift to individual and communities
  • Constantly wash your hands with soap or hard sanitizer.
  • Office’s surfaces must be sanitized

N.B Currently, Uganda has confirmed a total of 6,287 Covid-19 cases with 63 deaths and recovered 2,616.

Other Key points issued by President Museveni’s Address on Covid-19

The Key points which were issued by the country’s president ‘’His Excellent Yeweri Kanguta Museveni on Sunday-20th were as follows;

School reopening will be held on 15th October but only for the candidate classes of P-7, S-4, S-4, finalists in tertiary colleges and Universities finalists.

The international Airport and land borders will now be opened for tourists, who are coming in and going out. Provided they are tested negative within the 72 hours of their time of arrival in Uganda and provided that the tour operators ensure that the tourists do not mix up with the Ugandans

Returning Ugandans, who have been tested negative PCR results, will be allowed to go home. But the ministry of Health will stay at hand with their addresses for follow up.

Restrictions on movement on land border districts have been put in control of health teams.

Curfew remained from 9pm to 6am, but for the boda boda their movements must end at 6pm.

Places of worship were opened regarding on the following guidelines;

  1. individual prayers or confections with pastors or counseling with the necessary standard operating procedures’ ‘SOP’’.
  2. prayers and fellowships whose number should not exceed 70 gatherers and by observing all the other procedures.
  3. Night prayers and trasnights are not permitted.
  4. The regular large gathering of prayers and preaching’s held on Sundays and Fridays will be considered at a later stage but still on the rule of the 70 number of fellow gatherers.
Uganda to Reopen Entebbe Airport and Land border on October 1st
Uganda to Reopen Entebbe Airport and Land border on October 1st

Open air activities of sport will re-open consuming there are no noted spectators and the prayers must be tested for covid-19 within 72 hours before entering on playground. The test done will expire in 14 days. Thus, the Sportsmen will have to re-do the test every fortnight.

Indoor sports activities such as gym, remain closed.

Casinos, cinemas and gaming centers remain closed.

Bars still closed

Hotel will continue operating as a regard of following the standard operating procedures ‘’SOP’’ which were given to them by the Ministry of Health.

Restaurants remained on emphasize of takeaways. Indoor restaurant service should be minimized and follow the government producers.

Mobile Markets, monthly cattle auction and produce markets, remain closed as the Ministry of Health continues to develop the standard operating producers’ ‘SOP’’.

Massing gathers still remain prohibited.

Note this, Uganda has got well developed private hospital offering COVID PCR testing and the results are got within 24-48 hours as listed below;

They include; Nakasero Hospital, Kampala Hospital, City Medicals at City Ambulance Acacia, Ruby Medical central, Case Clinic, Mengo Hospital, Lancet Laboratories. Please you can call before identifying prices and availability. Still you might offer home sample collection to some clinic. The Jamat are advised to be cautious of other unauthorized testing centers. For more guidance about Covid-19 Call MOH 0800 100 066 OR helpline 0200 909 933/977.

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